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10 Best Meeting Scheduling Software

Find the best meeting scheduling software for your business in 2023. RevenueHero has reviewed 10 top options to help you choose the right one.

Aju Neeraj
February 4, 2023
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The work-from-home landscape has elevated the need for efficient meeting scheduling software to manage remote interactions. From intuitive AI-driven applications to streamlined online platforms, nowadays, programs/apps are designed to make planning meetings a breeze. 

Advanced features like integration with popular calendar systems and customizable time slots ensure meetings are organized and conducted promptly.

If you manage a team of hundreds, we've identified the 10 best meeting scheduling software tools available for teams of all sizes. This blog will discuss these meeting scheduling apps in detail, ensuring there's something for everyone.

What Is A Meeting Scheduling Software/App?

Meeting scheduling software or apps provide a convenient way for people to quickly and effectively organize a gathering of any size. These programs allow users to create an event at the click of a button and invite everyone who needs to participate. Participants can select available dates and times, set up reminders for their schedules, and sync the calendar with other devices through the booking process.

The process is user-friendly and streamlines much of the manual labor involved in arranging meetings. As well as simplifying appointment and meeting organization, the software also provides powerful analytical tools that will help collect and assess data on events. This analysis assists businesses in understanding patterns in communication preferences among their teams and clients, so they can make more effective decisions going forward.

What Are The 10 Best Meeting Scheduling Software?

These 10 tools will help you streamline your workflow and ensure everyone stays connected and informed, from features like customizable reminder emails to two-way calendar integration. 

Let's find out more about them below:

1. RevenueHero

Source: RevenueHero

With RevenueHero, B2B revenue teams can book meetings instantly and route prospects based on their complexity for accelerated revenue growth. Lead capture forms work seamlessly with RevenueHero so you can qualify leads and schedule meetings between them and the appropriate rep.

RevenueHero offers instant scheduling with custom meeting distribution, conversion reports, and account matching. So that you can be sure your leads are being matched with the right team member. It provides users with detailed distribution reports to easily stay up-to-date on how leads are routed and analyzed. RevenueHero makes it easy to create personalized templates to convert inbound interest into booked meetings.

With RevenueHero, you’ll be able to prioritize selling time over busy work by eliminating manual tasks such as lead qualification and manual lead routing. Plus, since its integration is seamless with all your favorite tools, moving between systems will never be an issue. 

Notable Features

  • Round Robin
  • Lead distribution
  • Instant lead qualification right on the website/landing page
  • Automated Meeting Workflows
  • 100% customizable meeting widgets
  • Funnel analytics


  • Growth Plan - $99/m (upto 200 meetings)
  • Pro Plan - $199/m (upto 500 meetings)
  • Enterprise Plan - $499/m (unlimited meetings)


  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Google Calendar
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Slack
  • Intercom

2. Calendly

 Source: Calendly


Calendly is a powerful scheduling automation platform that helps you eliminate the tedious back-and-forth emails of coordinating meetings and appointments. With Calendly, you can quickly create an availability calendar, set specific date and time parameters, and effortlessly share it with others. Moreover, you can easily schedule meetings as a team, track your performance goals, and allow others to book meetings directly on your website. 

Notable Features

  • Automatic Meeting Scheduling
  • Customizable Meeting Types
  • Integrations with Popular Calendars
  • Recurring Meetings
  • Real-Time Availability Checks

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar
   Source: Google Calender


Google Calendar is a versatile tool that allows users to manage their appointments, events, and other commitments easily. The platform offers a host of features to make scheduling easier, including group scheduling for multiple people at once, calendar sharing with friends and colleagues, event reminders to ensure nothing important is forgotten, and seamless integration with other Google services like Gmail and Drive. 

Additionally, the calendar's appearance can be fully customized to suit your style, making the user experience even more personalized. Your schedule can be shared with others, and you can create multiple calendars to share with your team. The calendar is designed for teams, so you and your team can use it together.

Notable Features

  • Group Scheduling
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Event Reminders
  • Integration with Other Google Services
  • Customizable Appearance


                                                                                                       is a comprehensive online booking system for all service-based industries. It provides a simple way to define services and providers, displays their availability, and allows clients to make bookings 24/7. The system offers various features such as notifications via SMS/Email, a Client & Admin App, accepting payments, integration & API, customization, business analytics, calendar synchronization, and multiple locations. allows businesses to easily automate the process of accepting bookings and payments in one centralized platform with optimized efficiency. Moreover, customers benefit from the convenience of viewing provider availability and booking services online at their own pace.

Notable Features

  • Real-Time Availability Checks
  • Customizable Appointment Types
  • Integrations with Popular Calendars
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Two-way Calendar Integration

5. Appointy

   Source: Appointy


Appointy is an online scheduling software designed to help businesses manage their appointment bookings more efficiently. It reduces the time spent on administrative tasks and allows users to accept payments, decrease no-shows, and manage staff effectively. In addition, Appointy makes it easy for businesses to attract more customers and retain the ones they already have. 

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Appointy offers a comprehensive solution for all your appointment management needs. It allows you to customize booking options like payment methods, customer registration forms, and special discounts while tracking customer data over time. Moreover, its automation features enable businesses to automatically send automated emails/SMS reminders and even block/reschedule appointments. 

Notable Features

  • Real-Time Availability Checks
  • Customizable Appointment Types
  • Integrations with Popular Calendars
  • Automated Reminders
  • Group Scheduling

6. OnceHub

 Source: OnceHub


OnceHub is an innovative meeting journey builder designed to help professionals create and maintain more in-context meetings. With OnceHub, users can meet their audiences on their terms and tailor the experience according to their needs. Whether it’s a meeting now or one scheduled for later, OnceHub allows users to design unique journeys that ensure an optimal experience for anyone they meet. 

Additionally, OnceHub offers features such as sharing availability with a booking link, leaving it to the digital assistant, and engaging customers on the website. OnceHub transforms any business interaction into a truly personalized experience that resonates with customers and keeps them engaged long after the meeting.

Notable Features

  • Setting the number of meetings you'd like to have in a day or a week
  • Setting the number of time slots to offer in a day
  • Customizing the style and theme of your booking page
  • Choosing whether the guests can book a single session or multiple sessions at once

7. Hubspot Meetings Tool

Hubspot Meetings Tool
Source: hubspot


HubSpot Meetings Tool is a user-friendly scheduling solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, including marketing, sales, service, CMS, and operations Hubs. This helps busy professionals quickly eliminate the back-and-forth emails associated with setting up meetings. Additionally, its flexibility allows users to create round-robin or group links for easy booking. The appointment scheduler can also automate your sales process with ease. HubSpot Meetings Tool can keep your calendar full while increasing productivity. 

Notable Features

  • Create a booking form
  • Collect payments
  • Customize the scheduling page link
  • Set pre-booking and last-minute booking duration
  • Set email notifications and reminders for the meeting

8. Chili Piper

Chili Piper
 Source: Chili piper


Chili Piper is a lead routing platform for B2B revenue teams. With Chili Piper, you can quickly and easily qualify and route leads from your webforms to the right reps, helping close more deals faster. No need to mess around with spreadsheets – Chili Piper streamlines lead routing across departments and sales stages so you can focus on closing more deals. 

Trusted by some of the world's top B2B companies, Chili Piper uses modern machine learning techniques to ensure leads don't fall through the cracks and goes above and beyond just routing. It helps book meetings as soon as customers express interest, giving you a jump start on creating more pipelines. 

Notable Features 

  • Suggest a time via email
  • Set meeting buffers for appointments
  • Create email signatures
  • Send automatic email or SMS reminders
  • CRM Management

9. Doodle

Source: Doodle


Doodle helps people and teams quickly and easily schedule meetings, events, and collaborations. The scheduling platform is designed to handle any kind of meeting or event, no matter how big or small. With Doodle, you can easily send invitations and reminders to individuals or groups of up to 10,000 people. 

Doodle makes it easy to stay in control with simple yet powerful tools for setting up meetings that are sure to be successful. Plus, the platform integrates seamlessly with your favorite online tools, giving you even more scheduling power. From individual users to enterprises, Doodle offers a reliable and powerful solution for anyone who needs help organizing their busy lives.

Notable Features 

  • Pick multiple dates and times
  • Set a deadline for the poll
  • Schedule reminders for people who didn't vote or participate
  • Create a Google Meet link

10. CozyCal

 Source: cozycal


CozyCal helps businesses streamline the booking process and build relationships with customers. It offers an array of features, including customized booking pages, external calendar sync, flexible event and time settings, auto-timezone detection, package booking, resource booking, team scheduling, customizable intake forms, payment processing capabilities, virtual meetings support, event requests, white-label email notifications and SMS reminders. 

CozyCal makes it easy for businesses to dramatically improve their customer experience by quickly and efficiently managing appointments and inquiries from a single platform. CozyCal also allows businesses to manage multiple bookings at once while setting up intake forms, pricing levels and automated email reminders that can be tailored to any business' needs.

Notable Features 

  • Set up the host(s) for an event/ meeting
  • Choose the number of guests for a time slot
  • Confirm meetings manually
  • Customize the meeting confirmation page
  • Set up meetings halls and add them to a separate calendar

What Are The Benefits Of Using Meeting Scheduling Software?

Introducing effective meeting scheduling software into the workplace can help streamline daily operations and maximize efficiency. Companies using such software can reduce time wasted on back-and-forth communication and errors associated with manually organizing meetings. But this is not it. Some of the ways in which meeting scheduling software can help you are:

1. Increased Productivity

One of the primary benefits of using meeting scheduling software is that it can help to increase productivity. By automating the process of scheduling meetings, you can free up time that would otherwise be spent on administrative tasks. This time can be used for more productive activities, such as brainstorming or meeting preparation. Additionally, meeting scheduling software helps ensure that meetings start on time and end on time, which also helps increase productivity.

2. Improved Communication

Another benefit of using meeting scheduling software is that it can help to improve communication. When everyone uses the same software, sharing information and files related to the meeting is easier. This helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings. Additionally, many meeting scheduling software programs offer chat and video conferencing features, which can further improve communication.

3. Reduced Costs

Another benefit of using meeting scheduling software is that it can reduce costs. When you can schedule meetings more efficiently, you will need fewer meeting rooms and other resources. Additionally, many meeting scheduling software programs offer features that can help to save money, such as the ability to share files electronically or hold virtual meetings.

4. Improved Customer Service

Finally, using meeting scheduling software can also help to improve customer service. When customers know they can easily schedule a meeting with you, they will be more likely to do business with you. Additionally, if you can resolve issues quickly and efficiently through meetings, your customers will be more satisfied with your service overall.

Winding Up!

The use of meeting scheduling software can have many benefits for businesses. It can help increase productivity, improve communication, reduce costs, and improve customer service. For these reasons, it is becoming increasingly popular for companies of all sizes to incorporate meeting scheduling software into their operations.

At RevenueHero, we offer the best meeting scheduling software to ensure your meetings are always organized efficiently and on time. Our user-friendly platform allows you to easily schedule, manage and attend meetings, no matter where you are in the world! Start using RevenueHero today and experience the benefits of efficient meeting scheduling software. To know more about RevenueHero, simply Sign up or Book a Demo today and never miss a meeting ever again!

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