How Fello increased demo conversions to 80% and accelerated revenue growth

Increase in form fills to demo booking
Increase in meeting conversion rate
<24 hours
Turnaround time from demo request to going live and getting conversions
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About Fello

One of the most powerful lead generation platforms in real estate, Fello aims to empower real estate teams by generating more opportunities and fostering growth. It enables agents to thrive in their businesses by providing them with the support and resources they need. This includes but is not limited to creating a custom seller lead experience and engaging the entire database with automated email drip campaigns.

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Tom Schrader, Co-Founder at Fello, was out on a critical mission. Routing and meeting distribution was proving to be difficult for them. 

  1. They had a basic CRM routing function that did not take into account whether a demo was booked or not. And it was strictly based on form fill. Strike 1. 
  2. The distribution logic eventually became outdated as they started having no-shows, resulting in a largely imbalanced lead distribution amongst their AEs and reps. Strike 2.
  3. Once a prospect requested a demo, an SDR from Fello would reach out via email, manually qualify the lead, and then try setting up a meeting through a series of back-and-forth emails. Strike 3.

This meant they saw a 50% drop off from form fill to meetings booked. And his sales representatives were not getting an equal number of meetings booked. 

Multiple solutions that misfired and didn’t meet the mark

Tom and his team at Fello tried all the “top solutions” in the market, right from HubSpot Meetings and Calendly to Chili Piper. He was forced to choose between:

  1. Displaying every sales reps’ calendar slots but not being able to route and distribute meetings equally, or
  2. Distributing meetings equally to sales reps, but not being able to show the entire sales team’s calendar slots. They could display only one person’s calendar slot.

But Tom knew he needed both. He wanted his sales reps to get an equal number of meetings booked in their calendar and at the same time, ensure his potential customers got to view as many calendar slots as possible.

They wanted prospects to be able to easily reach out and talk to them. This meant being able to show a single rep’s calendar, as well as leveraging the whole team’s shared availability.

And like any other SaaS company out there, they especially wanted to ensure that the first interaction customers have with Fello is amazing. Now this obviously included the demo booking experience.

So let’s have a quick look at Fello’s demo booking process before they implemented RevenueHero. 

🚫 Inability to credit meetings back to the sales rep in the event of no-shows 

🚫 Not being able to distribute leads to the right AEs or sales reps based on custom logic

🚫 Huge strain on the sales team to manually qualify prospects and schedule meetings

🚫 Not having a strong two-way sync with their existing CRM

Fourth time’s a charm: The solution to help turn every opportunity into a booked demo

What’s that saying? The fourth time’s a charm?

Yup. For Fello it was. The light at the end of the tunnel was when they found RevenueHero. 

It was surprising that we found a solution that really did solve all the scenarios that we were looking for - great distribution, crediting meetings back, deep CRM integration, and an elevated experience for customers. Being able to book more demos and increase our revenue is super important to us. Nobody else was able to do that for us, except RevenueHero.

- Tom Schrader, Co-founder, Fello

simplified and streamlined the lead routing process for Fello and helped them set up demo bookings directly on their website. 

And the results they have seen in just a few months speak for itself. They have seen a 2x increase in form fills to demo booking, meeting conversion rates have gone up from 50% to 80%, and drop-offs are almost non-existent. 

Not to forget that from day 1 onwards, the solution’s ease of use has been a factor that the sales team at Fello loved. 

Here are the key processes and systems that Tom set in place after implementing RevenueHero, which is proving to be extremely beneficial to all their teams across the board. 

🔑 Set up an instant booking scheduler to help prospects book a demo directly on Fello’s website, whilst maintaining the brand’s design style and overall experience. 

 🔑 Create custom routing and distribution logic to help them show a single rep’s calendar or a shared team calendar based on round-robin rules. 

🔑 Integrate seamlessly with their existing HubSpot CRM and have all meeting data updated automatically into HubSpot. The icing on the cake is the ability to create workflows.  

The RevenueHero experience  

Cut to today, the impact that the team at Fello has seen with RevenueHero has exceeded their expectations. And this is true even for the experience that they have had with us. 

Tom and his team like to move fast. When they were making a decision, one of the biggest things for them was ramp-up time. To be able to go from ‘hey we really like this tool’ to being able to integrate it with their platform easily was a big plus. It was all hands on deck from the RevenueHero side to help them hit the ground running, set things up, get familiar with the platform, and make the most of it.  

It took Fello less than 24 hours to get RevenueHero up and running, and this was from the time that they wanted to try it out to have it completely set up, integrated, functioning, and converting.

At RevenueHero, we believe in #MakingBuyingSimple for our customers and this includes being available to support and guide them instantly via Slack. Even with Fello, we ensured they had all the resources they needed to maximize the outcomes they were getting with the tool. 

Everything about the service and support has been absolutely great. If there is something that we wanted to change or that's maybe not meeting our requirements, the team at RevenueHero has been super fast at making the change. And it starts from the founder and goes all the way to the support team.

- Tom Schrader, Co-founder, Fello

At Fello, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our pursuit to hit marketing and sales goals goes beyond mere numbers. It's about understanding the intricate nuances of our industry and our clients. By merging technology with insights and constantly adapting to change, we've turned challenges into opportunities. We've transformed the way real estate agents connect with their clients through intelligent automation and personalized campaigns. We embrace innovation, stay true to our mission, and never settle.

Tom Schrader, Co-founder , Fello