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RevenueHero vs Chili Piper: Which solution is a better fit for you?

Evaluating RevenueHero and Chili Piper? Here are some of the top differentiators that set them apart and will help you identify which one is right for you

Sruthi Srinivasan
April 27, 2023
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Of course you want to book more qualified meetings for your sales reps. Especially when you know how critical it is to convert more of your high-intent website visitors into pipeline. 

That's why you're probably here, evaluating RevenueHero vs Chili Piper.

I'll not beat around the bush. I’ll get straight to the point and help you understand the differences and the pros & cons between RevenueHero and Chili Piper. At the end of the article, hopefully you’ll walk with a better understanding of what's best for your business and to hit your pipeline goals.


Let's dive in.

What does RevenueHero do?

An inbound revenue acceleration platform, RevenueHero, helps businesses accelerate and improve the B2B buying experience. It enables marketing and sales teams to book more qualified meetings, connect high-intent website visitors to the right rep instantly, reduce the sales cycle, and drive more pipeline without hurting budgets. 

Here’s how RevenueHero accelerates your pipeline generation: 

What does Chili Piper do?

Chili Piper is a scheduling and lead-routing solution that caters predominantly to larger sales teams who are handling huge volumes of meetings. While its capabilities extend from scheduling to lead qualification and routing, they are unbundled and sold as separate products— Instant Booker, Form Concierge, Handoff, and Distro — making your bill far more expensive than it needs to be. 

What sets RevenueHero apart from Chili Piper 

According to G2, customers found RevenueHero easier to use, set up, and administer. They also felt it met their needs better, provided great customer support, and had a clearer alignment in terms of feature updates and roadmaps.  

But when it comes down to the basics, why do customers choose RevenueHero over Chilipiper? It comes down to 5 key aspects: Value, Customizability, Speed, User Experience, and Tech Stack Integration.

Let’s take a better look at how you can pay for only meetings booked, not form fills, and reduce drop-offs with a 10x faster booking widget. 

RevenueHero vs Chili Piper: Pricing

We know how hard having to justify your revenue acceleration tool at budget meetings can be. But you no longer have to worry about that. 

RevenueHero’s pricing is designed to be in sync with the value provided to your sales teams in the form of booked meetings. Our platform fee is based purely on the number of booked meetings and admins who don't get meetings on their calendars do not need a license. A solution that’s better for your ROI and bottom-line metrics. While you’ll be upgrading to a more cost-effective solution with RevenueHero, you’ll also be privy to the robust and extensive feature stack of RevenueHero. 

And the best part is you get a completely free POC (Proof Of Concept) before you take this decision and commit to paying. Check out RevenueHero’s pricing plan and give our calculator a spin to see how much you’ll have to pay monthly based on the size of your sales team.


There are 3 pricing plans that you can choose from at RevenueHero depending on what suits your business/team’s needs better:

Inbound Essentials: A plan that is perfect for small teams looking to boost their inbound conversions. This plan is priced at $25/user/month and comes with a fixed platform fee of $79/month.

Inbound Enterprise: The preferred plan for larger teams and enterprises that are looking to accelerate revenue growth. This plan is priced at $39/user/month and comes with an additional $79/month platform fee, which does not change based on the number of users or leads submitted.

Outbound Essentials: If outbound meetings are going to be your primary use case, this plan would be perfect for your team. SDR-to-AE meeting handoff, 1-click magic links to route meetings, personal meeting links, and much more for $20/user/month and no platform fee.

With a fixed platform fee, you don’t have to worry about getting charged more as you scale. Chili Piper, for instance, charges a platform fee that varies between $150-$1000 based on the number or form submits (not even meetings held). That’s like getting penalized for your growth smarts. Nor is there a minimum license requirement like Chili Piper does, ranging from 3-7 users depending on the plan.

Take a look at their pricing plans and structures for yourself. 

RevenueHero vs Chili Piper: User Experience

Your prospect has a full inbox, has attended way too many meetings this week, and needs more context when they receive that email/meeting reminder from you. Generic calendar invites and boring email reminders are a thing of the past. Don’t let it hold you back from being proactive and contextual in your messaging. Oh, and fun too! 

Personalized communication by RevenueHero lets you nudge buyers to the next meeting with a booking experience that stands out. 

With this, you can create a unique experience tailor-made for every prospect at every touch point. For every meeting. Every time. This includes generating and sending personal meeting links with targeted messaging and including embedded recaps, inline collateral, and customized content in your booking pages. 

RevenueHero Personalized Communication: Chili Piper Alternative

This helps provide a cohesive, personalized, and memorable buyer journey for your prospects to keep them coming back, improve their likelihood of booking that next meeting, and make up for any gaps in the sales journey.

Plus with RevenueHero’s custom workflows, you can increase meeting show rates by sending personalized email reminders and nudges to your prospects after they book a meeting. Through our Slack integration, your sales team gets notified when prospects take any action on your form and is based on multiple triggers. 

Your team can now proactively get the complete context of the lead by getting the form fill values in their slack channel and be better prepared for meetings. Additionally, you can increase meeting show rates by setting up multiple customised meeting reminders with RevenueHero's workflows.

RevenueHero Custom Workflows: Chili Piper Alternative

While Chili Piper does offer these capabilities in their products, it is just far more quick and easy to setup and get it up and running with RevenueHero.

RevenueHero vs Chili Piper: Customizability

When everything you do and put out is carefully crafted and tailor-made to suit your brand's visual style guide, why should the meeting experience be any different?

After all, it's likely the first thing your potential customers are going to see after they request a demo.

RevenueHero is built with a DIY approach to ensure that you are able to set up and customize the product according to your brand style and guidelines. Everything from the interface and brand colors to the greeting text on your widget and the thank you page redirection can be customized easily in a few clicks. No code is needed. Nor is a developer’s help. 

The customer-facing booking widget by RevenueHero is customizable to the tee and ensures that customers get an experience as close to your website’s experience. 

When you look at Chili Piper’s setup, it requires a significant amount of implementation services and developer assistance to customize the interface. Even the simplest of things such as updating your brand colors on the booking widget require a lot of coding, time, and effort. It is highly dependent on the availability of your developer and can result in a disjointed user experience at times. Even on G2, branding is one of Chili Piper’s lowest-rated features along with time zone detection and reminders.  

RevenueHero vs Chili Piper: Speed 

Sure, speed is something that you only notice when you experience it. But think about this... Would you rather have a fully optimized widget that lets your prospect book a meeting with you instantly even when they're going through a tunnel? Or would you rather have them wait till they reach the end of the tunnel, reload the page a few times, click the submit button 23 times, get frustrated, and then finally leave? 

RevenueHero’s booking widget is optimized to always load in under 1 second to ensure interested prospects never drop off after a form fill. As marketers ourselves, we understand the effort, hard work, and resources that go toward developing buyer awareness and interest. And we’d hate to see that go down the drain due to a leaky funnel caused by slow widget loading times. With RevenueHero you get to stay fast and fierce in your revenue acceleration journey. 

RevenueHero Speed: Chili Piper Alternative

Chili Piper’s widget load time is said to be a challenge for customers. It not only takes a toll on the end-user experience but also causes a high drop-off rate between form fill and booking a meeting. As a result, sales teams find their calendars a bit emptier than anticipated.   

RevenueHero vs Chili Piper: Integrations

Have you ever found a solution your team needs, only to realize that it doesn’t connect and work with your existing tools? Been there, done that. What a task it can be! 

Keeping that in mind, we built RevenueHero to seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack and power a no-change setup experience for your team. It works out of the box with your CRM of choice, be it Hubspot or Salesforce, your marketing automation product, could be Market, Pardot to Hubspot, and your custom form implementations. 

RevenueHero Integrations: Chili Piper Alternative

When you look at Chili Piper’s integration setup, it is primarily built to be a Salesforce-first solution for scheduling and routing. So if you work with any other CRM or form provider, it doesn’t work as seamlessly as it ought to and you’re left with a disjointed experience. 

Hear what our customers have to say

Choosing a new revenue acceleration solution is a big decision and getting insights from your peers who are already using our solution can provide an extra source of validity and trust. Highly productive teams at Skio, Flockjay, 42 Agency, Hotelogix, Spendflo, BiteSpeed, Threado, and more love RevenueHero and the impact it has on their people, pipeline, and pockets. 

GTM Buddy, a modern sales enablement platform, achieved a 35% increase in total qualified meetings booked in a quarter after implementing RevenueHero. And the interactive video CX platform Hippo Video reduced their inbound lead response time by 50% after switching to our solution. We are here to help growing teams get more agile and efficient. 

Still unsure? 

Currently, on G2, RevenueHero has a rating of 4.7 stars whereas Chili Piper is rated at 4.6. Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth:

RevenueHero Customer Reviews: Chili Piper Alternative

RevenueHero Customer G2 Reviews: Chili Piper Alternative

The bottom line

It all comes down to this. If you’re looking to:

  • Double the number of qualified meetings booked and boost your conversion rate,
  • Get the speed and efficiency you always wanted in your buyer experience,
  • Give every qualified prospect the VIP experience they deserve, and
  • Become a revenue-generating champion in your organization

Then RevenueHero has your back. Let’s get on a call and we can hash out the details and give you a detailed walkthrough. No strings attached. Pinky promise.

But if you’re still on the fence, no stress. Take your time, browse around, and explore what we can do and how we do it. And when you’re ready, hit us up to experience RevenueHero for yourself.

Get a detailed breakdown of how RevenueHero stacks up against Chili Piper here

Revenuehero is fast and intuitive, custom-built for modern sales teams.
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