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See why top GTM teams love RevenueHero

Mark Huber
VP of Marketing, UserEvidence

We implemented RevenueHero last November and it's been a game changer for us.

We had already evaluated a few similar tools in this space and decided to check out RevenueHero at the 11th hour (classic word-of-mouth).

Thankfully that recommendation came through late in our evaluation process because we couldn't be happier.

We started using RevenueHero for inbound routing and scheduling, then rolled it out to the rest of our SDRs and AEs for outbound handoffs and scheduling.

Awesome product, even better team, and incredibly responsive support. Can't ask for more than that.

If you're looking for a solid tool to fix your inbound demo process (without breaking the bank) - tell the RevenueHero team I sent you.

Rylee Powell
Marketing Operations Manager, cove.tool

"Good Software, Exceptional Customer Service"

The customer service is hands down the best asset to using this tool vs. other tools that I have used. Any time there is a question, they will work with you on the solution until it is completely and clearly understood/resolved. They truly care not only that their software is working, but that it is functioning as a valuable solution to YOUR specific process.

There are also a number of useful features that you can grow into over time. It solved an immediate problem for us, but the more we learned the tool, the more holistic system improvements we were able to make thanks to various features.

Marton Ivanfi
Head of Revenue Systems, SEON

"Fast setup, reliable software, excellent"

Their customer support. It's top tier, with insanely fast response times, and great expertise.

We switched from a competitor solution, and are very satisfied.

James Sutton
Senior Demand Generation Manager, Abacum

"Effortless routing and all-star support team"

Routing inbound demos through RevenueHero has helped improve our conversion rate from Form Fill to Meeting Booked.

The implementation process was made really easy by the onboarding team at RevenueHero, and their customer support is excellent.

Michele Brown
Senior Demand Generation Manager, Relay

"If you have a Demand Gen function at your company you need Revenue Hero"

What started as a quest to see if Chili Piper was the top tool for meeting routing turned into us discovering something even better: Revenue Hero. From the first demo to a couple of months down the line, I've been super impressed with the Revenue Hero team. They're incredibly detailed and made sure their product fit our unique needs perfectly. I’ve never seen customer support respond so fast. I thought after we got everything set up, support might taper off, but they’re still just a Slack message away.

I really value how their product isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You can tweak it to suit exactly how you handle routing and lead flow, which is great. We hit a lot of walls with Chili Piper due to its limitations. Our Salesforce setup is very unique and complex, we don’t have a MAP, and even so, implementing Revenue Hero was smooth and straightforward. In the three months we've been using it, we haven’t had any issues with integrations or functionality.

I also have to point out how insanely fast they innovate. I read a bunch of reviews before deciding, and many commented on their speed in rolling out new features. In just the last three months alone, the quick fixes and new solutions they've introduced have been outstanding.

Right now, we're routing 90% of all our company’s meetings through their platform, and we plan to phase out our other solution entirely in the next 30 days. Our reps have repeatedly said they prefer the interface and customizability of Revenue Hero way more than Groove or Chili Piper. If you’re thinking about trying something new, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Eric Stockton
SVP, Demand Generation, Evolve IP

It's like Lightning Lane for your buyers

RH is a legit alternative.
Been using them since Feb.

Two things I find valuable:

1) Easy to navigate settings/config

2) Near-instant replies/resolution from their support team.

FWIW - no one reached out to me about this comment. Just my unsolicited thoughts.

Liam Cannon
VP of Marketing, Rise

Agreed, I've been working with them for the past year. Their customer service is on another level.

Prasad Lingawar
Growth Marketer, Dyte

Sometimes it's the product that wins you over, but other times it's the stellar service. Shoutout to the team at @RevenueHero for elevating customer service to new heights. Fantastic job, keep it up!

Patel, D
Technology - Software

Best tool for scheduling demos

Has faster loading speed as compared to Chilli Piper and has all the features required. The team is super supportive and I have always got response in time.

We use Revenue Hero for our inbound demo scheduling and routing.

Zac Muir
VP of Revenue, Sisu

Solution is solid. Support experience is incredible, I really like working with them. Happy to connect on specifics if you have questions. We're routing meetings to about 20 reps (inbound demos, SDR>AE handoffs and AE>AM handoffs) through the solution.

Verified User

"RevenueHero is a great addition to the sales tech stack"

RevenueHero can ship product updates much faster than others. Therefore we reduce the number of hacks/workarounds to solve a routing problem.

Support is super responsive.

Dave Rigotti
Co-founder, Inflection.io

Happy customer here as well.

Works as advertised but what is special about RevenueHero is their insane hustle across product, support, literally everything.

I had an issue with another provider and they couldn't meet with me for a week. When that happened we went live with RevenueHero and was up and running with them before the other provider could even meet with me.

Lori Brigg
Chief Revenue Officer, Raven

I don't remember the last time a vendor managed to provide such a great experience that I felt compelled to give them a shout out - and today - the RevenueHero team did just that.

I came across RevenueHero as I was looking into a scheduling solution. I admit, I was pretty set on a specific provider which my teams have been using for the past 3 companies but decided to "see what else is out there".

I am SO glad I did!!

Olivier Marschalik
Managing Director, Cast AI

We tested most of the calendars/booking apps on the market, including the obvious market leaders. RevenueHero is by far the most advanced solution.

Their support has been top notch too during implementation and fine tuning. Highly recommended.

Matthew Parry
Head of Marketing, Goose

"Great features, even better support"

RevenueHero does all the things I need it to do and is very comparable with what I used to expect from Chili Piper - but what I especially love is the ability to troubleshoot and get support from the Revenue Hero team. I was able to stand up RevenueHero within the span of a day or two and get my team trained up on it relatively quickly.

I find the interface more intuitive than Chili Piper and they seem to have built in lots of thoughtful features

- like making it really simple for me to Slack my teammates when meetings are booked or when someone fails to book a meeting after being presented the calendar.

Karl Viva
Director, Demand Generation, Paystone

"Everything from the product to the support is 10/10 !"

RevenueHero improves my SaaS company's ability to better qualify leads by automatically booking calls with the correct teams. The rules and ways in which you can route leads (or disqualify them) are endless. The RevenueHero platform is easy to use and the support has been outstanding. RevenueHero representatives had is create a #revenuehero Slack channel in my company's Slack instance and they are always available to assist with changes and updates that we need to make to our rules, routing, and general setup. It was super easy to implement.

We use RevenueHero basically every day and every hour — any lead coming to our website has to go through RevenueHero's booking flow. This flow was very easy to integrate onto our website and our forms.

Vishal Pandurangan
Growth Marketer, Paperflite

Happy customer here. Had a great experience right from the first interaction to unbelievable support.

Stavros Batsaktsis
Revenue Operations Specialist, DESelect

"A reliable and easy-to-use Meeting Routing platform, in a fair price."

It is a pretty powerful tool for setting Meeting-routing automations. It offers a wide range of rules you can use to set up your routing logic and that covers pretty well the scenarios we usually have to deal with.

In addition, I particularly like the Routing Log feature which offers: a very detailed history of the visitors that have tried to schedule a demo through our website, the Sales rep that they have been assigned to, the criteria based on which the lead got assigned to that specific Sales rep.

In general, it's a fairly easy to use platform that covers our needs in a straightforward way. As a CRM Admin, I can honestly say that implementing RevenueHero has helped me save a significant amount of time I used to spend in data management.

Last but not least, they really go the extra mile with their Customer Support. They are always very responsive and they dedicate a lot of focus on helping you solve any challenges.

Stephen Gibson
Sales Enablement Specialist, Talroo

RevenueHero has been an incredible partner from demo to deployment and beyond! They're eager for feedback and always improving the tool.

Verified User

"It's been great using a tool that just makes having catch-up's with our prospects easier"

The Ul and the ease of use would the 2 things that make this tool great.

Pedro Azevedo
Market & Growth Ops, Coverflex

"Best all in one lead routing tool!"

-Easy to use and to set up routing rules

-Support from the team is simply

-10/10Integrations with CRM, Clearbit and so on...

-Pricing is much better than the other alternatives on the market

Ashwin Sande
Product & Customer Success Manager, Factors.AI

"RevenuHero helped improve demo booked rate by 30%"


- Easy to implement.

- Extremely good customer success/support. TAT is usually ~ 2-4 hours.

- Condition-based automation after form submissions.

- Robust integration with Hubspot and Slack.

Drew Frayre
Revenue Operations Manager, Okendo

You know you went with the right software vendor when:-

You experience a disruptive issue on the day when your primary admin is 000 (Uh Oh).

-Their founder and CEO is responsive in SECONDS to your issue over Slack, jumps on a Zoom with you and immediately rounds up his team for a quick solve.

Huge thanks to Sudharshan Karthik & and the amazing team at RevenueHero for giving the best support that I have ever seen.

Literally cannot say enough about how pleased I am with this team and product.

Dhanush R.
Marketing, Zluri

"The Best Routing log"

Hands Down Best Support ever. Super easy to setup and just took us a couple of hours to get it all up and routing our leads. Integrates across all our systems and does an amazing job in routing .Tested multiple competitors before deciding to go ahead with RevenueHero.

- Fastest router compared to others we tested against. The team is super responsive and even built a custom feature request from us in just 2 weeks!!!

Dave Rigotti
Cofounder, Inflection.io

Happy RevenueHero customer here!

Sylvester A.
RevOps Manager

"Great product, amazing support"

RevenueHero already possess some truly impressive product features; Seamless integration with HubSpot and Slack, supports our rather complex routing rules, SDR to AE relay etc. In situations where we are looking for a feature or use case that is missing, they try to instantly provide a solution for our specific need.

My favourite bit about RevenueHero however is the level of support they provide. Always available on slack whenever we need to talk to someone.

For a SaaS company, that is really amazing.

Verified User

"Excellent Scheduling Tool w/Strong Hubspot Integration"

The tool is an affordable alternative to ChiliPiper which we were originally evaluating. It has the same core features we need and the team has been incredibly helpful making sure we have what we need to run our business. They've even built some custom features we absolutely needed for our use case that didn't exist out of the box.

Giovahnna Ziegler
VP Marketing, EyeClick

It's definitely a good idea. It's like you said: same product, lower price. I'd even go further and tell you that RevenueHero is even better then CP, both in product features and specially in customer support. So just go for it!

Todd Merrill
Rev Ops Manager, HR for Health

"RevenueHero honors contact assignments before round-robin. Great customer service."

We struggled with other calendar applications as they didn't honor record assignments over finding open/available calendar blocks. RevenueHero understands that often your Sales Team has worked hard in developing a relationship with a Contact.

~ and if that Contact is ready for a demo it should be offered back to that Rep. RevenueHero does this consistently and when not assigned.

~ it's round robin balancing works beautifully.

Golub, D
Technology - Software

RevenueHero is awesome!!!

Easy to use and amazing support. They are eager to get new business and even though cost is lower, their product is excellent. You don't need to compromise on functionality like you would expect with a lower costing product- it's excellent and support is great.

Lead routing for inbound leads. Quick response to get meeting booking.

Sriram Venkatesh
Growth Marketer, Growfin.ai

RevenueHero is a saviour - first step to effortless inbound conversions.

Algimantas Stuopelis
Martech & ops, Cast AI

"Constantly improving tool and amazing support"

- Their responsivness.- Ability to understand and adapt to your specific situation.

- Their goal is to make you successfull at any situation that you create or have in mind.

-  And most importantly, even though our use case required very sitautional features, they delivered!

Verified User

RevenueHero vs Calendly vs Chili Piper

To note: I've been the exec sponsor, buyer and user of RevenueHero, Calendly and Chili Piper. Here's my honest feedback. Great feature set similar to that of Chili Piper. What stands out the most and sets RH apart from the other platforms in the space is their smooth buying process, fast & helpful onboarding, INCREDIBLE support, and ability to quickly innovate their product by actually listening to customer feedback. My experience with RH (I've used Chili Piper + Calendly) blew my expectations away, and it has been the best experience I've had with any software provider.

Bryant Lau
Head of Demand, Flockjay

"Great Product"
Simple to use. Our sales team loves it and it is easy for operations to configure and integrate across our tech stack. Would highly recommend it to other users!It enables us to have our inbound leads automatically select a time and get routed to the correct owner as well as helping our outbound efforts schedule leads and keep distribution even across AEs.

Verified User

The best alternative to Calendly by far

Highly configurable with the ability to handle any kind of routing or distribution you can think of. Makes Calendly and the others look prehistoric! Also cannot fault the A* customer service from the team. No request too big or small, and they respond within minutes on Slack.

Lucas Raddavero
Saas Operation Manager, WeTravel

We started to test it 3 weeks go switching from CP for the same reason (cost/benefit).  So far, we have found it beneficial. During the test, we found a few hiccups, as in any other test, but their CS team was great and helped to solve it super easily.

it's good idea to test it.

Bryan Bumgardner
Director of Growth Marketing, Northbeam

We evaluated Chili Piper and given that it's basically just an overlay for our existing Hubspot forms, we simply couldn't justify the cost. Our team isn't big enough to require the tools that Chili Piper was offering.

We ended up picking RevenueHero and it's much better price plus the support is like... the best I've ever seen at a SaaS tool. We're in a Slack with these guys and they answer my questions in less than 5 minutes. Or if I want a feature, give them a week and it's done.

Strongly recommending RevenueHero on this one.

Abhishek Saurabh
Senior Account Manager, Hotelogix

"Scheduling Meetings Right Into Your Calendar"

1. Easy to configure

2. Compatible with multiple types of lead-capturing platforms

3. Ability to sync meetings directly into CRM/Calendar

4. Support - Very responsive.

Onboarding - Smooth and the team will make every effort to solve the business case

Ari G.
Growth & Ops, Siteline

Former Chilipiper customer happy I made the switch to RH

What is the old adage? Better, faster, cheeper? Well that surely describes RevenueHero. They have an amazing product and great support. With Revenue Hero rarely do issues happen because the software just works! But if anything pops up their team jumps through hoops to help. I mean I'm talking instant response time. :)

Thanks Susa and the team!

Abhisek Sharma

"Good tool to handle incoming traffic and setting up meetings"

The automatic meeting fix feature which is handy for prospects to book a meeting

Nivas Ravichandran
Head of marketing, Spendflo

"Best and Affordable Inbound Lead Scheduling App"

RevenueHero is a great Inbound Lead Scheduling tool and is super affordable in comparison to the other tools in the market. It is also a lot more intuitive and user-friendly in comparison to the other tool we used.

Verified User

"Good application but need to work on the interface"

User friendly, not complicated, good functionality , easy access

Leo O.
Ads & Optimization Specialist, selfpublishing.com

"Everything we ever needed for Hubspot CRM integration"

Light, good pricing, easy to install and configure. Customer Support is the best I've ever seen. Super quick to reply. Boosted up sales development appointments by a ton.

Brittany Ray
Digital Marketing Manager, Mosaicx

"Great Platform and Better Team!"

I really like the personal support I received from the RevenueHero team.

Drew Frayre
Revenue Operations Manager, Okendo

You guys have been rockstars for us. Huge thanks for the work you put in and the amazing product that you have created.

Tom Schrader
Chief Product Officer, Fello

RevenueHero:  The Game-Changer for Booking and Lead Distribution

After using various booking tools, we recently made the switch to RevenueHero, and it has been nothing short of amazing. Our company needed a booking tool that not only simplifies scheduling but also improves conversion rates and efficiently distributes leads to our Account Executives (AEs). RevenueHero ticks all these boxes with its comprehensive features and seamless integration.

🔹 Ease of use and integration: One of the most impressive aspects of RevenueHero is its user-friendly interface. It's incredibly easy to set up and integrate with our CRM, marketing automation, and email systems. This has helped streamline our processes and improve our team's productivity significantly.

🔹 Increased conversion rates: RevenueHero has a unique approach to booking that has considerably boosted our conversion rates. It's customizable and interactive, allowing potential clients to choose the best time for a meeting while giving them a sense of control and ownership in the process. This has led to more confirmed bookings and, ultimately, increased revenue for our business.

🔹 Efficient lead distribution: A major challenge we faced with other tools was the effective distribution of new leads to our AEs. RevenueHero's lead routing feature has resolved this issue, ensuring that leads are automatically distributed to the right AE based on factors such as territory, workload, or performance. This has helped us maximize our sales efforts and close deals faster.

🔹 Top-notch customer support: The team behind RevenueHero is highly responsive and always willing to help. They've provided excellent customer support throughout our onboarding process, and their dedication to customer success has been commendable.In conclusion, RevenueHero is a fantastic booking tool that has exceeded our expectations. It has not only simplified scheduling and improved our conversion rates but has also optimized our lead distribution process. We highly recommend RevenueHero to any SaaS company looking to level up their booking and lead management game.

Prudhvi Raju

"Indeed a Hero"

1. Sleek design.

2. Easy to configure and set up routing conditions.

3. The stellar support team.

Overall - An amazing product in the making. Solves a lot of pain points for GTM teams. RH makes it incredibly easy for prospects to pick a time for a product demo.

Verified User

"Best Customer Support Team!"

The RevenueHero customer support team has been the best part of using the platform. From very minor questions to completes "how to" questions, the team is always friendly and patient to help you solve your questions.

The product was exactly what our team needed, and it was helpful to see which prospects booked/didn't book, which was something that required more extensive work on other platforms like Chili Piper.

Implementation of this platform and intergration to your current tech stack is so simple- adding this to your current process is a no-brainer.

Verified User

"User-friendly product with amazing support"

After using other inbound routing softwares that were more complex than necessary for the function, I was amazed at how easy RevenueHero was to use. But even better than that is the fast implementation and incredible support that our team has experienced transitioning to this product. The team at RH is responsive and innovative in solving any issues we come across.

Verified User

"It's a decent tool to improve the number of client meetings efficiently."

1. The user interface is good and simple, making it easy to use.

2. It integrates with calendars and allows clients to see available slots in my calendar and book a meeting with me without my intervention saving my time on a daily basis.

3. It also sends meeting reminders to both clients and hosts.

Verified User

"Great tool and great service"

First of all, the fact that it works. It helps us book more meetings when the prospects fill out a demo request form on our website. Second, the UI of the platform is simple and easy to understand. Their onboarding and support were great so far and they made sure we have the right setup. It is easily integrated with our HubSpot CRM. The pricing is also much better than some of the alternatives we have tried before.

Verified User

"Awesome product and service"

This gives us the ability to better forecast and understand where deals are coming from

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Jared DeLuca
Senior Marketing Technology & Operations Manager, Appcues  

We were already bought in on the value of using a product like RevenueHero, and switching from Chili Piper has saved us half the cost and allowed us to manage our demo funnel more easily.

What really sold us on RevenueHero is the excellent team and support we’ve had from implementation onward.

Getting set up initially was fast and easy, and debugging any potential issues with booked meetings is a lot easier with the logs RevenueHero provides.

Their outstanding customer focus shows in every interaction and is hugely appreciated!

Anthony Lamot
CEO, DESelect

We're happy RevenueHero customers - their Support is insanely fast and good 👍

Adelle Archer
Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Eterneva

"10/10 recommend - great product and amazing hands-on solutions oriented team"

RevenueHero has built an incredibly robust and capable scheduling tool that is easy to layer into a more custom form build & CRM process (ours is quite complex!!) but what impresses me the most is how engaged and helpful their team is. They were super supportive with getting us onboarded but then their support didn't disappear - it continued even after we paid! lol. I was so impressed with how much work they did upfront with getting a demo environment set up and fully integrated into our Salesforce & Hubspot CRMs and showing how all the workflows could work - all before we even paid or decided if to use them. They went above and beyond. From their CEO to their engineers - if you send a message with an issue or a feature request they are on it IMMEDIATELY and you can trust them to solve the problem so you and your team don't need to spend cycles trying to solve it yourself. What a massive time saver to have such a great counterpart with a tech partner like that, vs when your left to your own devices when something isn't working. They're also super collaborative and open to feedback and always evolving and improving the product and do a great job of communicating product and feature updates to their customers. We've used Calendly and Hubspot Scheduling and RevenueHero is leaps and bounds better - definitely recommend them!

Kamil Rextin
Founder, 42 Agency

Implemented Revenue Hero in the 42 Agency site. The scheduler is *blazingly* fast and the integration and interface is really intuitive - it supports mapping b/w account owners and new inbound leads. DM if you want to check it

Jonathan Einav
CEO, Fintastic

"Great scheduling tool for demos"

Easily embedded in our commercial site and our calendars. Great support.

Drew Frayre
Senior Revenue Operations Manager, Okendo

"RevenueHero beats Chilipiper on features and price!"

RevenueHero has a ton of features which allow for easy configuration and setup of new reps, and assignment logic at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

Coming off of a bungled onboarding with ChiliPiper, we were pleasently surprised by how easy to set up RevenueHero was, the amazing attention of their support teams, and how well it integrated with our HubSpot CRM.

Additionally, the updating of new features has been at a blazing pace, and our account manager constantly recommends new tools within the software that have been added free-of-charge.

Bryant Lau
Head of Demand, Flockjay

We have been using it for a while and couldn't live without it!

Johnny Bartlett
Revenue Operations Manager, People.ai

"Terrific Product and Wonderful Service!"

RevenueHero is a very intuitive product to maintain, it offers a wonderful experience to our prospects and their Customer Success team is unparalleled.

Brooke Hamrick
VP - Sales & Partnerships, Eterneva

"Great product and even better team"

RevenueHero offers fucntionality that the bigger players just don't have. It's what led us to them in the first place.

This includes super configurable integrations with both Salesforce and Hubspot, flexible implementation options, and more control over the options given for scheduling.

Sarah C.
Sales Development and Operations, 7 Mindsets

"Extremely user friendly and top-notch support!"

Revenue Hero is easy to use and built beautifully! I switched from Chili Piper and couldn't be happier with this platform. We have seen a big increase in the number of meetings scheduled on our website due to their quick load time once a form is submitted. Also, their support team is extremely responsive and very helpful no matter the scenario!

Adam O'Brien
Marketing, GoodUnited

Update: just signed and implemented in about 25 min.

Not mad about that at all - well done, RevenueHero 🚀

Lydia Hutchison
GTM, Acryl Data

Never have I ever had such amazing attention to detail, effort and insanely quick support during a POC. You guys are amazing

Chandler B
VP of Sales, Engagedly

Congrats to RevenueHero! Engagedly Inc made the change last year couldn't be happier. The UX/UI is clean and easy to use and the support is best in class!

Poetker, A
Technology - Software

RevenueHero is easy to use with all the feature functionality needed

RevenueHero has removed a lot of manual work from our lead to meeting process and has gotten meetings for our AEs on the calendar faster, by days or even weeks.

Meeting booking off of form fill and routing of leads, as well as meeting booking links for outbound campaigns.

Prasad Lingawar
Growth Marketer, Dyte

"Keep up the good work"

I like everything about RevenueHero. Folks are doing an amazing job. We have seen a huge uptick in sales velocity within a week. The things that I like about RevenueHero.

- Ease of implementation and bug-free products - we were integrating a few products parallelly and found RevenueHero as the best in terms of UX and bug freeness.

- Support from the team - while integration support that we got from the team was phenomenal. We were able to go live within a day. We were working with a competitor for 2 weeks and couldn't go live.

- After sales support - A lot of companies don't provide good and free support after going live but RevenueHero is increasing the bar here, their average response time is less than 3 minutes. Correct, less than 3 minutes.

- Right pricing - competitors are charging bomb plus monthly commitment. RevenueHero pricing is a no-brainer.

- Custom feature request - We wanted one feature that was critical to us, and the team implemented it and made it live within a day. I haven't seen that happening anywhere.

So far, our experience has been exceptional. I would advise everyone to try out this product.

Kieran Boyle
COO, Opensense

"Seamless transition, remarkable flexibility, and outstanding customer support"

Transitioning from a competitor to RevenueHero was one of the best decisions we made for our business. The process was incredibly smooth, thanks to RevenueHero's efficient platform and exceptional customer support.

RevenueHero's platform offered a level of flexibility and functionality that surpassed our expectations. We were able to customize our routing processes and optimize our workflow in ways that were not possible with other solutions. The ability to tailor the platform to our specific needs was invaluable and allowed us to streamline our operations effectively.

What truly sets RevenueHero apart is their outstanding customer service and support. From the initial onboarding process to ongoing assistance, their team was always available to address any questions or concerns promptly. Their dedication to ensuring our success was evident every step of the way.

Andy Turman
GTM, Inflection.io

"Smooth demo booking from website w/ real-time availability pulled from Gcal"

Easy booking of demos from the website. We've seen a higher # of bookings and a higher attendance rate since using Revenuehero.

Sarah Heiberg
Commercial System Manager, Ocean.io

"Amazing product and customer service!"

The user interface, super helpful and friendly staff and the automation of the product itself.

Lydia Hutchison
GTM, Acryl Data

Wanted to shout out RevenueHero who helped me get a process in place for demo requests so that I could step away and enjoy some time in paradise, and not have to worry about things breaking or catching on fire.

If you're building a sales function for inbound and outbound, you should definitely check them out.

Kamil Rextin
Founder, 42 Agency

Fundamentally a better product. Faster load time - less drop off. Checks for existing owners / maps to account owners / has ability to setup specific campaign routers better integration into CRM and the team is amazing with support. (Happy customer here)

Dan Hawvermale
VP of Sales, Faye

"The platform is great, and the results were even better!"

Cutting our conversion time in half, and their team was great to work with on the set up. They even helped us build custom tooling for a very niche use case we had as well.

Rasmus Rikken
Senior Marketing Strategist, Coinspaid

"10/10 product with 11/10 support"

RevenueHero's scheduling product has helped us immensely improve our B2B funnel. Considering how easy it is to implement and use (big up to RevenueHero sleek back-end), it has been a no-brainer decision to use RevenueHero over the competition.

There have been a few instances where we have found a non-intrusive bug or have been looking for some functionality that has not been added yet. In almost all of these cases, bug fixes and even new feature requests (!!) were addressed in a matter of days or even faster.

I'd also like to address the fantastic attention to onboarding and customer support - bar to none. All of the questions, questions, or issues we have had... they've all been resolved quickly and effectively.This is my first ever "official" review of a product just to show gratitude to RevenueHero because we are truly satisfied with them!

Lori Brigg
Chief Revenue Officer, Raven

"Best onboarding experience ever"

Easy implementation and easy integration with salesforce and our website.

Easy to use (very intuitive UI).

Has all the features we need.

The team is super friendly and knowledgable.

Adrian Balakumar
Growth, Skio

"efficient and great"

Outside of the tool being great and exactly what we need for a lean and mean sales team, the support is quite amazing. Obviously not an expectation to receive replies right away or even within a few hours.

But without fail, I have gotten responses in seconds and minutes, sometimes hours, but always under 8 or even 12 hours. This level of customer support reminds me of exactly what they are, a scrappy and hungry team ready to displace the incumbants in the space.

Maryna Nikitchuk
Head of Sales, Expandi

📣 Good products need to be recognised. And this post is about RevenueHero.

With over a decade of experience in IT sales, I've learned that equitable distribution among Account Executives (AEs) is a crucial component of any SalesOps or RevenueOps strategy.

Navigating this challenge often involves implementing various intricate and costly tools designed to evenly distribute inbound meetings among your sales representatives.

During my tenure at VGS and AppsFlyer, we dedicated nearly a quarter to crafting the optimal workflow in collaboration with our operations teams. Additionally, it took + 1 month to thoroughly elucidate the intricacies of this workflow and highlight its significance within our revenue-generating organization.Here at Expandi for the first time, I deal with RevenueHero and that's my recommendation to any startup or scaleup.

💡 Easy to implement and integrate with your CRM (we use HubSpot).

💡 Smart and easy routing setup. Based on sales-driven requirements and logic.

💡 100% visibility on everything with conversion reports.

💡 Easy and flawless meeting links (based on availability) setup processAnd more importantly, customer obsession.

Sudharshan Karthik 🦸, it's a great pleasure working with you! Conclusion: It feels good if someone really cares about your success.

Dominic Triolo
RevOps Manager, TrovaTrip

"Great for sales call scheduling & a super responsive team!"

Other products we looked at appeared to be built for Salesforce first, with HubSpot more or less as an afterthought. RevenueHero has a pretty robust HubSpot integration that made implementation & reporting a breeze. The product suite is intuitive for our reps to use with little training but powerful enough for admins to create nuanced routers & modulate call flow as we see fit. The team is also really responsive when it comes to customer support & the speed that they build + ship features to fit each use case is really remarkable!

Victoria Pruitt
Sr. Revenue Operation Manager, Truepic

"Solid product with a great deal of flexibility - fantastic customer support"

RevenueHero's Customer Support is unrivaled. I have yet to run into a challenge where someone didn't immediately respond to me and hop into a zoom or Slacked a video with a helpful solution.

Additionally, I have voiced requests for prod dev and if the request makes sense, it is implemented quickly. I also appreciate the flexiblity of the product. Our conversion functionality from form fill to opp generation is much tigher than what we had in place previously.

I have used ChiliPiper in the past and the usability of RevenueHero is so much better. I also struggled with ChiliPiper support when I was an administrator at a former company.

James Shelly
Growth Marketing, Local Logic

Want to say that the Support from RevenueHero is probably the best I've ever experienced from a SaaS tool.

Joe Mickleburgh
CRM Associate, Beauhurst

The RH team are always hugely receptive to feedback and are always available at the drop of a hat. We use RevenueHero for all of our inbound work, and because of this it's more than paid for itself already. We set it up in a trial period, and by the end of it we decided it was the right tool for us and kept it.

Drew Frayre
Revenue Operations Manager, Okendo

Keep an eye on these guys. Sudharshan Karthik 🦸 and his team have a killer app that has changed the game on how we convert visitors on our website.

If you are looking at solutions like Chili Piper and similar, RevenueHero should be at the top of your list.

Naomi Khor
Marketing, Publift

"First Class Support & Great Functionality!"

The team is incredibly helpful. Susa & team were so willing to answer my questions and helped me in making sure our setup & integration was perfect.

The functionality is great - especially the integration with Zoho CRM and our form builder. Was previously using a competitor product but had to switch over after too many Zapier integrations that made the setup messy.

RevenueHero gives me way more control - love that I have the ability to add rules based on my Zoho CRM modules.

Anirhudh Sridharan
Lead Pipeline Marketing, Everstage

RevenueHero significantly reduced our meeting drop-offs!

The ease of setting up routers and their proactive support to address issues have helped us move smoothly from Chili Piper. We were able to see a faster load time for our calendar, and we're also able to validate this from our user's perspective, as the drop-offs have significantly reduced after implementing RevenueHero.

Grayson Harper
Manager, Sales at TrovaTrip

Love working with the team at RevenueHero - best support I've seen from any platform, full stop.

Steve M
Director of Marketing, Small Business

"Super Customer Support

The product works as advertised, but what's notable is their level of service. The team at RevenueHero goes out of its way to support its customers. Unlike other providers, you can work with a human to resolve your problems, and they're fast.

Blair Ewalt
Marketing Manager, FusionAuth

"Chili Piper on steroids"

RevenueHero has all the features of Chili Piper with one exception. Chili Piper is not able to give the support RevenueHero is able to by a longshot. RevenueHero is hands down the best scheduling app around (I've tried a bunch) and their team is always open to feedback to make their app better. I love working with this team.

Siddharth S.
Demand Generation, Spendflo

"A meeting scheduler that cares about their customers."

They have the best support you can ask for as they are always available to solve your queries. In fact they'd go a step further and try to understand why you're requesting a certain usecase (helps as they're good marketers too).

Kamil Rextin
Founder, 42 Agency

10/10 RH is a better product / UX / integration and much more competitively priced than CP.

Senior Marketing Manager, Inflection.io

"Best alternative to Chili Piper"

I was using Chili Piper before shifting to RevenueHero. RH is a fantastic alternative to Chili Piper and it is faster, reliable, and cheaper with most of the necessary functionalities.

Also, the RevenueHero support team is excellent, they went extra mile to help us get started with the tool and assisted us with our complicated requirement.

I must say RevenueHero support is 100x better than Chili Piper.

Olivier Marschalik
Managing Director, Cast AI

"Most advanced meeting scheduling and routing solution on the market"

For years, I have relied heavily on meeting booking solutions for our demand generation. I have tested all the main ones (Calendly, Chili Piper, less known stuff), and they are either too basic or restrictive to do sophisticated things.

RevenueHero can tick All the boxes and more. The team is great and supported us a lot during the implementation.

Blair Ewalt
Marketing Manager, FusionAuth

We just switched off Chili Piper in favor of RevenueHero. We found the team to be much more agile and responsive for a product with the same functionality (actually, RevenueHero has advanced routing functionality beyond Chili Piper which is why we made the switch).

Also, it's much more cost-effective.

Pramod Rao
CEO, Threado

Love the simplicity with which our prospects can now schedule a meeting with our team with limited steps. This has improved our landing page conversion rate and streamlined lead allocation flow internally.

Mathew Zachariah
Chief of Staff, Paperflite

"Great experience with implementing Revenue hero as our demo booking platform"

The team is always there to help with seamless implementation. The team goes beyond to solve internal problems for us.

Priyanka Panigrahi
Demand Gen & Growth, Factors.ai

We use RevenueHero at Factors & we absolutely love it. Definitely give them a try!

Reyan Lewendon
Head of Marketing, MYNDUP

"Great tool, even better support"

Revenuehero provide the best support in the biz. They're always on-hand to jump on any problems we come across, and are crazy efficient as solving them. A great team. The tool itself has helped us reduce the drop-off of inbound leads, which has been really valuable.

Sam Lepak
Head of Growth, Matter

Calendly on Steriods, Fraction the Cost of Chili Piper

The support around the clock. Onboarding and setup was easy and they are on top of communication with feedback, requests, etc. Love the amount of customizations and down-to-earth, good people they have employed there!

Bryan Bumgardner
Director of Growth Marketing, Northbeam

A solid tool with fantastic support and bright future

The support is incredible. Easily the best part is having all my problems solved virtually live in Slack. It makes troubleshooting and integration so much easier knowing I have round-the-clock live help in any timezone.

Branko Djurkovic
Senior Full Stack Developer, Ultimate

Great product with even better support

RevenueHero helped us streamline our sales funnel across multiple teams and markets. The  feature set and pricing are more than competitive and have just the right market fit. What i liked the best is the ease of configuration with Hubspot that we are using. On top of that, the support we got from their side is unmatched. Always ready to jump on a call and help with even the slightest issue our complex process requires.

Verified User

"User-friendly tool with phenomenal support"

RevenueHero connects with the tools that we need it to (both HubSpot and Salesforce) and has so far been a seamless experience moving away from our previous meeting scheduling tool. The RevenueHero team is also wonderful and is quick to jump on a call with you to answer any questions you may have about setup and tool navigation.

Tarun Agarwal
Business Head, Mailmodo

"Great Alternative to Chili Piper"

It helps in improving your Demo booking rate. We could customize the routing logic as per our custom rules which can boost the conversion rates. It also gives the option to embed the router in the custom design that we can put on the demo page. Support from the implementation team is exceptional and we were able to implement it within a week

Adithiya Namasivayam
Small Business

"Boost conversions and effortlessly route leads with RevenueHero!"

I’m a huge fan of the ease with which potential clients can now book meetings with our team through a minimalistic process. This has not only enhanced our landing page conversion rates but also made our internal lead distribution more efficient.

Rachel Perera
Small Business

"RevenueHero is a useful meeting booking and tracking tool!"

It makes it easy to book meetings in for myself and my AEs. It integrates really well with Hubspot, it's a time saver.

Eric Walcott

"Excellent integration at a convenient price point!"

RevenueHero allows our sales team to seamlessly schedule inbound website demonstrations at the convenience of their personal calendars.

Daniel Stief

"The Support is there when you need it!"

The team is always responsive and helpful when contacted. Even when an issue isn't caused by the RH team, they are always helpful in tracking down the source. When issues do happen on the RH side, they take ownership, partner up, and tackle the issue. When you work with a team that responds this way, you can trust the quality of the rest of the product is always going to be pushing to the same high standard.

Verified User

"Flexible, cost-effective tool that solved our needs with amazing customer support"

Responsive and going the extra mile Customer Support, Hubspot Integrations, Ease of of Admin Use and Implementation, the flexibility and thoughtfulness of the product features, product roadmap with features based off of market/customer requirements, the incremental increase in post form submission meeting booking rates.

Verified User

"Better than ChiliPiper with fantastic support"

- The team's support is second to none. Incredibly quick to reply via Slack and dedicated to resolving any issues.

- Very good at communicating future product direction and reliable at delivering.

- It works perfectly as a scheduling tool with some fantastic advanced routing options.

- Onboarding team is committed to getting you up and running as quickly and effectively as possible.- Pricing is extremely reasonable relative to other scheduling tools in the market.

Verified User

"Good product and great team."

RevenueHero, the product, has decreased barriers for our ideal leads to get to sales and has increased our form-fill-to-meeting rate 140%, with 40% of them having positive outcomes. We've been using the tool for a few months, so this is a promising trend.

The tool has also undergone some positive UI changes and once you learn the language and the process, it's pretty easy to use and reliable.

Where RevenueHero really shines, though, is the responsiveness of their team. They are often (always?) available and help troubleshoot or fix bugs faster than any other marketing software company I've worked with.

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