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14 Best Sales Automation Tools to Hit Revenue Goals in 2024

The right stack of sales automation tools can help your reps indulge in revenue-generating and customer-facing activities instead of manual heavy lifting. Here are 14 sales automation tools you should keep an eye on in 2024.

Krishna Charan
November 8, 2022
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Updated on… January 02, 2024

Sure, closing sales requires a human touch. But there are other parts of the GTM motion that demand sales automation tools to streamline operations and workflows. 

Speed is of the essence when it comes to building a pipeline faster and automation tools are the definitive way to hit your revenue targets with better ironclad processes. 

61% of businesses leveraging automation exceeded their revenue targets in 2020. And it holds true even today. Here’s a recent excerpt from a RevenueHero customer’s internal comms showing how sales automation tools can really turn things around for better.

A screenshot customer sharing the positive impact of RevenueHero’s automations on their demo requests.

What are sales automation tools?

Sales automation tools are any software that enables businesses to automate, streamline, and standardize their sales processes. 

A sales automation tool could be a part of any touch point that improves GTM operations to make selling and buying simpler for sales reps and prospects respectively. 

The use cases of a sales automation tool include (but not limited to):

We’ve compiled the best 14 sales automation tools that should be on your radar in 2024, if you’re looking to make your sales and marketing efforts count with the right systems in place.

14 Best Sales Automation Tools You Should Try in 2024

1. RevenueHero

RevenueHero is a meeting scheduler that automates the meeting booking process from the website, in-app, nurture campaigns, ABM, and your outbound campaigns. The meetings can also be instantly routed to the right sales rep or AE based on form fill values, CRM properties, enriched data, and any rules to ensure every rep gets equal meetings through round robin..

A screenshot of RevenueHero’s homepage‍

Sales and marketing teams can use RevenueHero to automate everything from qualifying leads, scheduling meetings, distributing them to the right sales reps in real time.

Key features

  • Distribute leads from any web form after qualifying them, and help schedule meetings instantly.
  • Set lead qualification criteria and custom workflows to route qualified leads to the right reps right after a form-fill.
  • Handoff prospects between SDRs and AEs handoff in just 2 clicks with Relays.
  • Automate meeting updates on CRM and also internally on Slack and email.
  • Send personalized reminders to prospects before meeting and automate follow-ups to reduce no-shows.
  • Simplify outbound campaigns by letting prospects schedule meetings with 1-click magic links without even filling a form.


Inbound Essentials: $25/user/month, $79/month platform fee

Outbound Essentials: $20/user/month, no platform fee

GTM Enterprise: $39/user/month, $69/month platform fee

RevenueHero automates sales activities across the funnel
Get the best sales automation workflows with RevenueHero’s lead qualification, instant scheduling, meeting distribution, and more.

2. EngageBay

EngageBay is marketing automation and CRM software that helps businesses to acquire and convert more prospects into customers. This sales automation tool helps users drive revenue by engaging prospects with the right messaging on websites, emails, and other channels.

A screenshot of EngageBay’s homepage.‍

This all-in-one marketing, sales, and support tool works best for engaging and converting your website visitors.

Key features

  • Capture leads from website and nurture them with 
  • Manage social media accounts within the tool.
  • Create and add forms and landing pages to your website.
  • Store unlimited contacts and track customer details in one place.
  • Schedule appointments, customize chat forms, and build outreach templates.


Free plan: Upto 250 contacts

Basic: $12.74/user/ month

Growth: $55.24/user/month

Pro: $101.99/user/month


Outreach is one of the market's best sales engagement and sales automation software. The platform enables users to automate sales processes that free up sales reps to nurture and convert leads with AI-powered forecasting and workflow management.

A screenshot of Outreach’s homepage.

The software is best for growing sales by automating different processes and reducing sales execution risks.

Key features

  • AI-powered insights to guide sales teams.
  • Automated sales engagement workflows to accelerate pipeline generation and drive revenue growth.
  • Revenue intelligence solution helps create a more robust sales cycle.
  • Real-time pipeline analysis to forecast accurately.
  • AI-driven reports to identify trends and best practices and gain actionable insights


Request quote from the website.

4. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales helps you initiate conversations with prospects, build relationships, manage pipelines, and eliminate friction from the entire sales process.

A screenshot of HubSpot Sales website.

It's cost-effective for companies operating on a conservative budget to capture and manage leads, nurture contacts, and streamline GTM efforts from one place. 

Key features

  • Email templates and email tracking to stay connected with prospects through personalized emails.
  • Conversation intelligence captures info automatically from every prospect call.
  • Call tracking to prioritize sales calls, make and record calls from the browser and automatically log them into the CRM records.
  • Document management and tracking for easy access
  • Sales automation with personalized emails and automated follow-ups


Free: Limited plans.

Starter: $18/month/2 users

Professional: $450/month/5 users

Enterprise: $1500/month/10 users

5. Zapier

“Let’s Zap it” is a low-key action verb in SaaS parlance. That’s how much Zapier is known for offering automation solutions as a third-party integrations tool. It ensures seamless flow of interaction between web applications and software. 

A screenshot of Zapier’s homepage.‍

With Zapier, you can automate team updates, social posts, to-do lists, lead flow, etc., through integration across 5000+ applications.

Key features

  • Easy multitasking with zaps that can have up to 100 actions.
  • Schedule zaps for specific actions and triggers.
  • Condition the zaps or workflows to perform different sales tasks between apps.


Free: Upto 100 tasks

Starter: $19/month

Professional: $49 per month

Team: $69

Company: Contact sales

6. Salesmate

Salesmate is a CRM, marketing, and sales automation software that offers simple and productive experiences to automate GTM processes. The platform is best for putting everyday sales activities, marketing, and CX processes on autopilot.

A screenshot of Salesmate’ homepage.‍

Salesmate enables users to streamline business processes to increase overall efficiency and drive revenue growth.

Key features

  • Customization of texts and emails to add a personal touch.
  • Automate email campaigns, follow-ups, calls, and texts and engage better with customers at the right time.
  • Data-driven reports to make informed decisions
  • Manage sales and marketing initiatives seamlessly with a unified view.
  • Close deals with sales activity tracking, pipeline visualization, contact management, account management, etc.


Starter: $23/user/ month

Growth: $39/user/ month

Boost: $63/user/ month

Enterprise: Request pricing

7. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a pipeline management solution that lets users plan sales activities and track deals. The platform helps users streamline workflows that drive prospects towards a purchase decisions. 

A screenshot of Pipedrive’s homepage.

In addition to their CRM functionalities, their USP is conversion workflows that use an activity-based selling method.

Key features

  • Customize and set pipeline stages for visualizing your sales process.
  • Schedule sales activities and set automated reminders.
  • Track the progress of deals and calculate the average conversion rate in real time.
  • AI-powered agent guidance and actionable performance insights.


Essential: $9.90/ user/ month

Advanced: $19.90/ user/ month

Professional: $39.90/ user/ month

Power: $49.90/ user/ month

Enterprise: $59.90/ user/ month

8. Sender

Sender is an email automation software that enables users to create and send branded emails to keep in touch with customers and prospects. Sender users can choose email and newsletter templates from the library and build quick email marketing campaigns. 

A screenshot of Sender’s homepage.

Key features

  • The templates library and high email deliverability enable you to seamlessly create, send, and track emails.
  • Intelligent automation allows users to reach customers at the right time with the right content.
  • Multiple professional templates for emails and newsletters
  • Personalization features to increase customer engagement
  • Advanced analytics and reporting to identify what works and what doesn’t.


Free: Upto 2500 subscribers

Standard: $15.83/month 

Professional: $29.12/month

Enterprise: Contact for pricing

9. Mailchimp

A household name in email automation, Mailchimp offers advanced audience management tools to create great content and message templates. It can gather audience data and insights from different marketing channels and store them in one place for easy access. 

A screenshot of Mailchimp’s homepage.

Mailchimp also offers custom domains to create websites with in-built marketing tools.

Key features

  • Automate emails to send reminders for abandoned carts, order confirmation, or product cross-selling.
  • The predictive segmentation feature enables you to find the most valuable customers and help in making their purchases again.
  • Create stellar and click-worthy email content for high engagement.


Free: Upto 1000 emails

Essential: $4.49/month

Standard: $6.87/month

Premium: $137.32/month

10. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is great for converting high-touch website visitors into big ticket leads. It identifies the company names of prospects visiting your website, reveals their behavior, and adds them into your pipeline with the right workflows.

 A screenshot of Leadfeeder’s homepage.‍

This web intelligence tool can turn your anonymous website traffic into a list of company names that might be your potential prospects.

Key features

  • The automatic lead scoring feature puts the newest and hottest leads on top of the list.
  • Collects company name and contact data to improve leads for faster outreach.
  • Integrates with CRM to automatically send recent visits to the sales pipeline and share it with your team.
  • A unique database of dynamic and static IPs helps to identify remote workers.


Free: Till 100 companies

Paid: Starting at €139/month


It is an all-in-one sales engagement and automation software that automates sales outreach with its AI capabilities. The tool lets users put inbound and outbound sales on autopilot while maintaining the human touch in communication. 

A screenshot of’s homepage.

With Reply, sales teams can carry out multi-channel outreach using SMS, phone calls, emails, and social media.

Key features

  • Find emails on LinkedIn with an email finder and validate emails in bulk.
  • Automate communication with inbound leads at scale while maintaining the personal touch.
  • Automate cold outreach across multiple channels.
  • Automated multichannel sequences for higher engagement.


Free: Upto 200 data credties

Starter: $60 per month/ user

Professional: 90 per month/ user

Custom: Contact sales

12. Crystal

Crystal is an adaptive selling platform. This sales automation platform lets your sales team adapt to any type of buyer. The software discloses the personality of the B2B buyer so that your sales team can prepare their pitch based on the buyer's personality type.

A screenshot of Crystal’s homepage.

Crystal helps your sales reps prepare better for prospect interactions and tailor their messaging to strike a chord.

Key features

  • Understand the leads better by predicting their personality and getting actionable insights into how to best communicate with the buyer.
  • Tailor pitch according to the buyer’s personality. Know what style, phrases, and words can be convincing.
  • Get real-time guidance on sales communication.
  • Speed up sales reps’ development by coaching personalization techniques.


Free: 10 profile credits/month

Premium: $49/month

Business: Contact sales

Enrichment: Contact sales

13. has bridges the void between your CRM health and TAM (total addressable market) by automating the most accurate sales forecasting insights. It lets your GTM enrich contact and account information, gather sales intelligence, engage prospects, and close deals with pipeline analytics.

A screenshot of Apollo’s homepage.

Key features

  • Enrich your CRM and systems by syncing contact information and updating APIs automatically.
  • Find the most probable high-ticket deals to engage and propsect over multiple channels.
  • Add transparency to your entire sales and marketing funnel to close deals with AI-powered precision pipeline analytics.


Free plan

Basic: $49/month

Professional: $79/month

Organization: $119/month

14. Clari Inspect

Clari can be added across your sales touchpoints to automate revenue-critical information, sales forecasting, and CRM activity entries. Clari along with HubSpot can be a single source of truth for GTM teams to get your sales budgets and corresponding revenue in line.

A screenshot of Clari’s dashboard.

Key features

  • Automated activity capturing and relationship intelligence on leads and customers.
  • AI-powered deal scoring, revenue forecasting, and workflow enrichment.
  • Unlimited number of fields that might be otherwise restricted by your CRM.
  • Manage deals, reps, accounts, and teams with complete pipeline analytics


Request quote over a demo.

Remove the guesswork out of sales by choosing sales automation tools that pay for themselves

The right sales automation tech stack can save your GTM function by steering it away from being an ad-hoc group that reacts to needs and problems passively. 

Retrofitting processes every now and then can be tedious in sales. It changes the way you work and involves realigning your staff frequently, affecting their customer-facing activities . That’s why you need the right combination of teck stack to automate your manual-heavy sales processes like clockwork.

With a data-rich and GTM-first combination of a sales automation stack, you can:

  • Identify bottlenecks in the sales process, talk to AEs and reps who take customer calls and implement tools that will minimize operational heavy lifting.
  • Pick up performance insights from parallel teams like marketing, customer success, support, and RevOps to give your product and GTM motion a reality-check about where you stand.
  • Unearth processes that move the needle during sales cycles and make it a playbook that contributes to your revenue growth.

RevenueHero fits right at the center of your revenue-led sales automation aspirations

RevenueHero is purpose-built to make buying simple for your prospects by enabling your sales and marketing teams to automate important buyer triggers in the pipeline.

With the right mix of inbound and outbound automations, your reps can spend more time on prospecting, nurturing relationships, and converting prospects instead of getting into the manual and operational hazards of sales.

Automated meeting distribution; to the right person in sales

This is one step ahead of lead distribution. Form fills don’t automatically equate to demos booked. Account for every high-intent lead with deeply customizable lead routing workflows. 

You can distribute meetings to your sales reps by prospect demographics, form-fill data, AE/sales rep expertise, previously matched account owners, and company size, to name a few.

An image that shows RevenueHero’s sales automation workflows involving lead qualification and distribution rules.

Lead-to-account matching is especially a game changer when you have multiple individuals requesting meetings from the same account or company. You can configure account matching rules in RevenueHero and ensure leads are mapped to account owners based on:

  • Existing contact owner: If the lead has an existing owner that they’ve previously interacted with, the contact gets assigned to them.
  • Existing owner of the account or company: If the lead is from a company that an owner exclusively handles, the contact gets assigned to them.
  • Owner of a similar contact or company: If the owner has handled similar contacts or companies like the current lead, the contact gets assigned to them.

Even with all these meeting distribution rules, you can also automate the quota attainment of your SDRs and AEs to see that everyone gets a fair shot at hitting their targets.

Instant meeting scheduling; less drop-offs

Your meeting and demo requests shouldn’t just enter an excel sheet or an inbound queue. High-intent prospects don’t hang around once they’re declared their intent with a form-fill.

RevenueHero lets you help your prospects schedule a meeting instantly with the right AE instead of going through a series of never-ending back and forth discussions just to find the right meeting time.

An GIF that shows RevenueHero’s instant scheduler in action.

With RevenueHero, you can also automate meeting no-show, rescheduling, or meeting not-booked workflows to stay in touch with the prospect.

Outbound with a twist; and some magic

Include magic links in email sequences or nurture campaigns to automate meeting booking with the right AE in just 2 clicks. 

These magic links automatically route the prospect to the right AE even if the follow up mail was sent by the SDR. The best part? All the data is synced back to your CRM so you know which SDR booked the meeting and get instant insights on meeting outcomes too!

A GIF that shows RevenueHero’s magic links in action.

These automated scheduling functionalities can come handy in your targeted campaigns such as ABM where you have a known contact list to reach out to – so that your prospects book meetings without even a form-fill.

Revenuehero is fast and intuitive, custom-built for modern sales.
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