Smart Meeting Distribution

Cut the sh**ts already

Automate meeting distribution without messy spreadsheets

Automate your meeting load balancing, credit backs and calibrations without making it seems like excel science.


ved by hundreds of modern B2B companies

Lved by hundreds of modern B2B companies

Don't lose revenue to messy meeting distribution.

Manual distribution causes errors, lower productivity and takes away from time spent selling.
You’re unable to prioritize your best leads and instantly connect them to the right reps and account executives.
Handover from sales rep to account executive isn’t seamless and leads to delayed responses.
Connect data from your web form, your CRM or your enrichment source to determine routing
Determine which sales team's availabilities to show based on CRM data, form data and enrichment data
Setup all your distribution logic once, and reuse for meetings from any channel
Auto-calibrate assignment based on all scenarios
Automate the admin work to credit back no-shows and cancellations to ensure fairness of distribution
Automatically skip sales reps on vacation to ensure that prospects get immediate availability
Zero touch meeting calibrations for new members who join the sales team.
Match prospects based on CRM ownership and custom properties
Setup RevenueHero to lookup ownership at a Account, Contact and Lead level
Assign the meeting and the new contact/lead to the existing owner
Manage your unique sales team dynamics with manual calibration
Calibrate meetings manually to balance offline lead assignments and other anomalies
Bump your sales reps up or down a queue with just a few clicks

Built for scaling GTM orgs

Demand Generation
Launch new campaigns without
having to wait on sales ops to setup meeting distribution every single time.
Revenue Operations
Ensure equal distribution of meetings for every sales rep, no matter what the source of meetings are. No more end of quarter aribration.
Marketing Ops
Setup distribution rules based on CRM, form or enrichment data.

Set once, reuse for every channel. Launch new workflows in minutes.
Never look at another spreadsheet to figure out if everyone in the team has an equal number of meetings.

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Blair Ewalt
Marketing Manager

We just switched off Chili Piper in favor of RevenueHero. We found the team to be much more agile and responsive for a product with the same functionality (actually, RevenueHero has advanced routing functionality beyond Chili Piper which is why we made the switch).Also,

it's much more cost-effective.

Sam Lepak
Head of Growth

“Calendly on Steriods, Fraction the Cost of Chili Piper”

The support around the clock. Onboarding and setup was easy and they are on top of communication with feedback, requests, etc. Love the amount of customizations and down-to-earth, good people they have employed there!

Karl Viva
Director, Demand Generation

"Everything from the product to the support is 10/10"

RevenueHero improves my SaaS company's ability to better qualify leads by automatically booking calls with the correct teams. The rules and ways in which you can route leads (or disqualify them) are endless. The RevenueHero platform is easy to use and the support has been outstanding.

It was super easy to implement.

Bryan Bumgardner
Director of Growth Marketing

We evaluated Chili Piper and given that it's basically just an overlay for our existing Hubspot forms, we simply couldn't justify the cost. Our team isn't big enough to require the tools that Chili Piper was offering.

We ended up picking RevenueHero and it's much better price plus the support is like... the best I've ever seen at a SaaS tool. We're in a Slack with these guys and they answer my questions in less than 5 minutes. Or if I want a feature, give them a week and it's done.

Strongly recommending RevenueHero on this one

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