Ep02 - The one metric every marketer should try to improve

Every CEO cares about one thing — Revenue.

If you're tasked to increase revenue this quarter, you shouldn't look to increase leads, MQLs, or even Pipeline. Those are all just leading metrics.

The one thing that I would focus on — Reducing Sales Cycles. Even if you kept every number constant — opportunities you generate month on month, ACV, conversion rate — and just reduced the sales cycles, your company would make more revenue this quarter.

In this video, we dive a little deep into how we look at it at RevenueHero.

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About Musings of a Marketer

Life as a marketer can be difficult. You have to keep up with algorithms, understand human psychology, have some design sense, coordinate with folks internally, get everyone pumped about the launch, and the list goes on... This series gives you a glimpse into how we tackle these challenges and our learnings as we launch new campaigns.