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Upto 50 meetings
If you get less than 50 meetings per month, let’s discuss pricing that works for you.
Upto 200 meetings
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Upto 500 meetings
Platform Fee


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UNLIMITED meetings
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What’s included?

Everything! Our plans are based only on the number of booked meetings on your sales rep's calendar. Plus, we only bill you for people who get meetings booked on their calendar. License fees doesn't apply to admins.
Get qualified prospects to book meetings with the right person in your sales teams in a single click. No more emails to find who is available when.
Qualify and distribute leads and meetings to the right team and sales rep, based on territory, segments and any custom logic.
Automatically balance lead assignment based on capacity and targets for each sales rep.
Monitor your conversion metrics in real time, so you can tweak investments and report updates to your team.
Connect your inbound leads with their account owner automatically. Avoid attribution issues.
Monitor meeting distribution and meeting outcomes across teams so you can spot outliers and take action early.
Send customised and contextual meeting invites and reminders to each qualified prospect.
Trace the path from form submit to meeting assignment for each prospect. Handle any discrepancies reported with all the data at hand.
Manage, update and track all your meetings in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RevenueHero's pricing work?

RevenueHero's product licenses are charged per user per month, along with a platform fee based on the number of meetings booked.

Why do I have to sit through a demo? I know what I want.

The demo process today is more of a success process to get you onboarded and answer any questions you have.  

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes, we offer a commitment-free trial period after our demo.

Do admins require a license?

No. We charge only for folks who get meetings booked on their calendars. We typically don't see admins in RevenueHero getting meetings on their calendar.

How long does it take to implement RevenueHero?

Implementing a router for your form takes about an hour's time even for the most complex setup. Our integrations with your CRM is a one click process.

Make each form fill count. Book more meetings.

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