RevenueHero vS Chilipiper

Get a revenue acceleration tool that you won’t have to justify in every budget meeting.

Sure, we're #2 in market timing. But we are #1 for your ROI and bottom line metrics.

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Psst. we can't time the market, you can time the widget though. Go ahead, give it a try.
Jared DeLuca
Senior Marketing Technology & Operations Manager

We were already bought in on the value of using a product like RevenueHero, and switching from Chili Piper has saved us half the cost and allowed us to manage our demo funnel more easily.

What really sold us on RevenueHero is the excellent team and support we’ve had from implementation onward.

Getting set up initially was fast and easy, and debugging any potential issues with booked meetings is a lot easier with the logs RevenueHero provides.

Their outstanding customer focus shows in every interaction and is hugely appreciated!

Loved by hundreds of modern B2B companies

Qualified Demos booked
Drop in junk meetings
Increase in opportunities

Imagine paying for every form submit — qualified, unqualified, and even junk.

And you’re still dealing with slow booking that causes drop-offs.
Luckily, there’s a better way, the RevenueHero way.

RevenueHero only charges you for the meetings booked.

Admins who don't get meetings on their calendars do not need a license.
Wondering what kind of difference that makes? Here’s the math.
Size of your sales team
Number of form submissions
How is this calculated?
User license - $25/month
Fixed platform fee. No surprises
No license fee for admin
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How is this calculated ?
User license - $30/month
Platform fee based on number of form-submits

Switching to a more cost-effective solution doesn’t mean compromising on key features.

Instant qualification

Spot your best leads as soon as they hit 'submit' on a form and ensure you give them the VIP treatment they deserve.
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Instant scheduling

Connect with prospects as soon as they express interest. Enable meeting scheduling right from your website.
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Book qualified meetings & increase pipeline

Connect prospects with the right sales rep as soon as they express interest. Reduce sales cycles and increase your velocity.
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Lead to account matching

Fast-track meetings with fuzzy account matching.

Match prospects to account owners based on similar prospects, company or any custom property.
Fast-track sales cycles for your target accounts and your ABM list.
round robin distribution

Route meetings to right rep based on your sales process

Route meetings using strict, flexible, or weighted Round-Robin.
Easily set up routing logic based on territory, deal sizes, or any other custom properties in seconds.

Contextual meetings

Send embedded recaps along with your meeting links to increase follow up meetings.
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On brand. On every touch point

Say goodbye to bland calendar pages. With RevenueHero's scheduler, you can paint, pop, pad, push, and more. So you can flaunt your brand everywhere.

Migration got you worried?

How about a challenge?
We'll get you set up in less than a week. Or you get the product for free for a month

We only ask that you come to the call with:
  • Admin access to your CRM.
  • Bring someone who can add a snippet to your website and duplicate a page.
  • Admin access to Slack if you'd like to setup meeting alerts (which we highly recommend).
Sounds too good to be true?

Hear directly from Tom, Co-founder of Fello on how we got them onboarded in less than 24 hours.
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See why revenue heroes like you prefer RevenueHero

Jack W.
Mid Market, Encord

A Better than ChiliPiper with fantastic support"

The team's support is second to none. Incredibly quick to reply via Slack and dedicated to resolving any issues.

- Very good at communicating future product direction and reliable at delivering.

- It works perfectly as a scheduling tool with some fantastic advanced routing options.

- Onboarding team is committed to getting you up and running as quickly and effectively as possible.

- Pricing is extremely reasonable relative to other scheduling tools in the market

Kamil Rextin
Founder, 42 Agency

“10/10 RH is a better product / UX / integration and much more competitively priced than CP.”

Lucas Raddavero
Saas Operation Manager , WeTravel

We started to test it 3 weeks go switching from CP for the same reason (cost/benefit). So far, we have found it beneficial.

During the test, we found a few hiccups, as in any other test, ut their CS team was great and helped to solve it super easily.

it's good idea to test it

Verified User
Small Business

To note: I've been the exec sponsor, buyer and user of Rev Hero, Calendly and Chili Piper.

Here's my honest feedback..

Great feature set similar to that of Chili Piper. What stands out the most and sets RH apart from the other platforms in the space is their smooth buying process, fast & helpful onboarding, INCREDIBLE support, and ability to quickly innovate their product by actually listening to customer feedback.

My experience with RH (I've used Chili Piper + Calendly) blew my expectations away, and it has been the best experience I've had with any software provider.

But will it work with my stack?

You mean web forms, enrichment tools, CRMs, marketing automation, meeting tools, and email sequencing?
Yep, RevenueHero integrates in just a few clicks.
Don’t complicate the process.

Choose the revenue acceleration platform that’s better for your pipeline, your prospects and your pocket.

Your team will also love using our simple, intuitive platform.

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