Granular Reporting

Make your pipeline transparent. Get complete visibility from form-fill to closed-won.

With granular reporting, get detailed data on buyer behavior, meeting outcomes and conversion patterns. Monitor performance at form, page, router, rule, rep and team level.

Loved by hundreds of modern B2B companies

Qualified Demos booked
Drop in junk meetings
Increase in opportunities

The only thing worse than a pipeline that isn’t converting is not knowing where or what the hold up is.

Whether it’s a sudden drop in meetings booked or a sudden surge, you need to know the underlying cause.
You’re wasting time tweaking things with limited visibility.

Avoid end-of-quarter shocks. Stay on top of meeting outcomes in real-time.

Monitor how leads are assigned through distribution reports. Ensure that your team hits targets quarter-after-quarter with insights at page, form, rule, rep and team level.

Analyze prospect journeys in detail to boost demos booked and deals closed.

Routing analysis helps you answer the question that haunts every marketer. Why did this prospect not book a meeting?
Update your distribution logic in seconds by comparing distribution rules based on outcomes.

Monitor multiple conversion metrics in real-time for a predictable pipeline.

Drill down on outcomes at every touch point with conversion reports.
Access simple visual insights into how well every form, page, rep and team is performing. Compare results across time periods and take prompt action where necessary.

Granular reporting helps your team stay on top of crucial pipeline data.

Drill down to the details of your leads quality and meeting outcomes to fine tune your campaigns.
Track meeting outcomes at rep, rule, team and territory level and stay on top of targets.
Demand Generation
Avoid attribution errors and modify your demand generation strategy with real time insights on conversions.
Revenue Operations
Get a single pane of glass to monitor equal meeting distribution, and recommend tweaks.

Wondering what you need to generate more pipeline?

From tweaking meeting distribution rules to replicating successful campaign strategies, get the data you need to grow your pipeline and close more deals.

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