13 Best SDR tools to increase sales

Sayani Deb

Have you ever wondered how tough life is for your Sales Development Representatives?No?Then, step into their shoes right now and experience the challenges of prospecting, qualifying leads, and assisting them through the sales pipeline.Doing everything manually isn’t possible. It takes a lot of time, and time is money (I agree it’s a cliché, but it’s true🙄)So, to save time and make things a little easier for SDRs, get Sales Development Representative tools. Yes, SDR tools are saviors. They can help SDRs, simplify processes, and make your sales process more efficient.So, what are the SDR tools you must get? Well, keep reading to know!I have listed 13 SDR tools in this blog, along with some beginner’s info about SDRs and SDR tools’ advantages.Dig right in!

Who are Sales Development Representatives (SDR)?

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are individuals who find potential clients, qualify leads, move them through the sales pipeline, and then pass them on to the team responsible for closing sales.In short, SDRs act like a filter. They pass only the high-value leads so that the team that closes sales can dedicate their time and effort to the highest potential leads only.Consider SDRs as educators who assist leads in identifying the best-fit solution to their problems. They help prospects by understanding their needs and offering relevant and feasible solutions, information, and ideas (without product pitching or sounding salesy!)

What are SDR tools?

Sales Development Representative tools or SDR tools allow SDRs to collect quality lead data faster, streamline the lead qualification process, improve customer management, and engage prospects appropriately.SDRs can also use SDR tools to automate repetitive tasks and help the sales team to track cold calls. Thus, with SDR tools, SDRs can focus more on qualifying leads efficiently without being consumed by administrative jobs.

Advantages of Using SDR tools

SDRs can use SDR tools in every step – finding potential leads, qualifying them, making cold calls, and automating target market segmentation.Getting the right SDR tools can make the SDRs’ jobs easier and seamless. They can streamline tasks, internal and external stakeholder communication, and automate repetitive work allowing sales reps to invest their time to reach their closing sales target.Moreover, you can integrate SDR tools with your existing tools like CRM and other marketing tools to streamline workflows. The integrations can help you collect and access data, and make more informed and data-driven decisions. It can ensure a more effective and efficient sale process.Now that you know about SDR tools let’s see which tools would be the best for your business.

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13 Best SDR Tools you should use in 2022

SDR tools are of different types, but each contributes to making your sales process more efficient.Take a look at the best 13 Sales Development Representative tools to help improve your sales process.

1. Salesforce

An ideal solution for small to large enterprises, Salesforce is a comprehensive SDR tool for scaled-up teams. The platform offers several customization and integration options with a wide range of CRM and pipeline management features.Using Salesforce, sales teams can access advanced features like lead scoring, market segmentation, lead generation, task automation, track contacts, key deals, new opportunities, and much more. In short, Salesforce makes it possible for the business to offer an incredible customer experience.


2. RevenueHero

RevenueHero is an SDR tool that can help you with lead distribution and management. With features like instant scheduling and real-time routing, RevenueHero can assign your incoming leads to the right sales reps.This SDR tool allows you to automate scheduling and routing leads based on your predetermined criteria, like round robin. Want to know what round robin is? Find out here.Also, the software helps you with lead capture through web forms, qualification, and prioritization (with scoring). Moreover, you can link RevenueHero with your GTM stack. Integration with Salesforce, HubSpot, Google calendar, Zoom, and Pipedrive can help you streamline your lead management workflows.RevenueHero can assist your SDRs immensely and make their jobs easy, while your sales reps can focus solely on converting leads into customers.


3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a simple and user-friendly SDR tool that helps you streamline sales CRM. The solution is easy to set up and use, focusing on a highly intuitive UI.Coming to what features Pipedrive offers, the tool can help SDRs increase their prospect management capabilities with its sales automation features. Pipedrive is highly effective for companies with multiple sales teams as it can help them maintain and grow their pipelines.Further, you can integrate Pipedrive with your existing CRM or spreadsheet to automatically import lead contacts and create the sales funnel stages using templates. Thus, it saves a lot of time and resources, making the entire sales process hassle-free.


4. Close

Close is an excellent SDR tool that helps you manage your customer relationships. The tool has features like lead management, email automation, and a predictive dialer to help you streamline your lead management workflows and eventually make more sales.Close also offers outbound sales feature like a one-click voicemail tool and automatically logged calls. The UI is simple and clean, but it may take time to get the hang of the tool.Also, Close integrates with the workflow automation tool Zapier and PandaDoc that helps create, share, and track documents online.


5. Showpad

Another useful SDR tool is Showpad – a sales enablement software that enables your sales teams to offer prospects seamless and custom engagement, resulting in closing deals faster.Showpad supports your sales teams and keeps the marketing and sales departments on the same page. It serves as the central point in an organization that facilitates content sharing throughout all departments.What’s more interesting is that Showpad allows sales teams to create a shared space and give clients access to content. They can encourage clients to solve their queries directly within a shared folder.The sales development representative tool ensures making content centrally available to stakeholders. It promotes real-time interactions and keeps the sales teams enriched with content every step of the way.



Hunter makes prospecting easy. This email finder SDR tool helps you find the email address of any professional. It lets you check and verify the email addresses so that your emails land straight into the prospect’s inbox.Further, Hunter is also great for sales outreach automation. You can automate many processes in the sales cycle, like email verification, personalization, and email follow-ups at scale. The software also has several integrations with CRM systems that make workflows simpler and seamless.

7. PandaDoc

PandaDoc can be another important addition to your SDR tools kit. When it comes to handling proposals, quotations, and contracts, PandaDoc is essential.The software helps you create, manage, share, and e-sign documents. You can get real-time access to approvals, comments, and tracking. Also, PandaDoc has smart features like conditional logic and variables that reduce document errors.Your sales teams’ paperwork can get much easier and faster with PandaDoc, resulting in a shorter sales process and faster conversions.Also, the SDR tool integrates with ActiveCampaign,, Slack, google Workspace, Zoom, and Salesmate to make it easier for you to share documents (even via Zoom video conferencing).


8. Saleshandy

Saleshandy is a sales communication and analytics tool that’s best for cold email outreach.The software can be a fantastic addition to your SDR tools list as it offers advanced cold email features that help you personalize the emails and strike a spam-free meaningful conversation with your prospects. Overall, Saleshandy can improve the productivity levels of all your sales reps and SDRs.So, what can you do with Saleshandy? You can use the SDR tool to get an overview of your sales cycle, dedicate efforts to shorten it, track relevant metrics, and discover actionable insights to improve the processes.Saleshandy also gathers quality data, including behavioral insights, and provides them to the sales teams (including SDRs) in an actionable content format. Further, the tool can also be used to automate cold email strategies, campaigns, and follow-ups. You can send cold emails in bulk to up to 5000 leads per day.


9. Zoom

Honestly, I don’t think anyone is unaware of this sales video software anymore. Though the software was used by businesses before, 2020 made Zoom’s presence much stronger across industries.Zoom took the spotlight by serving millions of people to conduct virtual meets. The video conferencing SDR tool is easy to use, and it makes collaboration simple. You can simply share your meeting link with clients, who can join in for a quick call.Moreover, the platform also allows screen sharing and helps you host product demonstrations. Thus, you can speed up your sales process through a ‘show-and-tell’ product demo tailored for prospects.


10. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is the SDR tool that makes prospecting easy. The software offers users access to a large database with over 60 million profiles and a comprehensive API too.SDRs can access verified and validated lead contact information, find companies that match their buyer’s persona, and make direct contact with decision-makers within the platform.Crunchbase also has filters that make it easy for SDRs to search for high-potential and quality leads. Therefore, with Crunchbase’s all-in-one prospecting solution, you can scale your business faster.


11. HubSpot

A popular platform for marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM, HubSpot never disappoints. The platform is popular for its free CRM plan, but companies also find its sales management features beneficial.With HubSpot, users can customize the sales pipeline, modify pipeline stages, monitor processes and ensure that they are optimized. The platform has a simple UI that allows users to implement and learn it easily.HubSpot’s full tools range and integrations are ideal for your SDR tools stack. They contain sales management and productivity tools to help your sales reps perform better. All in all, the CRM platform remains one of the crowd’s favorites to make sales processes more efficient.


12. Consensus

Consensus is an incredible sales enablement tool or, more specifically, a sales demo tool that can help sales teams to create fully customized product demos for prospects.Add relevant documents, video clips, data, and other content from your demo library that would grab your prospect’s attention and keep them engaged.Consensus can be a highly beneficial SDR tool as it helps create interactive product demos and saves time. It gives your prospects a positive demo experience that eventually contributes toward a faster sales process and more lead conversions.Moreover, Consensus allows users to put together a vast content library wherefrom prospects and customers can guide themselves through the product demo. They can choose the way they want.Overall, Consensus helps a great deal in the presales process. It allows leads to choose what they are interested in and gives SDRs lead insights. Therefore, lead qualification becomes simpler and easier.

13. Linkedin Sales Navigator

If you are trying to make prospecting easy, LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you. This SDR tool allows users to access and browse through the huge database of professional LinkedIn profiles, fulfilling your prospecting needs.Several filters and search features help SDRs create trusted and long-term relationships with prospects. However, the tool does not allow you to download lead information from the LinkedIn database. Therefore, you can use it as a beginner’s tool to lead generation and social selling.Overall, the SDR tool is quite useful and assists SDRs in finding high-potential leads who can turn into profitable and long-term customers.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Ready to Find your SDR Tools?

The list makes it pretty evident that SDR tools can be any application or software that makes SDR jobs easy and hassle-free. They can make the team more capable of handling high-potential leads. In fact, implementing the right SDR tools can drive more results from your marketing efforts.SDR tools can help you find better-quality leads faster. They can automate tasks, validate lead information, automate lead capture and qualification, and schedule instant meetings as well.If your goal is to make the sales process more efficient and frictionless, make RevenueHero your partner-at-work. The lead conversion platform can help you boost your revenue with its instant scheduling feature, automated lead distribution, and superfast lead conversions.

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