November 8, 2022
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19 Best Sales Automation Tools in 2023

Streamline sales efforts and drive growth with sales automation tools. Automate repetitive tasks, increase efficiency, and gain data-driven insights. Click here to discover the 19 most effective sales automation tools.

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Closing sales requires a human touch. But there are other parts of the sales process that demands automation. Research shows that 61% of businesses leveraging automation exceeded their revenue targets in 2020. Automation is a must if your goal is to exceed your revenue target. Without automation, your jobs will take much longer to get done. As a result, your sales team will experience work overload, productivity will fall, and the outcome won’t be as excellent as you wanted it to be. So, to avoid this disaster, you must get a sales automation tool!Everything about sales automation tools, with a list of the 19 best sales automation software, will be detailed in this blog. Keep calm and start reading! 🙂

What is a Sales Automation Tool?

Sales automation tools are software that enables businesses to automate and standardize their sales process to improve prospecting, nurturing, and closing sales. In short, sales automation tools would allow companies to make their sales process more efficient.Companies can automate repetitive sales activities, emails, follow-ups, sales forecasting, contact, and customer management using sales automation software.

Best Sales Automation Tools

Top Benefits of Using a Sales Automation Tool

Would you believe it if I say sales reps spend only one-third of their day in actual selling?Well, you must because that’s what research says!Sales reps spend the rest of their time carrying out manual tasks related to administration, CRM, reporting, etc. That’s why you need a sales automation tool that takes care of the manual and repetitive tasks that are time-consuming. Thus, your sales reps can invest their time in building relationships with customers and closing more deals. Take a look at the top benefits of using sales automation software.

1. Save time and reduce costs

Sales automation tools can boost efficiency. As I mentioned above, if the repetitive processes and tasks are automated, your sales team can focus on lead interactions. They can save much of their time spent on completing the manual jobs. Also, if you get the right marketing and sales automation software you can accomplish tasks that take 50 employees (approx.) to perform manually. Therefore, you can save the cost of hiring and time, while reducing your sales team’s workload.

2. Added revenue

The whole idea of implementing a sales automation tool is based on the goal to achieve higher revenues. While automation software brings down costs, it also helps increase revenues. There are a few statistics to back up what I say-

  • 78% of successful marketers say that marketing and sales automation highly contributes to improving revenue.
  • Companies witnessed sales productivity increase by 14.5% after implementing marketing automation software.
  • 80% of marketers saw an increase in leads after using marketing and sales automation systems.

3. Better decision-making

With sales automation systems, you can make more informed business decisions. The top sales automation software offers analytics and reporting features. This feature provides insights into the latest trends, performance, campaign effectiveness, etc. Therefore, based on this info, you can make much better business decisions and build strategies that work well.

4. Increased focus on high-quality leads

Sales acceleration or automation tools like RevenueHero help in lead qualification and prioritization. While there are hundreds of incoming leads, with lead prioritization or scoring, the tools can help your sales team identify high-value leads faster. Thus, your sales reps will pursue the right leads and close more deals in lesser time. In short, sales automation tools make your sales team’s jobs easier. They get to invest their skills, time, and energy in things that matter.

5. Better customer experience

Sales automation tools free up your sales reps’ time. Thus, they can focus on the prospects and prepare better for their interactions. Also, a few automation tools guide sales reps in preparing the pitch based on the prospect’s behavior and preferences. Further, marketing and sales automation tools also help you to run more effective and personalized email marketing campaigns. Overall, using automation tools helps you personalize your customer’s journey, providing them a much better experience.

The 19 Best Sales Automation Tools You Should Try in 2023

With so many sales automation tools here and there, I know choosing one for your business is difficult. So, here’s a compiled list of the 19 best sales automation software that can revolutionize your entire revenue scenario.

1. EngageBay

EngageBay is marketing automation and CRM software that helps businesses to acquire and convert more prospects into customers. This sales automation tool helps users drive revenue through building customer relationships with an intent to retain them. The software is customer-oriented and is known for helping companies to deliver excellent customer experience. The all-in-one marketing, sales, and support software is best for converting your site visitors into customers.

Key features

  • Capture leads from website
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Automate sending personalized emails
  • Store unlimited contacts and track customer details in one place
  • Schedule appointments, customize chat forms, etc.


  • Free plan ✅
  • Basic - $11.99 per user/ month
  • Growth - $39.99 per user/ month
  • Pro - $79.99 per user/ month


Outreach is one of the market's best sales engagement and sales automation software. The platform enables users to automate sales processes that free up sales reps to nurture and convert leads. The software is best for growing sales by automating different processes and reducing sales execution risks.

Key features

  • AI-powered insights to guide sales teams
  • Automated sales engagement workflows to accelerate pipeline generation and drive revenue growth.
  • Revenue intelligence solution helps create a more robust sales cycle
  • Real-time pipeline analysis to forecast accurately.
  • AI-driven reports to identify trends and best practices and gain actionable insights


  • Free plan ❌
  • Request pricing from the website

3. RevenueHero

RevenueHero is a sales acceleration and automation software that enables users to schedule more meetings with prospects in less time. In short, the software increases the sales process efficiency. Marketing and sales teams can use RevenueHero to qualify leads, prioritize them, route them to the right sales reps in real time, and schedule more meetings effectively.

Key features

  • Capture leads from web forms, qualify and schedule meetings.
  • Real-time routing in an instant by setting up workflows.
  • Set predetermined lead qualification criteria to route leads to the right reps
  • Integration with Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc. for seamless functioning.


  • Request for pricing details

4. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is one of the best sales automation software. The platform offers excellent automation tools. Not only HubSpot Sales, but HubSpot CRM also provides automation tools and integrations for marketing and sales.HubSpot's sales automation tool helps users initiate conversations with prospects, build relationships, manage pipelines, and eliminate friction from the entire sales process.

Key features

  • Email templates and email tracking to stay connected with prospects through personalized emails.
  • Conversation intelligence captures info automatically from every prospect call.
  • Call tracking to prioritize sales calls, make and record calls from the browser and automatically log them into the CRM records.
  • Document management and tracking for easy access
  • Sales automation with personalized emails and an automated follow-up task


  • Free plan ✅
  • Starter - $45 per month
  • Professional - $450 per month
  • Enterprise - $1200 per month

5. Zapier

Zapier ensures seamless workflow through integration with various web applications. It enables users to share info. It allows data to pass between applications with Zaps. Plus, it has no-code building processes. This sales automation software is best for web app integrations. With Zapier, you can automate team updates, social posts, to-do lists, lead flow, etc., through integration across 5000+ applications.

Key features

  • Easy multitasking with zaps that can have up to 100 actions
  • Schedule zaps according to convenience
  • Condition zap or workflows to perform different actions using if/then logic


  • Free plan ✅
  • Starter - $19.99 per month
  • Professional - $49 per month

6. Salesmate

Salesmate is a CRM, marketing, and sales automation software that offers simple and productive experiences to sales teams and customers. The platform is best for automating everyday sales activities, marketing, and CX processes. Salesmate enables users to streamline business processes to increase overall efficiency and drive revenue growth.

Key features

  • Customization of texts and emails to add a personal touch
  • Automate email campaigns, follow-ups, calls, and texts and engage better with customers at the right time.
  • Data-driven reports to make informed decisions
  • Manage sales and marketing initiatives seamlessly.
  • Close deals successfully with sales activity tracking, pipeline visualization, contact management, account management, etc.


  • Free plan ❌ (15-days free trial)
  • Starter - $12 per user/ month
  • Growth - $24 per user/ month
  • Boost - $40 per user/ month
  • Enterprise – Custom (Request pricing)

7. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a pipeline management solution that lets users plan sales activities and track deals. The software is best for closing sales. The platform helps users streamline tasks that drive prospects to make a purchase decision. In addition, it helps in converting leads using an activity-based selling method.

Key features

  • Customize and set pipeline stages for visualizing your sales process.
  • Schedule all activities and set automated reminders
  • Track the progress of deals and calculate the average conversion rate
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • AI-powered guidance and actionable insights
  • Track communication and manage deals and leads.


  • Free plan ❌ (30-day free trial)
  • Essential - $11.90/ user/ month
  • Advanced - $24.90/ user/ month
  • Professional - $49.90/ user/ month

** Free 14-day trial for every paid plan.

8. Sender

Sender is an email automation software that enables users to create and send branded emails to keep in touch with customers and prospects. Sender users can choose email and newsletter templates from the library and build quick email marketing campaigns. Thus, it saves time and helps you drive revenue by building customer relationships.

Key features

  • The templates library and high email deliverability enable you to seamlessly create, send, and track emails.
  • Intelligent automation allows users to reach customers at the right time with the right content.
  • Multiple professional templates for emails and newsletters
  • Personalization features to increase customer engagement
  • Advanced analytics and reporting to identify what works and what doesn’t.


  • Free plan ✅
  • Standard - $8.25 per month (billed as $100 yearly)
  • Professional - $29.25 per month (billed as $350 yearly)
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing (Contact for details)

9. Mailchimp

One of the best email marketing automation software, Mailchimp, offers advanced audience management tools to create great content and automated messages.The automation tool gathers audience data and insights from different marketing channels and stores them in one place for easy access. Mailchimp also offers custom domains to create websites with in-built marketing tools. However, the automation tool is best for email marketing.

Key features

  • Automate emails to send reminders for abandoned carts, order confirmation, or product cross-selling.
  • The predictive segmentation feature enables you to find the most valuable customers and help in making their purchases again.
  • Create stellar and click-worthy email content for high engagement.


  • Free plan ✅
  • Essential - $10 per month
  • Standard - $15 per month
  • Premium - $288 per month

10. Leadfeeder

This platform is best for converting website visitors into high-value leads. Leadfeeder identifies the company names visiting your website, reveals their behavior, and turns them into your pipeline.The web intelligence tool can turn your anonymous website traffic into a list of company names that might be your potential prospects.

Key features

  • The automatic lead scoring feature puts the newest leads on top of the list.
  • Collects company name and contact data to improve leads for faster outreach
  • Integrates with CRM to automatically send recent visits to the sales pipeline and share it with your team
  • A unique database of dynamic and static IPs helps to identify remote workers.


  • Free plan ✅ (Lite)
  • Premium – Starting from €79 per month

** Free 14-day free trial for the premium plan


One of the best sales automation platforms,, can handle your sales pipeline, track activities, and close more sales. The sales automation tool best sends personalized emails to prospects and customers. The platform is specifically designed for sales teams to tailor custom emails for each recipient.

Key features

  • Create, schedule, and track drip email campaigns to nurture leads and close deals.
  • Reports and analytics to gain insights into the campaign effectiveness.
  • Email finder helps users find missing email ids to enrich their contact data.
  • By linking the profile, you can automate LinkedIn visits, connection requests, and direct messages.
  • Email tracking and automated workflows for efficiency
  • Task management, better collaboration, integrations, multi-channel campaigns, etc.


  • Free Plan ❌ (14-day free trial)
  • Pricing starts at $99 per user/ month

12. RollWorks

RollWorks is an account-based marketing platform that helps revenue growth by focusing on the correct accounts at the right time.The platform works best for identifying, engaging, and converting leads. With RollWorks, you can create an ideal customer profile. Further, you can automatically discover leads from a 400 million verified prospects database.

Key features

  • Regulate emails sent to prospects and follow-ups.
  • Automate sending new qualified leads directly to sales reps.
  • Measure outcomes and program effectiveness on contact and accounts level.
  • ABM planning template that users can customize as per requirements.


  • Free plan ❌
  • Starter - $975/ month
  • Standard, Professional, and Ultimate – Contact sales for pricing details.


It is an all-in-one sales engagement and automation software that automates sales outreach with its AI capabilities. The tool lets users put inbound and outbound sales on autopilot while maintaining the human touch in communication. Thus, sales teams can carry out multi-channel outreach using SMS, phone calls, emails, and social media.

Key features

  • Find emails on LinkedIn with an email finder and validate emails in bulk
  • Automate communication with inbound leads at scale while maintaining the personal touch
  • Automate cold outreach across multiple channels.
  • Automated multichannel sequences for higher engagement


  • Free plan ❌ (14-days free trial)
  • Agency - $50 per month/ user
  • Business - $60 per month/ user
  • Individual - $70 per month/ user

14. MixMax

MixMax is one of the top sales engagement platforms for Gmail and sales automation software. It enables real engagement with prospects and customers. The tool enables users to schedule email sequences and track emails too. Also, users can track real-time email clicks, opens, and engagement with real-time alerts and notifications. The platform also allows users to schedule meetings effectively in an instant. Of course, you can personalize messages too.

Key features

  • Advanced security feature ensures data privacy and encryption.
  • The integration and synchronization feature allows MixMax to sync with other software automation tools.
  • Create engaging and personalized sequences to build more pipeline
  • Analyze trends and performance from a bird’s eye view.


  • Free plan ❌ (14-days free trial)
  • Growth - $49 per user/ month
  • Enterprise – Request pricing

15. Freshworks

One of the top sales automation software, Freshworks, drives revenue with context-driven sales. The software is best for email automation and leads scoring. Freshworks’ automation features allow users to boost efficiency. It makes task management easy with task creation, reminders, appointments, and an overview of upcoming tasks.

Key features

  • Sales activity automation includes emails, calls, SMS, and personalized interactions.
  • AI chatbots converse with visitors in real-time.
  • Capture visitor information via customizable web forms
  • Track visitor activities and understand their intent
  • Identify best opportunities with Predictive Contact Scoring
  • The activity timeline provides complete content of sales, marketing, and support touchpoints.
  • 360-degree view of customer interactions to personalize the experience and drive sales.


  • Free plan ✅
  • Growth - $15/ user/ month
  • Pro - $39/ user/ month
  • Enterprise - $69/ user/ month

16. Crystal

Crystal is an adaptive selling platform. This sales automation platform lets your sales team adapt to any type of buyer. The software discloses the personality of the B2B buyer so that your sales team can prepare their pitch based on the buyer's personality type. In short, Crystal helps your sales reps better prepare for prospect interactions. Additionally, it helps customize the pitch according to the prospect’s behavior and preferences. The sales automation system best motivates buyers and drives deals towards a win.

Key features

  • Understand the leads better by predicting their personality and getting actionable insights into how to best communicate with the buyer.
  • Tailor pitch according to the buyer’s personality. Know what style, phrases, and words can be convincing.
  • Get real-time guidance on sales communication.
  • Speed up sales reps’ development by coaching personalization techniques


  • Free plan ✅ (Sign up to get started for free)
  • Request demo for pricing details

17. UpLead

This sales automation tool is all about prospecting with accurate data. UpLead helps you build a clean prospecting list that can be linked with your sales tools to generate new leads faster.UpLead helps sales automation by giving users access to millions of accurate and verified B2B contacts, including email ids.

Key features

  • 50+ search filters to find contacts and organizations that match your buyer personas
  • Get access to important info like email addresses, contact numbers, the technology used, etc., to use them for initial lead conversation.
  • Real-time email verification features to ensure real and qualified leads.
  • The intent data feature enables users to find customers actively looking to buy your solution.


  • Free plan ❌ (a free trial is available)
  • Essentials - $74 per month
  • Plus - $149 per month
  • Professional - $299 per month

18. InsightSquared

InsightSquared is a sales automation software that helps in robust sales forecasting and analytics. The software runs on AI. It uses company data to make accurate sales forecasts. The software also provides insights into sales analytics to ensure better decision-making. In fact, InsightSquared is best for making more informed decisions and gaining actionable insights.

Key features

  • Get sales forecasts based on company data to create strategies and decisions.
  • Real-time updates with AI
  • Convert your CRM data into analytical reports to make smart decisions.
  • Identify forecast risks and opportunities to improve pipeline management
  • Automatic synchronization of deal activity and engagement levels to analyze your sales process.
  • Capture unfiltered data from real-time conversations with conversation intelligence and call recording.


  • Free plan ❌
  • Fill out the web form for a pricing request

19. TeamWave

TeamWave is a robust and easy-to-use work management software. It helps you manage projects, sales, teams, marketing, customers, etc. TeamWave enables users to streamline workflows by allowing users to keep everything in one centralized place. Thus, it increases efficiency and helps in completing tasks faster. TeamWave works best for sales and project management.

Key features

  • Manage sales with a visual sales pipeline, stay organized and take control of the complex sales process with ease.
  • Customize sales pipeline, contacts, and deals to fit into any sales process.
  • Collaborate better with clients, teams, and partners. TeamWave features allow you to take control of what other stakeholders can see and what not.
  • Track historical records, create custom fields, tag, and sort contacts, and share them with your team to improve your contact management.
  • Task management, track project progress, create milestones and use project templates to manage projects better.
  • Remote work from TeamWave mobile app, schedule and track meetings with team calendar, automate check-ins for HR, etc.


  • Free plan ❌
  • Starter (best for small teams) - $39 per month
  • Pro (best for growing teams) - $66 per month
  • Business (for medium and large teams) - $199 per month

How to Choose the Best Sales Automation Tool?

While I have provided the list of the 19 best sales automation software, you must pick the best one for your business.To help you out, here’s how you can choose the ideal sales automation tool for your business.

First, chalk out what you want to automate.

Sit with your current sales process. Say your regular sales process is generating leads from websites and social media, scheduling meetings, sending proposals, and closing sales. Your sales automation software must accommodate your sales process to add value to your business.  If you aren’t sure what to automate, here are a few tasks:

  • Qualify leads based on predetermined criteria and prioritizes them for sales reps.
  • Schedule meetings and automate real-time routing of the qualified leads to the right sales reps.
  • Automate preparation and filling of proposals and quotes.
  • Schedule follow-ups, send reminders, send personalized emails, run drip email campaigns, etc.

Next, create a list of the important features.

Once you identify the processes to automate, you’ll know what features you want in your sales automation tool. For instance, if you have a remote team or a team that’s always on the go, mobile functionality is a must in your sale automation software.Here’s a list of a few features that you may want in your sales automation tool.Image: only heads – integration, data enrichment, etc.


Easy integration is a must to have seamless workflows. Your sales automation software must easily integrate with other software to streamline processes. For example, your sales automation tool must integrate with your CRM software.

Data Enrichment

Your sales automation tool must have data enrichment. This feature can provide you and sales teams with accurate lead info like contact, company, industry, job title, email id, etc. This info can help sales reps build trust when reaching out.

Schedule meetings

When your sales automation platform has a meeting scheduler, you do not need to worry about fixing meetings with prospects. This feature schedules meetings conveniently based on the participants’ availability, and sends meeting reminders too.

Email templates

If you are high on email marketing, go for a platform that has a library of email and newsletter templates. It can help you save a lot of time when sending similar emails. Also, you can personalize the emails and automate follow-ups and confirmation emails with pre-written templates.

Lead qualification and routing

This feature automates the lead qualified and routing process based on predetermined criteria. For example, while your sales reps focus on prospect meetings, the sales automation tool can automatically route leads to the right sales reps in real-time.

Lead scoring

The lead scoring feature lets your sales reps focus only on high-value deals. A sales automation tool with lead scoring helps to determine how qualified a lead is and who deserves the first preference.

Last but not least, test the waters.

Now that you have the list of processes (you want to automate) and features, you should be able to shortlist a few sales automation tools. For instance, pick a few options from the 19 best sales automation software lists based on your processes and features. Then, compare the options to determine which fits your business needs best. You can also request demos for each shortlisted tool and then make a more informed decision about which one to go for!

Time to conclude!

Sales automation tools are here to make your work easier. Implementing sales automation tools means freeing your sales team from mundane tasks and helping them focus on closing more deals. While you are free to choose any of the sales automation tools from the list, I have given here, ensure to track the functioning of the tools. Then, analyze reports to determine their effectiveness and figure out what works for you. I hope the information in this post will help you get your best sales automation tool! ☺

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