11 Best Calendly Alternatives in 2023 [Pricing and Feature Comparison]

Sayani Deb

Looking for scheduling software to book meetings here and there? 🤔If you ask for a recommendation, anyone will suggest Calendly (It’s famous!)Calendly is a simple yet popular scheduling tool that helps you schedule meetings. However, if you are already a Calendly user, you must know that the free version of the software lacks a few helpful features. But if you are new to using scheduling tools, you may want to explore options other than Calendly. Perhaps, you may want to invest in a more beneficial and advanced Calendly alternative with better reporting features.Regardless of your reason, you can check out this compiled list of Calendly alternatives. Read through and find your best alternative to Calendly!

Reasons to Look out for a Calendly Alternative

Most individuals or businesses looking for a Calendly alternative have the following few common reasons behind the switch.

  • Limited features
  • Premium pricing
  • Branding
  • Limited integrations
  • Business automation
  • Domain or industry-specific needs like revenue acceleration

Besides these reasons, there are a few significant drawbacks of Calendly that make customers switch to different Calendly alternatives.

  • Calendly has no desktop version. Though the web and mobile applications are sufficient, some users want to schedule bookings via desktops.
  • The software has no payment acceptance on the free plan. The software has PayPal and Stripe integrations, but you cannot accept payments on the free plan.
  • The platform lacks customization options. There are no customization options within the dashboard. The tool may seem limited when organizing internal meetings.

11 Best Calendly Alternatives You Should Try in 2022

If you are confused about which Calendly alternative to try, here’s our compiled list of 11 alternatives to Calendly. Check them out and pick yours!

1. Acuity Scheduling

One of the best Calendly alternatives in the market is Acuity Scheduling. It is an appointment scheduling platform best suited for small businesses and teams. Acuity Scheduling is excellent for B2B or service-based companies requiring their prospects to schedule demos or use their services and products. For instance, salons, consultancy, etc. Acuity Scheduling takes care of the entire appointment scheduling process. It automates booking slots, sending reminders to customers and employees, scheduling video conferences, etc.

Key Features

  • Sync calendars and manage multiple locations and employees. Show customers the calendar you want them to see
  • Customize every aspect to offer the best brand experience to users
  • Organize schedule with auto-adjust for time zones, canceling and rescheduling appointments feature.
  • A centralized hub for organizing client info and data dashboards to track no-shows and successful meetings
  • Several integrations like Quickbooks, Zoom, Mailchimp and payments integrations like Stripe, Square, or PayPal
  • Video conferencing feature with video calling apps integration


Acuity offers seven days free trial and three paid plans:

  • Emerging - $14 per month
  • Growing - $23 per month
  • Powerhouse - $45 per month

2. HubSpot Meetings

HubSpot Meetings is a great free alternative to Calendly. You can create meeting links with direct access to teams or individual calendars using the scheduling software. Send the links through email marketing or in playbooks that are sent to customers for building better relationships. You can integrate HubSpot Meetings with landing pages to make access easy for visitors. HubSpot Meetings is a great Calendly alternative mainly because it is built on the free HubSpot CRM platform. Using them together lets you take advantage of the contact’s data. Thus, you can provide an incredible customer experience.

Key features

  • Easy link creation and sending for meetings
  • Default integration with HubSpot CRM and other campaign management tools
  • Direct integration with Outlook 365 and Google Calendar
  • Add contacts to HubSpot CRM automatically to keep records clean and transparent.
  • Create round-robin links or groups to share meeting details or duties across teams
  • Embed calendar scheduling on landing pages and anywhere on the web


There are three pricing plans for HubSpot Meetings.

  • Starter - $45/ month
  • Professional - $800/ month
  • Enterprise – $3200/ month

3. RevenueHero

Another Calendly alternative perfect for small businesses is RevenueHero’s scheduling software. The platform enables users to schedule more meetings in less time, making the entire sales process more efficient. With RevenueHero, users can schedule automated meetings 24/7. Thus, the risk of missing out on leads is reduced significantly 😀

Key features

  • Real-time automated scheduling of meetings and manual tasks. The feature automatically routes leads to available sales reps and easily helps schedule more meetings.
  • The cancelation and reschedule features enable participants to shift the meeting date and time as convenient.
  • Automated reminders functionality for all meeting participants
  • Integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, and Pipedrive available for seamless working


Connect with the team for pricing details.

4. OnceHub

Formerly known as ScheduleOnce, this software solution is ideal for booking appointments and meetings. OnceHub is a Calendly alternative great for small teams and businesses. However, the tool’s features are limited compared to the other Calendly competitors.

Key features

  • Define daily or weekly limits for meetings to manage the team’s workload
  • Use PayPal to receive payments for meetings and cancelations
  • The session package feature lets customers schedule a series of meetings
  • Get video calling feature to connect instantly with clients
  • Reserve equipment and meeting rooms for scheduled meetings
  • Integration feature available with video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, CRM Salesforce, etc.


OnceHub offers a flexible pricing plan. They are:

  • Starter – Free plan for up to 3 users
  • Growth - $10 per user/month
  • Enterprise – Custom plans from $950 per month

5. is a powerful and easy-to-use appointment scheduling software that makes online scheduling easy. allows users to create an event or meeting and send the scheduling link to customers, prospects, or anyone else they want to meet. The recipient can choose a time slot, and automatically adds the event to the sender’s calendar.With, you can add custom fields like contact method, recurring appointments, etc. Further, the software provides the flexibility to set weekly, monthly, and daily availability schedules. The software is excellent for individuals and businesses looking for Calendly alternatives. Small teams can also use it.

Key features

  • Easy, simple, and straightforward link design
  • Schedule meetings automatically and forward them to personal calendars
  • Easy-to-use functionalities
  • Auto-adjusted time zones according to user’s location
  • Integrations are available with Outlook, Exchange, Google, iCloud, and Office 365.

Pricing offers three plans:

  • Basic – Free plan. Good for individuals and small project management
  • Pro - $8 per user/month. A good plan for professionals and teams with different scheduling requirements
  • Enterprise – Custom features. Contact the support team for pricing details.


The best Calendly alternative for businesses looking for one-to-one meeting scheduling software solutions. The platform allows companies to schedule personalized meeting pages for individual meetings. You can customize the meeting time, day, durations, etc. Also, allows businesses to define short-notice meeting cancelation rules and buffers. These features help in making the meeting experience better. Like other alternatives to Calendly, allows users to share a link or embed a calendar scheduling widget on the site or landing page. Additionally, the software offers other functionalities like campaigns, snooze, template library, etc.

Key features

  • Customize user experience with a custom domain, brand, personalized meeting page, etc.
  • Optional custom form fields can be easily added to the business’s scheduling page
  • Chrome extension available for simpler access to features
  • Several integrations available like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Zapier
  • Automated email functionality to maintain contact touch with prospects

Pricing offers a 30-day trial period. Plus, there are three pricing plans:

  • Basic - $5/ month
  • Starter - $10/ month
  • Professional - $20/ month
  • Growth plan - $80 per month (contact the team for details)

7. YouCanBook.Me

YouCanBook.Me is a simple scheduling tool that makes scheduling appointments and meetings easy. Mostly used in the education sector, YouCanBook.Me depends on external calendars. Since it has no in-built calendars like Calendly, it is slightly harder to operate.

Key features

  • Set up a regular weekly schedule for meetings or customize your schedules every day as per availability
  • With the duration and appointment padding feature, offer fixed appointment durations or give customers a choice.
  • Detects time zones automatically and ensures that everyone sees the right time.
  • Automate reminders, follow-up emails, and confirmations. Customize calendar events too.


YouCanBook.Me is a Calendly free alternative as it offers a free forever plan with basic features and functionality. Besides, the software offers a pain plan of $10 per calendar/month.

8. Picktime

Picktime is a simple scheduling tool that allows individuals and businesses to schedule meetings and appointments. Like other Calendly or calendar alternatives, Picktime is excellent for service-based companies like freelancers, salons, consultancy, etc. The platform is easy to use. It enables users to easily create appointments, reschedule or change location or date preferences. Even if the user is a multinational business, the software’s reporting feature helps to track everything.

Key features

  • Easy video interactions with integrations with platforms like Zoom
  • Integration with Stripe, PayPal, and Square for easy payment receipts.
  • The in-built dashboard makes it easy to manage subscriptions for users
  • Sync personal and professional calendars to keep everything systematic and organized.
  • Automated reminders for all meeting participants


Picktime is another free alternative to Calendly, as it offers a free plan for 3 team members. Besides, there are two other pricing plans:

  • Starter - $9.99 per month
  • Pro - $19.99 per month

9. Calendar

Calendar offers multiple customizations along with intelligent link features or virtual polling. Plus, users can add customizations as per meeting requirements. For instance, if users want to schedule a lunch meeting, they can select meeting times and nearby restaurants from the booking page. Further, users can change the meeting time, location, frequency, etc. Also, using calendar integration, users can create native appointments.Calendar also offers an overall view of all meetings across the calendars. It also has a reporting feature that helps users track productivity.

Key features

  • The mobile application feature allows users to schedule meetings on the go
  • Sync and connect all calendars to get an overview of all the upcoming events
  • Team calendars available
  • Create events in native calendars and sync them to
  • Advanced customizations for meeting types, dates, and locations


Calendar is a great free Calendly alternative as it offers a free basic plan. Other than that, it offers;

  • Standard - $6/ user/ month
  • Pro - $8/ user/ month

10. Doodle

Though Doodle is a good alternative to Calendly, it works differently. Like Calendly, Doodle does not have a direct integration that allows a single link. When using Doodle, the meeting organizer visits the Doodle site, creates an event, and proposes a few different time slots. Then, the participants pick a time that’s convenient to them. The scheduling software is a popular Calendly alternative because it has several users across different time zones. It has a straightforward design and can also be used by non-tech savvy.

Key features

  • Automated confirmations and reminder emails
  • No account is required for one-off scheduling requirements.
  • Clear snapshots for available and unavailable time slots
  • Free scheduling polls for multiple users
  • Integrated calendar providers synced with calendars.


  • Doodle offers a 14-day free trial and three pricing plans.
  • Pro - $6.95/ user/ month (best for professionals looking for automated scheduling platforms)
  • Team - $8.95/ user/ month (best for teams to increase collaboration and productivity)
  • Enterprise – Contact for pricing details (best for large-scale businesses teams looking for advanced scheduling solutions)

11. Drift

Drift offers multiple tools for sales teams. It is not primarily an online scheduling software but offers a meeting scheduler feature. Hence, you can consider Drift as one of the alternatives to Calendly. The main tool that the platform offers is a website chatbot. Users can make the bot live on their websites and let it handle conversations with visitors. In addition, the bot’s functionality extends to emails, audience insights, and sales team routing. The Drift bot can hold personalized conversations with visitors as it contains visitor data in its system.

Key features

  • Drift Meetings automatically schedule qualified sales meetings allowing sales reps to focus on their work.
  • Target the best site visitors and give the VIP visitors meeting fast lane with Drift
  • SDRs can book instant meetings with AEs after lead qualification through live chat
  • Integration with Outlook 365 and Google Calendar
  • Send automated reminders to participants about the scheduled meeting


There are three pricing structures as offered by Drift. But you need to contact the company to get the pricing details of each plan.

  • Premium – A great choice for small businesses focused on customer satisfaction and business growth
  • Advanced – Best for medium-sized businesses looking for personalized customer engagement
  • Enterprise – Great for large organizations. Enables users to create better customer experiences.

So, Which Calendly Alternative is the Best?

The list that I have compiled has the best of Calendly alternatives. However, to pick the best fit for yourself, you must identify your business needs first. If you are a small business, there are a few best options. Similarly, others work great for enterprises. So, to pick the right Calendly alternative, I recommend going through the list. Check out the pricing plans, features, and integrations to get your best alternative to Calendly. And to clear your further confusion, scroll down. Take a quick look at the FAQs, and make your buying decision.

Calendly Alternatives FAQs

Though I have provided you the list of the best 11 alternatives to Calendly, some more info to help you make a buying decision won’t hurt. Here are a few FAQs to bring you more clarity about Calendly alternatives.

Q: What are the best alternatives to Calendly if you are a small business?

A: RevenueHero and OnceHub would be the best Calendly alternatives for small businesses. You can also try Acuity Scheduling. RevenueHero and Drift are the best options if you are a fast-growing start-up.

Q: Are there any Calendly alternatives for individual professionals?

A: Yes. and Calendar are good Calendly alternatives for individuals. In addition, these software solutions offer multiple customization features that make them ideal for individual professionals.

Q: What are the free Calendly alternatives?

A: Like Calendly, Picktime, YouCanBook.Me, and Calendar offer free plans. So the best option among these three free alternatives to Calendly, Calendar, or Picktime would be great choices.

Q: Which Calendly alternative should you choose to schedule meetings from any web form?

A: RevenueHero is the best tool to schedule meetings with prospects from web forms. However, OnceHub is a good option too.

Q: Which Calendly alternative should I choose if I have a large sales team?

A: RevenueHero is the best Calendly alternative for large sales teams. HubSpot and Drift are also good.

Q: Are YouCanBook.Me and Doodle good alternatives to Calendly?

A: These Calendly alternatives are mostly used by the education sector (universities and institutions). So, they naturally have the features and pricing structure that suits service-based businesses.  

Q: Is there a free trial for all the 11 Calendly alternatives listed above?

A: Yes. Most of the above-listed Calendly alternatives offer a free-trial period. However, the duration ranges between 7 to 30 days. In addition, HubSpot requires you to signup to try out their scheduling solution.

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