Why Threado switched from HubSpot Meetings to RevenueHero

increase in qualified meeting conversions rate
increase in meetings booked from the homepage
15 Minutes
saved per meeting by their teams
Community Management, CRM

About Threado

Threado, a community management platform, helps community builders measure engagement, get detailed insights, and automate their operational tasks from a single dashboard. Built with the aim to help businesses grow through the power of community, it enables users to automate community workflows, right from providing a welcoming onboarding experience to re-engaging inactive members. Using Threado's visual workflow builder, users can craft journeys, automate messages, conduct surveys, and capture responses.
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The Results 

  • Qualified meeting conversions rate increased by 250%
  • Total number of meetings booked from the homepage went up by 200%
  • Their teams saved 15 minutes of time per meeting 

The Challenges

Empowering over 2.9M+ community members across 680+ integrated communities, Threado is on a mission to help shape a community-led future, which they believe is fast becoming the most sustainable approach to building and scaling a business. 

Everything we do is focused on empowering community builders. Our ambition is to define and shape this category over the coming years. We are on a mission to help every business grow through the power of community and want to power community-led growth for 10 million businesses by 2030.

- Pramod Rao, Founder, Threado 

With business scaling and opening up avenues for more leads to flow in, the team at Threado was looking to optimize one of the key touchpoints in their customer’s journey; the demo booking process on their website. They wanted to provide a frictionless process for prospects to book a meeting with them. Nothing clunky, slow, or time-consuming. It had to be on-brand too. 

But their current solution, HubSpot Meetings, kept spewing challenges at them. 

For a prospect to book a meeting with the Threado team, they had to go to a booking page outside their website and use a shared meeting link on the page to schedule a meeting. While this external booking page got a lot of views and clicks, the meeting conversion rate was under par at 20%. 

For a growing team, they wanted the flexibility to show multiple calendar availability to their prospects, but with HubSpot Meetings they were limited to a single shared calendar, resulting in a lot of missed opportunities. The team even set their calendar availability for 24/7 but was finding it hard to fill them with qualified meetings. In an effort to make it work, SDRs started spending even more of their valuable time following up with prospects and sharing meeting reminder emails. 

Over and beyond, they did not want to provide a bad booking experience to their potential customers that did not correlate with their brand identity and standards.    

The team knew they could no longer continue like this, especially with their sales team being on a growth trajectory. They identified a need for a more seamless booking process that would seamlessly integrate with their existing CRM whilst also helping them with routing and distributing leads evenly amongst their reps.

It was a no-brainer. Threado knew they had to switch from HubSpot Meetings.

The Solution

The Growth team at Threado evaluated RevenueHero, an inbound revenue acceleration platform that handles instant meeting scheduling and lead routing of all complexity levels for B2B revenue teams. They found its capability to seamlessly integrate with their existing lead capture form to qualify prospects and instantly schedule meetings to be exactly what they were looking for. 

The RevenueHero team worked closely with Threado from day 1 to help them address their pain points and make the most of the solution. Together they came up with 4 key strategies: 

  1. Embed RevenueHero’s booking widget on their website that has the power of instant scheduling paired with lead qualification. This also addressed their need to provide a unified brand experience to their prospects. 
  2. Set up custom meeting weightage rules and routing logic based on expertise, targets, and geographies to help create a balanced lead distribution amongst sales reps. 
  3. Seamlessly integrate their existing HubSpot CRM with RevenueHero to ensure all meeting data and outcomes automatically sync. 
  4. Build a custom Intercom bot to make it one step easier for their customers to book meetings right from the chat widget. 
RevenueHero makes it super easy for our customers to book meetings with us. We are now able to book more demos from websites, get more conversions, and save a ton of time for our sales reps. The user-friendliness of the platform is of great help to everyone on our team who uses RevenueHero. It has made our entire inbound process smoother, seamless, and more successful.

- Aryan Pareek, Growth Team Founding Member, Threado

The Impact

Soon after implementing RevenueHero across their teams, Threado started seeing positive results. The number of qualified meetings booked from their homepage increased by a whopping 200%. 

The team got busier than ever and their calendars were filled with demos and productive meetings that contributed towards their pipeline growth. From the 20% conversion rate they were getting out of HubSpot Meetings, Threado now achieves a conversion rate of 70% for qualified meetings with RevenueHero.

RevenueHero enabled the sales team to automatically send personalized communication and reminders before meetings which not only reduced their workload but also helped them save approximately 15 minutes per meeting. 

Having a robust integration between RevenueHero and HubSpot CRM was crucial to the Threado team from the start. With the help of the integration, they are able to stay on top of all customers and close deals faster as they have a 360-degree view of all meetings through every stage of the sales cycle. This helps them prioritize high-potential buyers and take necessary action in the event of slow-moving deals. 

The team at Threado is also a great fan of the smart filters and automated workflows that the integration offers. It helps them get detailed information on buyer behavior, meeting outcomes, and conversion patterns. Actionable insights that help the team drive more pipeline and hit their targets. 

Having adopted the entire feature stack offered by RevenueHero not only helped Threado complement their growth team’s efforts to scale but also empowered them to provide a seamless and better booking experience for their customers. 

Best Practices by Threado

Hear from Aryan on what sets Threado apart from the rest as he shares their customer-centric approach to everything they do:
Everyone at Threado has context on what’s happening not just in their teams but in all other teams as well. We believe that this helps build great depth into the role that they are in. As a very customer-centric org with a small but growing team, everyone is super involved in all our customers’ work, right from engineering to marketing to customer support. This helps us stay on top of our customer’s priorities and how they are using Threado, to provide the best experience to them.

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