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What is Round Robin Scheduling and How It Helps Sales Teams?

Around 57% of sales representatives miss their sales quota. So, make things easier to help them make more sales. Find out how round robin scheduling can be their savior.

Sayani Deb
November 8, 2022
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Hit the sales target, and take the trophy home 🏆. That’s how sales works!The pressure in sales results in frequent burnouts. Sales reps exhaust themselves to reach the sales quota, but they still miss it somehow!Today, automated processes and systems are trying to make things easier for the sales team. These solutions take up the additional workload giving sales reps ample time to hone their skills.Round robin scheduling is one such brilliant technique that saves sales reps from overwork. It ensures even distribution of workload while offering every sales rep (new & experienced) the opportunity to serve prospects.So, here’s what you can learn from today’s blog:📌 Round robin scheduling definition📌 How round robin scheduling works (with example)?📌 How round can round robin scheduling help your sales team?

What is Round Robin Scheduling?

Round robin scheduling is a method to distribute leads equally among team members, with each lead assigned to the next sales team member on the list.Here’s Salesforce’s round robin scheduling definition – “Round robin assignment means that each new lead is assigned to a different user until everyone has been assigned the same amount and the cycle repeats.”

How does round robin scheduling works?

I hope you got an idea of what round robin scheduling is by definition. Now, I’ll tell you how round robin scheduling works. Let’s take a round robin scheduling example to understand it better.Suppose there are 5 sales reps and 100 leads. Your round robin distribution would give the first lead to the number one sales rep, the second lead to number two, the third to number three, the fourth to number four, and the fifth lead to the fifth sales rep. Now, the sixth lead would be assigned to the number one sales rep, and the cycle will continue until the 100 leads get distributed.

How does round robin scheduling works

The only exception happens when a sales rep is unavailable or cannot take a lead; then the lead is assigned to the next sales rep. However, this can continue for a cycle or two (or three max!) until the sales rep is available to take new leads.

How round robin scheduling can help the sales team?

Round robin scheduling distributes leads evenly among your sales team members. So, it eliminates cherry-picking leads.Besides removing the bias, there are a few more ways how round robin scheduling helps your sales team. Here they are:

1. Round robin scheduling gives everyone an equal opportunity

Assigning leads can take place manually or through an automated sequence like round robin scheduling.When assigning leads manually to the sales reps, sales managers can route leads based on expertise, industry, territory, and other factors.However, manual lead routing has its own challenges. Firstly, sales managers must prioritize factors based on which they will decide which prospect should go to whom.Then, there’s a possibility of favoritism. A few leads may be routed to sales reps who perform well or prefer interacting with specific leads. In this case, other team members may not get an opportunity, resulting in friction between team members.

Round robin scheduling

Using round robin scheduling is like hitting two birds with one stone. While eliminating the favoritism possibilities, you can also save time with custom lead routing rules. Sales managers would no longer be required to decide on the factors for lead routing.So, to give every sales rep a fair chance to perform and improve, round robin scheduling is an effective way.

2. Round robin scheduling helps speed up lead response time

Lead response time makes or breaks a sale.When a prospect shows interest in your product, you must give them a call or send an email within no more than 5 minutes (or sooner!). The sooner you reach out, the more likely you will capture their interest. In fact, data suggests that if you can respond to a prospect within an hour, you are 7 times more likely to have a meaningful conversation with the decision maker.Round robin scheduling doesn’t let you waste any precious minute. It helps you accelerate the lead response time. With this powerful lead routing system, you can assign the lead to any available sales rep who’s next on the list. Thus, they can immediately schedule a call and then an instant meeting too!

3. Round robin scheduling helps manage routing for time zones & unavailable sales reps.

A few of your sales team members may be off for a holiday, sick leave, personal emergency, or any other reason. Here round robin scheduling helps you manage the lead routing process by assigning the leads to the available sales reps. Once the sales reps are available, round robin scheduling assigns them leads again.Round robin scheduling also makes dealing with prospects in different time zones easier. This is especially beneficial for the sales teams of global companies.Round robin scheduling allows you to deploy sales reps to different time zones where they can respond to customers instantly and leverage the opportunity to convert them.

4. Round robin scheduling software helps to gain insights through reporting and analytics

For those planning to get a round robin scheduling software (like RevenueHero 🤓), your sales team gets an additional benefit.A few meeting scheduling tools offer the integrated reporting feature that helps sales teams and managers track the team’s progress and individual performances. The tools help you align the sales team and streamline workflows to achieve the same goal.Further, these tools allow you to determine the criteria to define round robin scheduling, total leads contacted by sales reps, sales reps’ availability, and the sales reps lined up next to serve the prospects.Overall, you get the opportunity to assess the sales team’s performance. Thus, based on these insights, you can restructure the team, motivate employees, incentivize and create other strategies to improve their performance.

Work out your Round Robin Scheduling with RevenueHero

Regardless of what you’re offering your customers, one-to-one meeting with prospects is something you cannot escape. Whether you are a SaaS company offering product demonstrations or a retail business needing a sales rep to guide a potential prospect through the online sale, scheduling digital meetings is a must.You can create a Round Robin lead schedule manually., but enter RevenueHero; instant meeting scheduling becomes as easy as pie.RevenueHero automates the lead distribution process. With RevenueHero’s round robin scheduling, you can instantly route leads based on the availability of sales reps.You can see who’s available in your sales team to take up the prospect meeting or offer a product demo. This way, if any of your sales reps are unavailable, you can immediately skip and assign the lead to the next sales rep. Easy and no fuss, right?So, are you ready to explore round robin scheduling? Click to know more.

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