Implementation and onboarding process

Hit the ground running as our team guides you to set up and implement RevenueHero at no added cost.

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ved by hundreds of modern B2B companies

Lved by hundreds of modern B2B companies

The RevenueHero Promise

From onboarding to go-live and beyond, you’ll have a dedicated team of Solution Engineers, Customer Success & Support Reps, and AEs who will work with you. This includes managing the entire process, guiding you through onboarding, and being available around the clock to help you drive more qualified meeting conversions across your pipeline.

You get a dedicated support & success team and not just one rep

We understand that RevenueHero is tied directly to your revenue metrics. In the event your dedicated rep is unavailable, you shouldn't have to wait.

We give you access to an entire team of product experts, sales engineers, and CSMs via a dedicated Slack channel. So you’ll always have someone available with all the context to support you.

You can complete the implementation and setup at the pace you need

Implementing RevenueHero is easy and speedy. We’ll have all hands on deck to get it up and running for your specific workflows and use cases.

All you have to do is have admin access to your tech stack and come to the call with the workflows you need to set up. And you’re good to go. Our team will do all the heavy lifting for you.

You don’t have to worry about developer dependency or coding

The customer-facing booking widget is customizable to the tee and ensures that customers get an experience as close to your website and brand experience.

This includes themes, design, and messaging. And it can be done easily in a few clicks without any code or developer’s help 99% of the time. We’ll also help you personalize individual meeting links for your reps.

Our #1 Priority

Data security

The SOC 2 Type 1 certification recognizes our commitment to prioritizing the protection of sensitive customer data as well as building a safe and secure product. If your legal and security team requires a more detailed version of the report, just drop us a note at

step by step

Your course of action

When it comes to meeting conversions, we understand that time and speed are of the essence. Before we power your teams to get to your prospects quicker, we’d love to enable you to evaluate and implement RevenueHero quickly, without losing out on a thorough evaluation.

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The 6-step RevenueHero implementation process

We highly recommend that you have these pre-requisites in place for all steps:

  1. A test landing page
  2. Admin access to your CRM to integrate with RevenueHero
  3. IT permissions to connect RevenueHero with Zoom/MS Teams/Outlook/Gmail as applicable
  4. Access to edit the test page/CMS

STEP 1 - Proof of Concept (POC) kickoff

We'll connect RevenueHero with your website and backend systems.

During this stage, we will:

  1. Onboard your admins and create a test team.
  2. Complete a one-click integration with your CRM.
  3. Guided setup and walkthrough of the different moving parts of a router.
  4. Implement RevenueHero's scheduler on your page and see the scheduler in action.

STEP 2 - Understanding & replicating your workflows

We’ll get familiarized with your requirements and use cases.

During this stage, we will:

  1. Deep-dive into your sales use cases, team structure, and routing logic in order to configure the platform to meet your needs.
  2. Create/modify ownership matching rules to route target accounts and other existing records to the right owners.
  3. Create/modify distribution rules to dictate the logic of assigning meetings to the right individual/team.

STEP 3 - Exploring notifications, magic links, and branding

We’ll build experiences and help configure RevenueHero for you.

During this stage, we will:

  1. Automate notifications for your reps and other internal stakeholders.
  2. Set up additional meeting reminders for your prospects with customized content.
  3. Enable you to setup workflows/automations in your CRM based on meeting events.
  4. Create magic links for one-click meeting experiences from (outbound) email sequences.
  5. Curate a branded booking experience - logos, colors, theme, and personalized meeting links.
  6. Explore outbound/inbound/in-app use cases.

STEP 4 - Enabling and training your teams

We’ll train your sales reps and teams on our product and best practices.

During this stage, we will:

  1. Facilitate onboarding sessions for your teams to walk them through the product and help them with best practices.
  2. Help them connect their calendars/conference tools and set their availabilities.
  3. Install the Chrome extension and train them to navigate the platform.
  4. Share documentation on a user level to help them navigate day-to-day usage.
  5. Q&A with the entire team to answer and clarify any questions.

STEP 5 - Review and Go Live

We’ll activate RevenueHero on your website and review how it’s performing.

During this stage, we will:

  1. Invite remaining team members and add them to the right teams/rules.
  2. Review calendar connections and availabilities for all users.
  3. Review routing logic and create additional routers/rules as applicable.
  4. Map your live forms and review form fields used in routing rules.
  5. Add the RevenueHero script to live pages.

STEP 6 - Optimization and enabling success

We’re there for you not only as strategy and implementation guides but also as partners in growth. 

During this stage, we will:

  1. Set up periodic check-ins with our Customer Success team to review key performance indicators and success parameters.
  2. Help derive maximum value out of RevenueHero by consulting on best practices and strategies as observed with other successful customers.
  3. Augment your tech stack by enabling the adoption of newly launched features.

See why heroes like you love RevenueHero

Customers around the globe choose RevenueHero to double conversions and accelerate pipeline growth. Don’t just take it from us, here’s what they have to say.
Aligimantas S.

"Constantly improving tool and amazing Support"

Their responsivness.Ability to understand and adapt to your specific situation.

Their goal is to make you successfull at any situation that you create or have in mind.

And most importantly, even though our use case required very sitautional features, they delivered!

Naomi K.
Small Business

"First Class Support & Great Functionality!"

The team is incredibly helpful. Susa & team were so willing to answer my questions and helped me in making sure our setup & integration was perfect.

The functionality is great - especially the integration with Zoho CRM and our form builder. Was previously using a competitor product but had to switch over after too many Zapier integrations that made the setup messy.

Siddharth S.

"A meeting scheduler that cares about their customers."

They have the best support you can ask for as they are always available to solve your queries.

In fact they'd go a step further and try to understand why you're requesting a certain usecase (helps as they're good marketers too).

Bridget W.
Marketing Manager

"Great tool for meeting scheduling and fantastic support!"

RevenueHero is easy to use and has majorly helped with lead gen! Susa and his team are amazing and always willing to help out..

Bryant L.
Head of Go-to-market , Flockjay

Simple to use. Our sales team loves it and it is easy for operations to configure and integrate across our tech stack.

Would highly recommend it to other users!

Ryan L.
Small business

"Great tool , even better support"

Revenuehero provide the best support in the biz. They're always on-hand to jump on any problems we come across, and are crazy efficient as solving them. A great team.

The tool itself has helped us reduce the drop-off of inbound leads, which has been really valuable.

See why 

revenue heroes

 like you prefer RevenueHero

Blair Ewalt
Marketing Manager

We just switched off Chili Piper in favor of RevenueHero. We found the team to be much more agile and responsive for a product with the same functionality (actually, RevenueHero has advanced routing functionality beyond Chili Piper which is why we made the switch).Also,

it's much more cost-effective.

Sam Lepak
Head of Growth

“Calendly on Steriods, Fraction the Cost of Chili Piper”

The support around the clock. Onboarding and setup was easy and they are on top of communication with feedback, requests, etc. Love the amount of customizations and down-to-earth, good people they have employed there!

Karl Viva
Director, Demand Generation

"Everything from the product to the support is 10/10"

RevenueHero improves my SaaS company's ability to better qualify leads by automatically booking calls with the correct teams. The rules and ways in which you can route leads (or disqualify them) are endless. The RevenueHero platform is easy to use and the support has been outstanding.

It was super easy to implement.

Bryan Bumgardner
Director of Growth Marketing

We evaluated Chili Piper and given that it's basically just an overlay for our existing Hubspot forms, we simply couldn't justify the cost. Our team isn't big enough to require the tools that Chili Piper was offering.

We ended up picking RevenueHero and it's much better price plus the support is like... the best I've ever seen at a SaaS tool. We're in a Slack with these guys and they answer my questions in less than 5 minutes. Or if I want a feature, give them a week and it's done.

Strongly recommending RevenueHero on this one