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Turn every retargeting campaign into a meeting generator.

Campaign Router instantly connects your prospects to the right sales rep, even without filling a form.

It's like magic links to convert prospects into booked meetings.

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See how Campaign Router
connects prospects to sales reps in one click

New Lead
Existing Lead
Round-robin to right
sales team & rep
Never ask existing leads to fill another form
Sales rep’s calendar
Existing account owner's calendar

Get meetings booked in your sales rep’s calendars even when they’re asleep.

Go from CTRs to booked meetings in every retargeting campaign.
Every "Book a meeting" link in your retargeting campaign automagically understands who is booking the meeting. That means, less drop offs on form fills and more conversions for you.
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Route to the right sales rep instantly.

Match every booked meeting to the right sales rep. Keep handovers prompt and smooth with Round-robin or your own custom logic.
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Automate reminders to drive more successful meetings
Want to send two reminders to your prospect before the meeting? You can do that. Need to inform your sales rep about a meeting getting rescheduled? Yep, you can do that too. No matter what your sales workflow is, you can set automatic reminders to ensure your reps spend time selling.

Built for teams looking for a hassle-free scheduling process.

Go from tracking "Email Open Rate" to "Pipeline Generated" in one click. Across all your campaigns.
Enable smoother scheduling that reduces admin work and improves meeting show and success rates.
Demand Generation
Help the high-intent leads you’ve attracted through different channels enter your sales pipeline faster.
Revenue Operations
Close more deals with automated data sync allowing your sales team to spend more time selling.

Ready to turn your retargeting campaigns into a pipeline generator?

Skip the back-and-forth. Power your nurturing & retargeting campaigns to drive more qualified meetings for your sales rep. All it takes is one click.

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