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We raised $5.1M funding to transform the B2B buying experience

Introducing RevenueHero to the world to tackle dreary buying experiences and slow moving pipelines.

May 16, 2023
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First things first

As we announce this milestone, we would like to thank our customers who helped us get here and enabled us to build the right things with their valuable feedback and trust.

With this round of funding we partner with Stellaris Venture Partners and Together fund to expand our product capabilities and build even more innovative ways to grow and accelerate your pipeline and buying process. You can read our funding coverage on Forbes.

Why are we building RevenueHero?

We started RevenueHero in 2021 with a focus on improving the gap between the experience and sophistication involved in targeting and attracting buyers to a company and the actual buying experience once they interact with the company.

Movement through sales pipelines have been painfully slow and stuck in the past for both buyers and sellers of B2B software, resulting in experiences like this

The majority of every marketing team's budget is aimed at capturing the attention of, and driving prospects to the website. However, once they land on the website and interact with a CTA, these high intent qualified buyers are met with a boilerplate, paywall like experience of a thank you page. This results in just a trickle of qualified buyers going through to the next step, past the long email threads in the buying process.

The speed at which buyers hear back from a company they've contacted is one of the biggest factors in determining who they buy from. The chances of having a meaningful conversation with their buyers was 7x higher compared to competition that reached out later than an hour. This was the benchmark a decade back. The world of B2B buying has become way more crowded, and buyers have way less attention to give to companies these days, requiring marketing and sales teams to respond to qualified buyers right away.

RevenueHero is built to address this need and connect high intent qualified buyers with the right sales rep instantly, throughout the buying journey. Right from meetings booked on the website, through to handoffs between sales teams, RevenueHero always ensures that buyers have a smooth and instant transition while connecting with the sales team.

What have we been up to in the last year?

In the last year, we've been heads down building product and expanding our customer base, and working with innovative and fast growing marketing and sales teams leaders from companies across the world. We've helped teams make a huge revenue impact by increasing the number of qualified meetings booked by 250% and reducing response times by 50%.

We've added a ton of capabilities to our platform and built the team to help us accelerate as we get on the fast lane.

What's next?

We will continue to invest in our product capabilities to help marketers and sales teams provide a custom and unique experience to their qualified B2B buyers throughout their buying journey. Some of our key areas of focus include:

  • Powering the CTAs and form experiences that companies provide to buyers on websites and landing pages.
  • Combining the wealth of data that companies have about their prospects, to provide a differentiated and custom buying experience for each buyer.
  • Deeper integrations into the marketing stack.

And we're just getting started.

There are other areas in the buying process that needs a hero, one that your marketers deserve, and the one that your sales pipeline needs right now. And so we'll build it, the silent guardian of your pipeline, a watchful protector of your buying process. Your RevenueHero. 🦸
Revenuehero is fast and intuitive, custom-built for modern sales.
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