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Introducing Campaign Router - Increase conversions on your retargeting campaigns

Introducing Campaign Router in RevenueHero — Magic links to connect prospects to the right sales rep in one click.

Vikash Koushik
July 11, 2023
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Just last night, my transaction failed as I tried to renew my health insurance at the last minute. 

Obviously, I was bummed and a tad bit furious. 

After a couple of minutes, I received a call from one of their sales representatives. He clearly knew what happened and offered to get it resolved. When I accepted his offer to help, he switched gears and asked: 

  1. what my name was even though he greeted me with “Hi, am I talking to Vikash?”
  2. my phone number even though he called my cell phone
  3. my address even though his company sent me a snail mail reminder the previous week

Unfortunately, this is a common pattern even in B2B interactions. 

If marketers can pinpoint who hasn’t booked a demo and retarget them with campaigns, why can’t we pinpoint who is returning and give them the fast lane to your sales reps? 

Why ask them to fill in the same information again?

Campaign Router: Turn your retargeting campaigns into a pipeline machine

Hello instant scheduling, goodbye repetitive forms

When you send a nurturing email with a Campaign Router link, RevenueHero will instantly know which prospect of yours clicked the link. This means, when they finally book a demo with you, they get to skip the boring form and are given the fastest route to your sales rep. 

No forms. No drop-offs. No regrets.

Round-robin between reps and routing prospects to the right rep 

It’s great that your prospects are getting the VIP treatment they deserve and aren’t treated like a stranger anymore. But wouldn’t it be a lot more personal if your prospects get routed to the same sales rep who sent them an email follow-up?

All the capabilities and magic that you already love in RevenueHero also works with Campaign Router. Yes, that includes round-robin (or your own custom logic) distribution, lead-to-account matching, distribution reports, and routing logs.

Neat huh? 

If you’d like to take the Campaign Router for a spin, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to implementing it for your next retargeting campaign.

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