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Introducing Relays: Fast-Track Prospect's Journey with Instant SDR-to-AE Handoff

Introducing Relays by RevenueHero — Find the right sales rep's calendar, create a meeting, generate the conference link, and update your CRM. All in just 1 click

Vikash Koushik
November 14, 2023
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In the last few months we've been having 100s of conversations with sales leaders at different organisations. Here’s a pattern we noticed about their outbound efforts.

Every time a prospect agreed for a meeting, they:

  1. Opened a spreadsheet that they have for every region.
  2. Checked which AE got the previous meeting in the spreadsheet.
  3. Pulled up data on how many of the meetings that they assigned were no-shows to make sure AEs get a fair shot at hitting their quotas.
  4. Pulled up the calendar of the AE who got the least number of meetings booked.
  5. Checked with the prospect to see if they’re available at the same time as the AE. If not, go through multiple back-and-forth with the prospect to find the right time.
  6. Typed out the details and sent the meeting invite.

Over the course of the conversation, they told us they took about four to five minutes pitching and answering prospects’ questions. But it took them another five to seven minutes to finally book the meeting and send the meeting invite.

Making a prospect wait on the call for 5 minutes just to book a meeting isn’t a good experience for anybody.

This is a classic case of hiring a person in place of a product. You're wasting your SDRs time in a process that begs to be automated and losing prospects in the process.

The hardest part of your outbound campaign should be convincing the buyer to take a meeting. Not booking the meeting.

But not every spark of genius can be contained in words and phrases. So when these sales leaders showed us how they were handing off meetings, we knew it was a problem worth solving. We hopped on zoom calls, had whiteboarding sessions, played around with Figma prototypes, and tweaked the product based on their feedback.

After rolling it out to initial set of growing customers who have been able to solve this problem and are seeing promising results, we’re now launching Relays to the world.

Siteline uses Relays by RevenueHero
Siteline uses Relays by RevenueHero

Introducing Relays: Handoff meetings in 2 clicks in under 5 seconds

When a prospect agrees to take a meeting, all your SDRs have to do is click a button to see who they should book a meeting with, see their availability, and instantly get the meeting booked on the calendar.

Relays slips right into your tools and processes just like those training shoes

Your SDRs use multiple tools and processes to prospect. Which is why, toggling between tools that don’t talk to each other too well can make things tedious for SDRs. But Relays by RevenueHero is omnipresent; and more importantly stays in the good books of your SDRs’ tooling ecosystem.

Immaterial of where your SDRs are — whether it’s on a phone call, in their mailbox, inside CRM, or their sales engagement tool — your SDRs can instantly pull up the right AE’s calendar and book a meeting in a couple of clicks.

Book meetings from within your sales engagement tools like Salesloft & Outreach

Book meetings from within your CRM

Routing, tailormade to fit your sales process

Of course, there are times when you’d want to route meetings a certain way for certain teams. But your SDR shouldn’t have to do mental math while on the call with a prospect to figure out who needs to get the meeting.

For example, you might have a new AE join your European sales team and you might want to slowly ramp them up. Or you might want to show more availability slots for your US team and be flexible with the round robin.

For APAC though, maybe you just want to be fair and route meetings in a strict round robin to ensure that every sales rep gets a fair chance at hitting their targets.

Choose between strict, flexible, or weighted round robin to ensure equal distribution of meetings

Whatever your routing logic looks like, you can set it up in RevenueHero in a couple of clicks to ensure your AEs get a fair shot at hitting their quotas.

Fuzzy lead to account matching, to make handoff smooth as a butter

Account books keep getting refreshed. The list of accounts your SDRs are going after might include prospects who have ghosted you after a POC or a discovery call.

Imagine this scenario: Anne, your SDR, reaches out to a decision maker who previously ghosted John, your AE, after a couple of calls. But Anne gets the decision-maker to agree for the meeting this time. Since John took the meeting previously, he has all the context about this account.

Naturally, you’d want to assign the meeting to John, right?

With RevenueHero’s lead-to-account matching rules, all of this can be setup in just a few clicks to ensure:

  1. There’s no back-and-forth between the AEs to figure out who needs to get the meeting.
  2. Relays recognises the account owner right off the bat, when SDRs handoff meetings to AEs.
Fuzzy lead to account matching in RevenueHero
Fuzzy lead to account matching in RevenueHero

Recalibration, because who wants to handle no-shows & vacations in a spreadsheet?

Let me put it this way - When your AE returns from her vacation and finds out she’s gotten 10 less meetings because she was taking a well deserved vacation with her dog, she isn’t going to be pleased. And to top it off, all the meetings she got after she returned… were no-shows.

Expecting your SDR to keep a tab on every single meeting and ensure everyone gets equal distribution of meetings, isn’t practical. But turning on a toggle button inside RevenueHero that takes care of all this automatically is.

GIF of how it feels to recalibrate meetings without RevenueHero

The minute you turn on recalibration in RevenueHero, it takes into account the routing logic (strict, flexible, or weighted) you set for each team, looks at every single meeting every rep gets, and sees if there were any no-shows, and automatically adjusts the routing. This way, at the end of the month every rep in your team gets a fair shot at hitting their quotas.

RevenueHero’s Chrome Extension, the executive assistant every sales rep deserves

RevenueHero’s Chrome Extension is beautifully simple. It lets your:

  1. SDRs book meetings from wherever they are
  2. Reps manage and access meetings from any tab
  3. AEs mark no-shows right from within their calendar
  4. Reps access all their meeting links and share with prospects instantly
  5. Reps magically drop available slots inline within the email to make it easier for prospects to book a meeting

If you’d like to take Relays for a spin, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to implement it for your next campaign.

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