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What Chili Piper’s pricing will eventually cost you?

From a complete breakdown of Chili Piper's pricing plans to what it can actually end up costing you down the line, here's the full scoop.

Sruthi Srinivasan
May 25, 2023
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We get that you’re probably here to get a better understanding of Chili Piper’s pricing plans and how it works, especially with the different product names and pricing layers. 

After talking to several customers and prospects, we put together this article to help you make the right decision for your business needs. 

We’ll do a deep dive into Chili Piper’s pricing plans and how much it can cost you eventually. Ready?

Let’s dive right in.

Who is Chili Piper for?

Chili Piper defines itself as “a customer engagement and scheduling platform designed to help businesses improve customer satisfaction by streamlining the lead-to-booking process.” It has been known as one of the leading inbound conversion platforms in the market. 

If you’re looking for more top-level information about Chili Piper’s platform, its features, and how it compares to RevenueHero, check out our detailed analysis here. 

As a scheduling and lead-routing solution, Chili Piper caters predominantly to larger sales teams who are handling huge volumes of meetings. From scheduling to lead qualification and routing, Chili Piper’s products have a wide range of capabilities that help you grow your revenue. 

But because they are unbundled and sold as separate products, Instant Booker, Form Concierge, Handoff, and Distro, it becomes far more expensive than you would have initially thought. 

This is one of the major reasons B2B teams explore alternatives, be it RevenueHero or other tools in the market. Before we get into why RevenueHero offers the best value for money, let’s take a better look at Chili Piper’s pricing and plans.

How much does Chili Piper actually cost? 

Looks like it’s just $15/user/month.

Sounds like a good deal, huh? Or at least that’s the impression most people get at first glance. But when you notice the fine print of their tiered platform fee, it can get a bit complicated and expensive real quick. 

So let’s dive deeper and take a look at the different product pricing plans that Chili Piper offers: 

  • Instant Booker: This is Chili Piper’s one-click booking link solution and starts at $15 per user per month. 

  • Handoff: With this Chili Piper product, SDRs and AEs can effectively route and distribute their leads. The price starts at $25 per user per month. 

  • Form Concierge: Touted as the most popular Chili Piper product, it lets you qualify, route, and schedule meetings directly from web forms. While the pricing begins at $30 per user per month, Chili Piper also charges a Tiered Platform Fee, which is determined by how many leads are submitted per month.

    If you submit up to 100 leads, the platform fee is $150. For up to 1000 leads the fee is $400. If you get more than 1000 lead submissions you are charged a fee of $1000. Now imagine paying for every form submitted — regardless of whether it is qualified, unqualified, or even junk. Not only does it become excessively expensive but can also affect the ROI you were hoping for.

    Plus if you want to opt-in for Concierge Live, which lets you connect with prospects via a phone call or video meeting in real-time, the price doubles to $60 per user per month, and the additional platform fee. 
Chili Piper’s Tiered Platform Fee
Source - Chili Piper’s Tiered Platform Fee
  • Distro: This is Chili Piper’s automated lead routing and assigning solution that is available at $30 per user per month. 

*It is important to note here that all the prices mentioned above are if you opt for Chili Piper’s yearly plan. In case you’re looking for a monthly plan, it is quite steep. 

If you’re looking to get a trial with Chili Piper and see if it is actually worth the big bucks you’ll be spending, you’ll need to pay for a minimum of 1 month to even do so. At least from what we’ve heard. 

Why is Chili Piper eventually more expensive for you? 

There has been a fair bit of noise on how Chili Piper can be expensive, especially for fast-growing teams. And even for businesses that are re-evaluating their software spending and budgets.  

Customers who find Chili Piper expensive and difficult to work with
Source - G2 Reviews for Chili Piper

There are a handful of reasons why Chili Piper can actually end up costing you more than you thought it would initially.

  1. First off, Instant Booker is the most affordable solution that Chili Piper offers at $15 per user per month. But it does not have the advanced capabilities like complex lead routing and qualification that a revenue team like yours might be looking for. To get those, you’ll have to bundle it along with Form Concierge which ends up costing you $195 per month (billed at $2,340 per year), considering you have 1 user and 10 form submits a month. This is because of the higher-priced Concierge product and Chili Piper’s platform fee. Definitely a steep hike from $15 and something you’d want to think about seriously.  
  1. Next up, let’s talk about Chili Piper’s tiered platform fees where you get charged for the number of form submits/leads and not the meetings you’re actually booking. So this includes junk and unqualified leads, leading you to quickly advance into a higher tier in order to get more form submits. In the beginning, it might not seem very evident but it is a huge cost that will eventually affect you down the line.

  2. Last but not least, with Chili Piper, you need to get your Admins a license for each product they manage. This means, if you choose to get say Instant Booker and Form Concierge but have only 1 person as the admin, you’ll have to get them paid license for both products.

  3. Ooh wait, there is also a minimum license requirement that you have to opt and pay for if you want to use Chili Piper’s products. 
 Chili Piper’s Pricing FAQ - Minimum License Requirement
Source - Chili Piper’s Pricing FAQ  

And there’s more hidden in plain sight

While those were 4 very obvious price points to consider, there are also a few indirect costs that come along with Chili Piper.

  1. Implementation with Chili Piper can take up to 6 weeks if you are a new customer, or so we’re told. Phew! Imagine the number of leads and potential customers you will be losing out in this transition period. 
  1. It requires a significant amount of implementation services and developer assistance to customize the interface, which ends up being a resource cost for you in terms of time and effort.

  2. When you look at Chili Piper’s setup, even the simplest of things such as updating your brand colors on the booking widget require a lot of custom coding and are highly dependent on the availability of your developer. It might seem insignificant now but it does add up to a lot later. 
  3. And finally, if you are on the HubSpot CRM then there are high chances that you’ll find the Chili Piper integration giving you more problems than solutions. Take a look at what some of the existing users have to say.

Customer review on the poor integration between Chili Piper and HubSpot CRM
Source - HubSpot App Marketplace

But now, we’d love for you to do the math yourself. And so we designed a calculator to help you do exactly that. All you need to do is input the size of your sales team (i.e. the number of users) and you can then compare how much it’ll cost you for both RevenueHero and Chili Piper side by side.

Give it a whirl! 

P.S. Numbers do not lie. 

The RevenueHero ROI: Pricing plans based on booked meetings

RevenueHero’s pricing is designed to be in sync with the value provided to your sales teams — booked meetings. 

Our plans are based only on the number of booked meetings on your sales rep's calendar. Plus, we only bill you for people who get meetings booked on their calendars. Our license fees don't apply to admins.

There are 3 pricing plans that you can choose from at RevenueHero depending on what suits your business/team’s needs better:

Inbound Essentials

A plan that is perfect for small teams looking to boost their inbound conversions. This plan is priced at $25/user/month and comes with a fixed platform fee of $79/month.

Inbound Enterprise

The preferred plan for larger teams and enterprises that are looking to accelerate revenue growth. This plan is priced at $35/user/month and comes with an additional $79/month platform fee, which does not change based on the number of users or leads submitted.

Outbound Essentials

If outbound meetings are going to be your primary use case, this plan would be perfect for your team. SDR-to-AE meeting handoff, 1-click magic links to route meetings, personal meeting links, and much more for $20/user/month and no platform fee.With a fixed platform fee, you don’t have to worry about getting charged more as you scale. Chili Piper, for instance, charges a platform fee that varies between $150-$1000 based on the number or form submits (not even meetings held). That’s like getting penalized for your growth smarts. Nor is there a minimum license requirement like Chili Piper does, ranging from 3-7 users depending on the plan.

RevenuHero’s Pricing Plan
Here’s how much RevenueHero costs you

At the end of the day, RevenueHero is a solution that’s better for your ROI and bottom-line metrics. While you’ll be upgrading to a more cost-effective solution with RevenueHero, you’ll not also be privy to the robust and extensive feature stack of RevenueHero. 

We like to #MakeBuyingSimple. And this is why with RevenueHero, you pay exactly what you sign up for. No surprises at the end-of-month. No strings attached.

Implementing RevenueHero is easy and speedy. We’ll have all hands on deck to get it up and running for your workflows and use cases in less than a couple of days. While it is built to be self-serve without developer dependency 99% of the time, you can also be assured that you don’t have to wait for hours, nay days, on end for our support team to get back to you in case you need our help with anything. We are just a Slack message away, at all times.

 RevenueHero customer reviews on G2 and LinkedIn
 Customer love on G2 and LinkedIn

How expensive is too expensive?

We understand this is purely subjective. And how much you’re willing to spend depends on the size of your organization and the budgets you have. But we just want to make it easy for businesses to accelerate their pipeline growth and provide an exceptional experience to their prospects without having to worry about how deep a hole a new solution is going to burn in their pockets. You shouldn’t get punished for growing and driving in more leads, right?   

So, if you’re ready to double your pipeline, not your budget, hit the button below and book yourself a 30-minute personalized demo where we explore how RevenueHero can increase conversions and meetings held for your business

Revenuehero is fast and intuitive, custom-built for modern sales teams.
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