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Spend less time managing automations and data and more time on insights and strategy with RevenueHero’s comprehensive routing and data sync.

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ved by hundreds of modern B2B companies

Lved by hundreds of modern B2B companies

Revops end up getting outpaced by sales volumes, chasing outdated CRM information

You have to wait till end of quarter and the last minute CRM updates for somewhat accurate information about meeting statuses
Meetings keep getting reassigned due to existing ownership and skews your distribution data
Adding a rep to a sales team means scrambling to update multiple spreadsheets and products to get routing to speed.
You’re always preparing for end of quarter conversations with sales to explain why your automations are indeed working.
Automate the ops in scheduling and routing
One centralised hub for your meeting scheduling, distribution logic, and automated CRM updates
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Build and deploy scheduling workflows at the pace that your GTM org needs

Build and deploy scheduling workflows at the pace that your GTM org needs

Get the latest, up to date meetings data right from your CRM

Every time your prospects book or attempt to book a meeting, details are instantly updated as a contact property and meeting activity in the CRM

Deploy advanced matching logic capable of handling event the messiest of CRM data

Your prospect’s information can be matched against any custom property in your CRM at an account, contact or lead level to determine existing ownership and to prevent duplicate records.

Export every meeting outcome and details into CSVs

Nothing beats a CSV at times. We agree. Get every routed meeting, it’s outcome and details of the meeting delivered right to your mailbox.

Strict Round Robin

Automate equal distribution of meetings among your sales team. Auto-credit meetings based on cancellations and no-shows.

Weighted Round Robin

Assign weights to your sales reps to load balance meetings based on targets or ramp time.

Flexible Round Robin

Present your prospects with all the free slots in your sales team’s calendar. Depending on the chosen time slot, round robin amongst the sales reps who are free at the chosen time.

Stay one step ahead of whodunnits, with individual form fill level insights and aggregate conversion insights

Every single form fill, it’s path and outcome is instantly logged for traceability. Visualise trends and real time conversion data across channels. Break it down by team, page, territory, or router.

Calibrate meetings automaticallyCalibrate meetings automatically

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Todd Merrill
Rev Ops Manager

"RevenueHero honors contact assignments before round-robin. Great customer service."

We struggled with other calendar applications as they didn't honor record assignments over finding open/available calendar blocks. RevenueHero understands that often your Sales Team has worked hard in developing a relationship with a Contact.

~ and if that Contact is ready for a demo it should be offered back to that Rep. RevenueHero does this consistently and when not assigned.

~ it's round robin balancing works beautifully

Victoria Pruitt
Sr. Revenue Operations Manager

"Solid product with a great deal of flexibility - fantastic customer support"

RevenueHero's Customer Support is unrivaled. I have yet to run into a challenge where someone didn't immediately respond to me and hop into a zoom or Slacked a video with a helpful solution.

Stavros Batsaktsis
Revenue Operations Specialist

"A reliable and easy-to-use Meeting Routing platform, in a fair price."

It is a pretty powerful tool for setting Meeting-routing automations. It offers a wide range of rules you can use to set up your routing logic and that covers pretty well the scenarios we usually have to deal with.

RevenueHero can tick All the boxes and more. The team is great and supported us a lot during the implementation

Algimantas Stuopelis
Martech & ops

"Constantly improving tool and amazing support"

  • Their responsivness.- Ability to understand and adapt to your specific situation.s some text inside of a div block.
  • Their goal is to make you successfull at any situation that you create or have in mind.
  • And most importantly, even though our use case required very sitautional features, they delivered!
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