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Top 10 Lead Distribution Software in 2023 [Features + Pricing Comparison]

Looking for a lead distribution tool to effectively manage your lead routing? Here are the top 10 tools that help you do that.

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Overview of Lead Distribution Software

Sales leads are the Legos that help to build your business. And like with Legos, it is easy to lose track of the leads. However, it is easier to find Legos but not sales leads.If you fail to track your leads right from the instant they come in, you may either lose them forever. That means, by the time you reach out to your leads, their interest may cool off.Hence, instant lead distribution is important. The faster you assign the leads, the higher the chances of conversion.Let’s take a look at the top 10 lead distribution software that can automate the lead distribution process.

What is Lead Distribution Software?

Lead distribution software is a tool that helps to assign leads to the right sales reps or teams. Most popular software streamlines the lead distribution process by;

  • Scoring leads based on the predetermined criteria; and
  • Automating the lead assignment process to sales reps based on the user-defined preset rules

However, different lead distribution software functions differently. They have set features that you must consider when buying a lead distribution software.In the next section, we have evaluated the ten best lead distribution software. Read on to evaluate and find out the perfect fit for your organization.

10 Best Lead Distribution Software in 2023

Choosing the right lead distribution software is crucial to ensuring an effective lead distribution process.

Best Lead Distribution Tools

1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is mainly a CRM software with lead distribution features. It is a lead generation and distribution software that helps you to capture leads, manage them, and store lead information. The lead distribution function of the software allows users to distribute inbound leads (that come via chats, emails, website, calls, etc.) evenly.Bitrix24 also offers social media management and email marketing tools that help to automate business processes. Key Features

  • Intelligent routing -. It ensures that the leads are matched to their specific account managers.
  • Omni-channel communication – Connect your sales teams with leads across several communication channels like Slack, Telegram, Facebook messenger, etc.
  • Automatic rerouting – If a sales rep is unavailable, this feature automatically assigns the lead to the next rep.
  • Conversation transfer – It enables redirecting the conversation to another channel or sales rep.
  • Pre-built telephony – Receive calls from leads in the CRM software by setting up specific rules for reps.

PricingThe pricing plans offered by Bitrix24 are;

  • Free (best-suited for beginners) – Support for unlimited users
  • Basic (get effective collaboration for small businesses and sales teams) – USD 39/month for 5 users
  • Standard (best for companies and workgroups for advanced collaboration) – USD 79/ month for 25 users
  • Professional (best for automation and optimizing sales) – USD 159/month for unlimited users

2. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a tool that automates lead distribution across different social media channels, emails, web forms, etc. The software offers workflow automation in all its plans. Moreover, the paid plan users can set up routing triggers for social media. Upgrading to Zoho’s professional plan enables you to create lead assignment rules for inbound leads. Further, you can also take help from AI-powered suggestions. Key features

  • Round-robin queues for an equal lead distribution
  • Social automation rules for adding followers who engage with social content
  • Lead scoring
  • 200+ app integrations
  • Automated lead routing based on department or geography

PricingZoho offers;

  • Free plan for 3 users
  • Standard - $14 user/month
  • Professional - $23 user/month
  • Enterprise - $40 user/month
  • Ultimate - $52 user/month

3. Freshsales

Freshsales by Freshworks is a CRM software with lead distribution features. It allows lead segmentation into different categories based on criteria like zip codes and country codes. You can also create several categories combining multiple rules to segment the leads.Key Features

  • Assign leads based on industry, geography, etc.
  • An AI-powered lead scoring system
  • Assign contact numbers to territories and transfer calls in the CRM
  • Call routing
  • Chat management


  • Free plan – Support for unlimited users (excluding territory management)
  • Growth - $15 user/month
  • Pro - $39 user/month
  • Enterprise - $69 user/month
  • Free trial for 21 days

4. RevenueHero

RevenueHero is an emerging lead distribution software that can be your all-in-one solution for qualifying, and assigning incoming leads to the best-suited sales reps. You can double your pipeline, respond to leads and book meetings faster. Further, you can route the leads to sales reps in real-time. Key Features

  • Real-time lead routing to the right sales reps
  • Instant scheduling to qualify, route and schedule web form leads
  • Set up lead qualification workflows to send qualified leads to the best sales reps
  • CRM integrations with all tools in the marketing stack

PricingYou can request for pricing or get an early access from the RevenueHero website.

5. Lead Assign

Lead Assign is a lead management solution with several advanced features. The lead distribution software matches reps to leads based on location and skillset over time. The solution also offers performance scoring for sales reps that tells how fast they respond to leads. Key Features

  • Grading sales reps based on how fast they respond to leads
  • Intelligent routing matches the leads to the right reps
  • Third-party integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot CRM
  • Lead hints provide a lead preview for the sales reps to determine if it is right for them
  • Battle cards feature provides sales reps with basic lead information before their meetings

PricingThere are three pricing plans by Lead Assign:

  • Starter - $149/month for up to 10 users
  • Business - $699/ month for up to 75 users
  • Enterprise – Customized quotes for unlimited users

6. LeadByte

It is a cloud-based lead management solution that helps organizations to gather, nurture, qualify, and distribute leads in real-time. The lead distribution software enables you to distribute the incoming leads by setting customized criteria. Further, the software also allows you to set rules to eliminate invalid leads. There are other key features like activity and source tracking, and campaign management.Key features

  • Third-party integrations (API integrations, Zapier or Pipedrive)
  • Detailed real-time reporting and analytics
  • Advanced lead distribution
  • Capture leads
  • Real-time lead validation

PricingLeadByte’s pricing starts from $299 per month. The solution offers customized pricing for your requirements.

7. Lead Capsule

Lead Capsule is a cloud-based lead generation and distribution management software that has lead generation, distribution, lead commerce, and CRM capabilities. The features allow you to assign leads to the ideal sales reps in real-time. The solution also offers call tracking for inbound and outbound calls.  Key Features

  • Call tracking
  • Lead commerce capability
  • CRM integrations
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Rule-based routing


  • Lite- $499/month
  • Professional - $699/month
  • Enterprise - $999/month
  • Dedicated - $1499/month

8. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM solutions with a free plan option. The premium version of the software offers lead distribution and workflow features like automated lead rotation and custom lead scoring criteria.The starter plan offers intelligent routing for emails and inbound calls. It helps the sales reps to respond faster to their queries. Key features

  • More than 500 app integration
  • Build a lead scoring system using historical data and custom criteria
  • Lead rotation (round-robin lead distribution)
  • A timeline view of the prospect’s journey
  • Pipeline management

PricingThe sales software pricing plans are;

  • Starter (for two users) - $45/month
  • Professional (for 5 users) - $450/month
  • Enterprise (10 users) - $1200/month

The marketing software plans include;

  • Starter (1000 marketing contacts) - $45/month
  • Professional (2000 marketing contacts) - $800/month
  • Enterprise (10000 marketing contacts) - $3200/month

9. LeadSquared

It is a cloud-based CRM and marketing automation solution. The lead distribution feature in the software assigns the leads to sales reps based on predefined rules.LeadSquared enables sales managers to set rules individually for the sales reps or for each rep in a team. The lead generation distribution software also offers lead capture and qualification. Key features

  • Availability-based lead distribution
  • CRM integrations with Zendesk and Salesforce
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • CRM analytics
  • Lead generation

PricingLeadSquared offers three pricing plans for CRM and a free 15-days trial.

  • Lite - $25 per user / month
  • Pro - $50 per user / month
  • Super - $100 user/month

Further, the solution has a different pricing plan for marketing automation.

  • Basic (for 10,000 contacts) - $400/month
  • Standard (for 50,000 contacts) - $1200/month
  • Enterprise (for 200,000 contacts) - $2500/month

For field force automation (lead tracking, scoring, lead management, etc.) get customized pricing plans.

10. Distribution Engine

Distribution Engine by Salesforce ensures that the leads are distributed to the right and most qualified sales reps. The lead distribution software distributes leads based on skills, round-robin algorithm, or lead source. Key Features

  • Call logs for tracking lead details  
  • Third-party integrations with the top routing tools
  • Real-time reporting
  • Built-in calling feature within the software
  • Insights on the lead source (source reporting)
  • Lead capture and distribution
  • Monitoring
  • Reminders
  • Pipeline reporting

The most popular features of Distribution Engine are real-time alerts and auto-reassign which reduces the risk of lost leads. Further, the advanced reporting system in Distribution Engine provides comprehensive reports on leads distribution including the average hourly distribution volumes to forecast the workload of the sales reps.PricingDistribution Engine offers only one plan per user - $45 user/ month. The support packages are as follows:Standard support

  • Free of cost
  • Includes email support and 2 business days response time

Premier support

  • It costs 20% extra
  • Includes email support and phone support
  • 4 hours response time
  • Setup review

How to choose the Best Lead Distribution Software in 2023?

There are several factors that you must look into before buying a lead distribution software in 2023. Here are a few of them;

CRM integrations

Lead distribution platform should allow you to integrate your CRM systems with it. It helps in keeping the leads and data in one place. Thus, it becomes easy to access.Also, integrating with CRM software accelerates the process and reduces the risk of error.

Feedback capture

The feedback capture feature enables you to track the progress of the leads once they are accepted by the sales reps.There is a few software that prompt sales reps for an update on the lead. They can do so by filling up surveys or by leaving comments. Thus, you can know about the progress of the conversation and whether or not the deal is closed.

Availability-based routing

If you have lost leads due to the unavailability of sales reps, you can avoid it with availability-based distribution.This type of lead distribution assigns leads to the available and ready-to-engage reps. Further, with round-robin lead routing, leads are assigned to the next available sales reps.

Rule-based routing

The lead distribution platforms must have the rules-based routing feature. This feature enables assigning leads based on predetermined criteria.

Reporting and analytics

Comprehensive reports and advanced analytics are a must in lead distribution software. It enables you to understand the performance of the sales reps through key metrics like;

  • Total number of leads;
  • Leads accepted and declined by sales reps; and
  • Average response time

Thus, you can track the performances and train sales reps who require improvement. Also, you can find out the quantity and quality of closed deals for each rep.

Benefits of using Lead Distribution Software

There are several benefits of lead distribution software. It automates the process of lead routing ensuring a boost in conversion rates and saving time. Here’s a list of the many benefits that come with lead distribution software.

Saves time

Distributing leads manually is time-consuming. It involves;

  • Determining if the lead is worth routing or not through conducting inquiries
  • Manual classification and distribution of leads to sales reps
  • Communication with leads, taking notes, keeping track, and follow-ups.

After going through the whole process, the lead may not convert leading to a waste of time and energy. With lead distribution software, you can route leads in real-time leading to the right sales rep. If you invest in the best solution, it eliminates a lot of additional work and increases the chances of conversion.

Easy lead assignment

Lead distribution software uses push-based lead assignment rules. It automates the lead distribution process and frees up time and resources for other critical business functions. In the manual lead assignment, it takes a lot of effort for the sales reps to set criteria and filter through the long lists of leads. But with a lead distribution software, everything becomes automated. Hence, the sales reps can prepare themselves for the interactions with the prospects and increase the conversion possibilities.

Get maximum conversions

Lead distribution software helps in building a friendly relationship between a lead and a sales rep. It streamlines the funnel and the increase in user engagement makes the leads feel more connected to the sales reps. Thus, they tend to explore more about the business products and services. Thus, with the right lead distribution software, you are more likely to witness a steady flow of incoming leads and sales opportunities.

Low lead response time

Lead distribution software eliminates the manual work. It literally sends the leads to the sales reps. Hence, they can strike up a conversation with the prospect as soon as possible. If the lead routing rule is availability-based, it directs the leads to the sales reps according to their availability. Thus, your sales reps can base the lead interactions on their personal schedules. Similarly, with the round-robin distribution feature, leads will be assigned to the next sales rep if one isn’t available. Hence, it creates an automatic and systematic process that reduces the risk of missing out on lead interaction opportunities.

Evaluate and track performance

Lead distribution software enables you to track leads based on the funnel stages. You can also simplify lead tracking by integrating the lead distribution software with a CRM system. Integrations with the CRM will enable you to track the journey of the prospect and the sales reps. Later, you can use the data to analyze the sales rep’s performance. Lead distribution software provides you with in-depth lead information. These details help the sales reps to deliver the right services, increasing the conversion rates.

The effectivee and efficient sales process

With the right lead distribution software, your sales process is simplified. It is because the lead distribution process happens based on preset criteria. Hence, the leads are assigned to the right sales reps and the odds of conversion are higher.  For instance, a sales rep with expertise in selling to marketers is more likely to convert than the rest because the lead distribution software assigns marketers to the specific sales rep

Better user experience

Since the lead distribution software assigns leads to the ideal sales reps, it improves customer experience to a great extent.Set the perfect lead routing criteria to determine which sales reps will manage which lead profile type. A few software also provides the alert feature that informs the sales team when there is a new lead coming in. Thus, sales reps can prepare for their conversations.

The Bottomline

The solution to avoid losing leads is investing in the perfect lead distribution software. There are many lead distribution software that offer multiple features at different prices. You can choose the ideal lead distribution software after evaluating your business needs. To make things easier and to get maximum results, consider RevenueHero - one of the most promising and emerging tools for lead distribution. The platform enables your sales team to get the best qualified leads. It makes the lead distribution process seamless by auto-assigning the leads to the ideal sales reps. Thus, RevenueHero is the perfect tool that can get you more leads and conversations.

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