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RevenueHero Wrapped 2023: Reflecting on the Wins with Highlights

2023 was an inflection point for RevenueHero and we wanted to trace back our footprints in what’s been an adventurous year. Get a sneak peek into our wins, big and small; and some kickass customer spotlight.

December 22, 2023
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To all our customers, thank you for partnering with us in 2023. We’re delighted that RevenueHero is playing a small part in helping you achieve your pipeline targets. As the year draws to a close here is a quick look at all the highlights at RevenueHero:


We strongly believe that any good tech purchase especially in SAAS should be an asset where the investment pays for itself several times over and keeps increasing in the value it adds to your company and to your team.

Along those lines, we’ve strived through the course of 2023 to ensure that your RevenueHero instance keeps evolving to not just help you meet today’s goals, but also equips you to meet the evolving needs of your marketing and sales processes. 

In its current version, every feature addition to RevenueHero is designed to help you in one of these 6 areas -

Book more meetings

Increase show rates

Reduce time spent on maintenance

Make more out of your tech stack

Scale with your sales process

Bring your own brand

This recap is aimed at equipping you with everything you need to make the most of your RevenueHero instance and to plan your 2024 with what is possible. 

Book more meetings

In addition to ensuring that all your qualified form fills are able to book meetings instantly with the right sales rep, here are all the things we shipped in the last year to increase the number of meetings booked for and by your sales team. 

Personal booking pages with embeddable recaps

Every calendar connected user in RevenueHero gets to create a personal booking page which allows for embedded content. With a simple video, or branded collateral you increase the chances of the recipient booking that meeting.

Magic links to power the CTAs in your email campaigns

Power all your marketing and sales campaigns with a magic link for your prospects to book a meeting in 1 click, instead of a vanilla booking experience.

Handoff meetings instantly to your AEs in 1 click with Relays

Your SDRs already have the hard task of convincing prospects to take meetings. When they do, handing meetings off to the right AEs based on your rules of engagement and distribution is now a 1-click process no matter the channel.

Shareable Relay links 

Let your SDRs book meetings even when they’re asleep with shareable Relay links that allow your prospects to book meetings directly with the right AE, while still crediting the right SDRs whose sequence got you that meeting! 

And other impactful upgrades like - 

  • Multiple meeting type durations
  • Booking your own meetings in 1 click and automating the calendar invite, reminders, and CRM syncs.
  • Collecting phone numbers in your campaign meetings to reach out immediately for folks you’ve convinced to take a meeting.

Increase show rate

Once you’ve done all the hard work to get your prospects to book a meeting here is everything we’ve added to make sure that your prospects show up for those meetings. 

Multiple meeting reminders through workflows

Setup workflows to send reminders to your prospects at different durations before the meeting starts and stay on top of their mind to increase chances of showing up to the meeting. 
Customize the content of each reminder with relevant content and keep them interested.

Auto-thread replies to email reminders directly to meeting owners

Your prospects don’t always RSVP on the calendar events. It might just be a reply to your reminder to ask for something important about the meeting. Every reply is sent directly to the account owner’s inbox to make every meeting effective. 

Send reminders from your own domain

Configure RevenueHero to reminders from your own domain and ensure that your prospects receive the right nudge to show up to your meetings. 

Reduce time spent on maintenance

Autodetect and block free and spam email addresses

RevenueHero’s built in spam and free email detection allows you to protect your sales team’s calendars to make sure that your valid form fills always see enough time slots. 

Routing logs to trace every step of the way 

Every single form fill matters. RevenueHero’s routing log helps you trace each form fill all the way from form submit, through to whether the meeting was booked and who the meeting was booked with. 

You can even export the complete routing log into your favorite BI tool. CSVs.

Manage personal meeting links

Your single centralized hub to manage every single personal meeting link in your RevenueHero account allows you to maintain a consistent brand tone and experience in every meeting touchpoint powered by RevenueHero, for your sales team. 

Re-assign meeting ownership

Changing a scheduled meeting on the calendar to a new owner is a tight-rope walk and a coordination nightmare when done manually. With RevenueHero’s built in re-assign, you can now instantly find sales reps who are available at the same time, book a meeting in 1 click while ensuring that all the meeting workflows, CRM syncing and reminders are still in place. 

Match leads with the right entities based on custom matching criteria

If you’re familiar with Salesforce, you’re most likely familiar with the dread of duplicates and meetings from the same lead/company getting assigned to different sales reps in your team. 

With RevenueHero’s custom matching enhancement, you can now match form fills to existing accounts, contacts or leads based on any input on your form. 

Make more out of your tech stack

Your marketing and sales tech stack is a choice you’ve made to make the most out of your company’s situation and processes. We’ve expanded RevenueHero’s integrations to cover all your favorite product’s marketing and sales tools to help you make the most of your tech stack. 

Intercom integration

Get your prospects to book meetings with your sales teams right from within intercom. Guide your conversations to a meeting outcome right within the intercom experience you’ve configured for your org. 

Out of the box integrations with the form of your choice

As choices in the marketing space keep increasing, you might choose different products for different conversion touch points. RevenueHero integrates with any webform in the market, and the all the popular ones out of the box. This means no developer dependency for customisations to get your new landing pages and experiments up and running.

Programmable Javascript events for your meetings

The RevenueHero JavaScript tracks and emits the following JavaScript events through the lifecycle of the meeting booking experience which can be captured using a sample message listener like the following to be used for actions like sending event to Google Analytics, Pixel, etc.

Okta integration

Manage access to RevenueHero right within Okta with RevenueHero’s Okta integration. Onboard and offboard users without excel sheets.

Scale with your sales process

As your sales processes and sales engagement complexities keep increasing, RevenueHero ensures that you’re able to easily update your workflows on the fly. 

Built-in IP based geolocation

Enrich each form fill with the geolocation with RevenueHero’s native IP based geo lookup to support your territory/region based meeting routing. 


Assign meetings to the right sales teams based on custom list based routing. As your sales team scales and your rules of engagement becomes unique and based on custom criteria, use lists to match form fill inputs against any custom list to route meetings to the right sales rep.

Meeting scheduler localisation

Provide a native meeting scheduling experience as you expand your GTM motions to cover new regions across the globe with RevenueHero’s widget localisation.

Optimize availability for availability or equal distribution

Depending on the lead volumes and the size of your sales team, choose whether your inbound scheduling should optimize to show more slots for your prospects or optimise equal distribution of meetings amongst your sales reps. The right answer is always dependent on your unique setup and RevenueHero can be configured to work best for your setup.

Route meetings based on shared availabilities

Put your named account and qualified prospects on the fast lane to a demo, with scheduling options where both your AEs and SEs are available. 

Bring your own brand

Every meeting touchpoint between your sales rep and your prospect is a chance to reinforce your brand messaging and experience. The customisation options you have access to are designed to preserve this at every meeting touchpoint that is powered by RevenueHero. 

Custom branding and themes

You can choose one of RevenueHero’s many widget themes that match your brand’s color scheme and experience. There are some fun ones!

Or you can always pick your own colors with the color customisation options. 

Custom meeting URLs

Add your own subdomains and ensure that every meeting touchpoint in your marketing and sales conversations include your brand domain.

Customer spotlight

We love hearing how marketers use RevenueHero to influence their pipeline targets and published several case studies in 2023. Here are our favorite ones:

drives higher inbound conversion rates with RevenueHero.

reduces time taken to book qualified meetings by 3x.

sees an 87.5% increase in meetings booked. 


Here is our top 5 picks from the RevenueHero blog for 2023:

  1. How RevenueHero called out Chili Piper with the Spicy Mystery Series
  2. B2B Marketing Attribution: Your Paid Channel Didn’t Drive Conversions. 5 Other Touchpoints Drove it too!
  3. Gated Content: Should you Gate your Content?
  4. B2B Buyer Intent: Why Declared Intent Trumps Assumed Intent
  5. SaaS Buying: The Triggers Influencing How People Buy Software

And there’s more to come. If you would like to learn more about any of these features or need help understanding how to make the most of your account just drop us a message in our shared slack channel or write to


2023 also saw some several memorable moments in the form of our first raise, partnerships with amazing communities like RevopsCoop, MKT1 and Exit five.

None of this would have happened without the support and belief of our customers and the awesome team at RevenueHero. And so from everyone at RevenueHero, here is us wishing you a Happy Holiday and a brilliant new year!

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