Smart Meeting Distribution

Cut the sales cycle short.

Ensure qualified leads meet the right executives from the get-go.

Automate meeting distribution with round-robin and account matching to connect prospects with the best sales reps.

Qualified Demos booked
drop in junk meetings
Increase in opportunities

Don't lose revenue to messy meeting distribution.

Manual distribution causes errors, lower productivity and takes away from time spent selling.
You’re unable to prioritize your best leads and instantly connect them to the right reps and account executives.
Handover from sales rep to account executive isn’t seamless and leads to delayed responses.

Ensure your leads talk to the sales rep best equipped to convert them. Every time.

Automatically match every lead to the right sales rep and close deals faster.
Set your distribution logic to round-robin leads based on territory, ownership or any other custom logic based on your sales process.

Set winning routing criteria that you can tweak in real-time, to improve meeting outcomes.

Enable RevenueHero to take into account custom attributes like company, location, or any enriched data. Ensure all leads are directed to the right teams.

No more bouncing prospects from one rep to another. Fast-track meetings with account matching.

Match prospects to account owners based on similar prospects, company or any custom property.
Fast-track sales cycles for your target accounts and your ABM list.

Manage your team’s workload efficiently with weighted assignments.

Skip the spreadsheets and improve team efficiency. Add and remove sales reps from distribution workflows in minutes.
Keep track of weighted assignments with distribution reports and easily add, remove or balance weightage for each rep.

Built for teams looking to smoothen the sales cycle and improve pipeline velocity.

Capture more TOFU leads and help more MQLs move through the funnel. Ensure no high-intent leads get lost.
Lower response times, shorten sales cycles and never deal with discussions around who owns a lead again.
Demand Generation
Increase positive meeting outcomes by cutting down all that email ping pong.
Revenue Operations
Tweak distribution rules in seconds for efficient meeting outcomes. Get distribution stats in seconds.

Say goodbye to leaks in the funnel.

Reduce overall age of pipeline by connecting prospects with the right sales reps. Every. Single. Time.

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