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The Best Alternative to Chili Piper Extension You Must Know About

Time to find an alternative to Chili piper extension? Click to discover more about RevenueHero.

Sayani Deb
February 6, 2023
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Are you making the most of your time? Have you achieved your desired productivity levels?

If your answer is no, you need an instant meeting scheduling software that,

  • Automates repetitive tasks and lets you focus on the strategic aspects, 
  • Prevents no-shows and manual errors. 
  • Minimizes costs

Chili Piper extension or RevenueHero?

Choose one that fits your business needs.

But before that, let’s go through a quick comparison! 

How Chili Piper Extension Works?

Chili Piper extension or Instant Booker makes scheduling meetings with prospects and customers easier, faster, and more convenient. 

Download the Chili Piper extension and visit the website to get started with the software. Then, book a meeting for yourself or on behalf of a team member. Suggest available time slots over emails or schedule meetings directly from platforms like Outreach, Salesforce, SalesLoft, and more through software integrations.

Here are a few key features of the Chili Piper extension.

  • Automated reminders to prevent no shows 
  • One-click meeting rescheduling 
  • Available templates to set up team meetings and to book meetings for someone else.
  • Automatic recording of all reschedules, no-shows, meeting details in the CRM, and time stamps. 

How Can RevenueHero be the Best Alternative for Chili Piper?

If you’re looking for more robust scheduling software to save you time, RevenueHero is the perfect alternative solution to the Chili piper extension. 

Take a look at the several features RevenueHero offers.

Instant scheduling

Like the Chili Piper extension, RevenueHero sends automated reminders to prevent no-shows. Moreover, it syncs every meeting and its outcome automatically to the CRM. RevenueHero also automates even meeting distribution among sales reps with its round-robin distribution feature.

Custom meeting distribution

Set your custom distribution logic for lead distribution to match your sales rep’s targets, experience, and expertise. This feature allows you to;

  • Build specialized pods
  • Add sales reps to distribution workflows instantly
  • Track load balance with detailed distribution reports

Conversion reports

Get detailed insights to see how many leads you have converted. RevenueHero’s conversion report feature enables you to;

  • Track conversions in real time
  • Get insights into conversion trends
  • Dig deeper into each metric with advanced filters to monitor the performance of each form, page, and team.
  • Export data from each form submission to create your own reports. 

Lead to Account matching

Get access to custom matching logic and build exclusive workflows to manage target accounts. For example, match prospects to - account owners based on experience and your sales teams to specific owners based on any customer CRM property.

Distribution reports

Analyze each sales rep and prospect meeting outcome and build account-level strategies to achieve your targets. Use advanced filters to get insights into meeting results at page, team, form, and rule levels to identify what demands attention.

Personalized templates

Stop creating personalized emails and invites from scratch. RevenueHero offers several templates for custom invites, emails, and contextual reminders. This feature enables you to create templates per meeting/landing page to see which works best.

Lead and meeting distribution

Instantly assign your leads to the best sales reps through the lead and meeting distribution feature. 

  • Distribute leads based on segment, territory, or any other detail. 
  • Create sales pods on any custom logic and assign prospects to sales reps best suited for the meeting.
  • Reduce workload for your sales team with automatic data sync 

Routing analysis

Analyze your routing rules once in a while and tweak them to increase the number of scheduled meetings.

  • Find out why a prospect was assigned to a specific sales rep or team
  • Compare rules to identify the ones that match a particular prospect.
  • Analyze outcome per prospect for each page, form, team, territory, and other attributes.

Meetings dashboard

A single dashboard for all your meetings makes life easier. RevenueHero syncs your meeting status automatically with your CRM, provides details of calendar invites and reminders, and enables you to mark no-shows in a click – all within a single dashboard. 

A Final Note

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose RevenueHero. The instant scheduling software has all the features of the Chili Piper extension, plus more.

So, if you’re looking for a software solution that – 

✅offers a plethora of features, 

✅is reasonably priced, and 

✅minimizes workload plus costs; RevenueHero is just right for you.

Let’s get in touch and discuss your needs. Schedule a demo now!

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