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7 LeanData Alternative To Choose From in 2023

Looking for an alternative to LeanData for managing leads and maximizing revenue. Try Revenuehero today and take your sales and marketing efforts to the next level.

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Are you looking for a powerful tool to manage lead routing, data management, and attribution and campaign ROI tracking, but LeanData doesn't fit the bill for your business? There are several reasons why you might need a LeanData alternative, including cost, integration, unique business needs, and ease of use. 

In this blog post, we'll explore the key features to consider when choosing the best LeanData alternative for your business, and compare some of the top options on the market today. By the end of this post, you'll be equipped with the knowledge you need to choose the right tool to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

How to Choose the Best LeanData Alternative?

Choosing the best LeanData alternative requires careful consideration of several factors, including your specific business needs, budget, and available features. Here are some steps to help you choose the best LeanData alternative:

  1. Identify your business needs: Understand what features are essential for your business, such as lead routing, lead matching, and account-based marketing. Determine your business size, number of leads, and your target market to select an appropriate solution.
  2. Research available options: Identify and research other LeanData alternatives in the market. Consider factors such as pricing, user reviews, customer support, integrations, and features.
  3. Evaluate the features: Look at the features offered by the alternative solutions and compare them with LeanData. Analyze the features' functionalities, ease of use, and compatibility with your business processes.
  4. Check customer reviews: Read customer reviews and testimonials to get an understanding of the solution's reliability, performance, and customer support. Check third-party review sites like G2, Trustpilot, and Capterra for unbiased opinions.
  5. Consider the pricing: Compare the pricing plans of various LeanData alternatives and consider whether they fit within your budget. Be aware of any additional costs, such as setup fees, support fees, or usage fees.
  6. Test the solution: Request a demo or free trial of the shortlisted LeanData alternatives to test the features, usability, and customer support. This helps to ensure that the solution fits your business needs.

What features should we consider if we're looking for a LeanData alternative? 

When considering LeanData alternatives, it's important to identify your primary use case or objective. While you may want to prioritize all, it's important to note that different solutions excel in different areas. Therefore, it's recommended to choose a primary use case and evaluate potential alternatives accordingly. Here’s a list of features LeanData offers to help you identify a tool that can best meet your specific business needs and help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

  1. Lead routing: This feature is important for ensuring that leads are properly distributed to the right sales representatives. Look for a tool that offers intelligent routing based on criteria such as geography, industry, and other factors that are relevant to your business.
  2. Lead-to-account matching: This feature helps you to map leads to their respective accounts, enabling you to better understand your target accounts and identify cross-selling opportunities. Look for a tool that can perform this task accurately and automatically.
  3. Data cleansing: This feature is essential for maintaining accurate and up-to-date data in your CRM system. Look for a tool that can automatically identify and correct errors in your data, as well as enrich it with additional information such as contact details, firmographics, and more.
  4. Data enrichment: This feature allows you to add new information to your CRM system, such as company size, industry, and more. Look for a tool that can automatically source this information from third-party sources and add it to your CRM system in a seamless and efficient manner.
  5. Integration with CRM and marketing automation platforms: It's important to choose a tool that integrates easily with your existing technology stack. Look for a tool that offers pre-built integrations with popular CRM and marketing automation platforms such as Salesforce, Marketo, and HubSpot.
  6. Analytics and reporting: Look for a tool that provides comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing you to track key metrics such as lead conversion rates, pipeline velocity, and more. This will help you to identify areas for improvement and optimize your sales and marketing efforts.

What Are the Best LeanData Alternatives? 

The market today offers several alternatives to LeanData. The following are a few worthy alternatives:

1. RevenueHero


RevenueHero streamlines managing meetings, leads, and conversions for businesses. With features like instant scheduling and custom meeting distribution, it eliminates time-consuming back-and-forths, ensuring efficiency and productivity. It also provides detailed analysis through conversion and distribution reports, and routing analysis, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

This innovative solution consists of personalized templates to streamline your meeting agendas, lead, and meeting distribution for efficient team collaboration. This way, you'll experience boosted productivity, enhanced workflow, and maximized conversion rates.

Notable Features

  • Appointment scheduling to let prospects book meetings with the appropriate sales rep
  • Intelligent lead assignments for optimal workload balance
  • Comprehensive conversion analytics to track vital conversion metrics
  • Account owner synchronization matches incoming leads with their owners automatically
  • In-depth distribution insights to understand meeting allocation and outcomes 
  • Customizable communication templates for sending relevant meeting invitations and reminders


  • Inbound Essentials - $25/m (50 meetings monthly), $0/mo (RevenueHero platform access)
  • GTM Enterprise - $25/m (unlimited meetings), $0/mo (RevenueHero platform access)

2. MondaySales CRM

MondaySales CRM

MondaySales CRM is designed to streamline your sales pipeline, optimize contact and lead management, and adapt seamlessly to your unique sales cycle. It saves valuable time by automating critical sales processes and centralizing client communication while offering seamless integration with the tools already on hand. 

Notable Features:

  • Email Templates to save time and ensure consistent messaging across your sales team
  • Robust Activity Management System to keep track of all sales-related activities
  • Advanced Performance Tracking and Analytics provide real-time insights into performance
  • Interactive Dashboards and Sales Forecasting for a clear overview of your sales pipeline with visual dashboards
  • Collaborative Goal Setting and Monitoring to ensure each sales member contributes
  • Unified Data Management and Organization to store, access, and manage all the sales data.


  • BasicCRM - $10 seat/month, Total $30/ month
  • StandardCRM - $14 seat/month, Total $42/ month
  • ProCRM - $24 seat/month, Total $72/month

3. Pipedrive


Pipedrive is an intuitive sales management platform that streamlines your sales process by offering a customizable visual sales pipeline, seamless team collaboration, and unparalleled insights into your leads and contacts. With features like activity reminders, web forms, contact history, and enriched lead segmentation, Pipedrive ensures your team stays organized and focused.

Notable Features:

  • Advanced Sales Automation streamlines repetitive tasks, sets reminders, and triggers follow-ups
  • Intelligent Lead Management by categorizing high-quality leads and simplifying pipeline tracking.
  • Detailed Insights and Customized Reports deliver real-time access to insightful metrics 
  • Dynamic Team Collaboration Tools facilitate effective teamwork through activity assignments and customized permissions.
  • Web Forms make it easy to capture leads and generate valuable customer data.


  • Essential - US$ 9.90/month
  • Advanced - US$ 19.90/month
  • Professional - US$ 39.90/month
  • Enterprise - US$ 59.90/month

4. Chili Piper

Chili Piper

Chili Piper is an innovative B2B sales automation platform designed to streamline lead qualification, routing, and booking processes for revenue teams. Chili Piper eliminates the need for outdated spreadsheets and accelerates the lead response time by instantly connecting interested prospects with the right sales representative.

Notable Features:

  • Intelligent lead routing with advanced algorithms assigns leads to the ideal sales representative
  • Real-time calendar synchronization for seamless booking.
  • Customizable web forms for effective data collection
  • Robust analytics and reporting for data-driven insights
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication features


  • Instant Booker - $15 User/month
  • Handoff - $25 User/month
  • Form Concierge - $30 User/month
  • Distro - $20 User/month

5. Adobe Marketo Engage

Adobe Marketo Engage

Adobe Marketo Engage streamlines communication and boosts your team's efficiency across multiple channels. It enables sales and marketing teams to work seamlessly together, delivering valuable hand-picked content to the right audience with insightful analytics. This comprehensive solution helps you optimize your campaigns and drive meaningful results, ensuring your marketing efforts are targeted, effective, and impactful.

Notable Features:

  • Comprehensive marketing automation for improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Advanced account-based marketing capabilities to prioritize high-value prospects and personalize content.
  • AI-powered audience insights and predictions help marketers identify ideal customer profiles.
  • Integrated lead generation and nurturing to help sales teams target the right audience.
  • Seamless data segmentation and targeting to create accurate user profiles.

6. Terminus


Designed to optimize brand awareness and fueled by an actionable insights engine, Terminus empowers your teams to build a strong pipeline and accelerate it seamlessly. It focuses on customer retention and expansion, leveraging the power of data-driven personalization and many engagement channels.

Notable Features:

  • Customizable chat solution that allows businesses to engage with potential customers in real-time
  • Comprehensive engagement tracking captures insights across web, mobile, email, and social channels. 
  • AI-powered algorithms to match leads to accounts across multiple data sources. 
  • Create tailored audiences of prospects based on firmographic, demographic, or technographic criteria.
  • The account-based Marketing allows the creation of targeted campaigns based on desired accounts.

7. 6Sense


6Sense identifies, engages, and analyzes high-potential accounts for your business, leveraging data-driven insights through lead scoring, account segmentation, and predictive analytics. It identifies prime opportunities for marketing efforts, delivering a seamless, AI-powered experience that provides measurable ROI and streamlines the targeting process.

Notable Features:

  • Advanced Intent Data Capabilities to track buyer intent across various channels, providing companies with actionable insights.
  • Comprehensive Data Enrichment Solutions allows businesses to enhance their existing customer database with valuable information
  • Robust Predictive Analytics by combining buyer intent signals, account data, and historical engagement information for accurate, real-time predictions
  • Flexible Orchestrations & Workflows to create tailored campaigns and workflows that reach the target audience more effectively. 
  • Innovative Conversational Email enables businesses to engage their audience with targeted, personalized messaging.

Bottom Line!

As the market evolves and competition increases, ensuring that your company stays ahead technologically is essential. The LeanData alternatives presented here signify a pool of powerful tools with unique value propositions for meeting diverse business requirements. With in-depth insights into these alternatives, one can see how critical it is to choose the right solution that aligns with your organization's needs and goals. 

Make the decision as per your specific needs, and commence your journey towards exploring limitless opportunities equipped with enhanced details, facts, and a comprehensive understanding.

In conclusion, Revenuehero proves to be an excellent alternative to LeanData when it comes to managing leads and maximizing revenue for businesses. Its user-friendly interface, advanced automation features, and customization options make it a powerful tool for sales and marketing teams alike. With its ability to integrate with various CRM platforms and offer detailed analytics and reporting, Revenuehero enables businesses to streamline their lead management processes and make data-driven decisions to improve their bottom line. Overall, Revenuehero is a reliable and effective solution for businesses looking to optimize their lead management and revenue generation efforts.

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