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HubSpot + RevenueHero - The 1-click integration your pipeline needs & the experience your buyers deserve

RevenueHero’s 1-click HubSpot integration enables your sales and marketing teams to accelerate speed-to-lead and hit supersonic pipeline velocity by converting qualified prospects.

Vikash Koushik
September 6, 2023
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There are a few things your sales and marketing teams shouldn’t be doing.

Like having to manually follow up with your sales rep to know if the meeting was completed or if it was a no-show. Or having to create complex workflows to update the status of a meeting to `Scheduled` when a prospect comes back a couple of months later and books a demo. Or swimming backwards to figure out how many meetings got booked this month because you only get meeting creation date.

Not fun, not even close.

That’s why, RevenueHero’s 1-click integration with HubSpot has a few tricks up its sleeve to make every sales rep and marketer’s life easier.

Instant Qualifier: The bouncer to your party

One of the nifty tricks you can instantly deploy is the Instant Qualifier that acts as a bouncer to your party. It stops leads that knock on your door, checks out their specifics — who they are, where they’re from, and literally anything else you want him to check — and only if they meet the criteria you set, he lets them in.

And like any good bouncer would, Instant Qualifier lets you know who tried to get into your party and book a meeting with your rep by immediately sending all their information to your HubSpot CRM. 

Pretty smart bloke.

TL;DR: RevenueHero listens to any web form you have, qualifies prospects the second they hit submit on the form, and sends the meeting information to your CRM.

 An image that shows RevenueHero’s instant lead qualification mechanism.

Create rules to qualify high-intent leads. Instantly after a form-fill.

Instant Scheduler: The strict librarian that needs everything up to date

Instant Scheduler is pretty strict and to the point. Kind of like my high school librarian. It listens to Instant Qualifier to see if the prospect is qualified, pulls up your details from your HubSpot CRM, and only then decides to show your rep’s calendar.

The speed on her is insane!

TL;DR: The second a prospect is qualified based on the values you set, RevenueHero displays the right rep’s calendar so you never miss another qualified lead.

An image that shows RevenueHero’s instant meeting scheduler.
Remove the friction in your demo workflow by instantly displaying your best rep’s calendar slots.

Magic Links: The magician who knows everything

Of course, you’ve got retargeting campaigns and nurture sequences running. 

But asking prospects who you already know intimately in your HubSpot CRM to give you the same details again is a crime.

When you deploy Magic Links in your marketing emails or sequences, all your leads have to do is pick a date and time that works for them.

And Abracadabra, a meeting is booked with the right sales rep instantly.

TL;DR: Reduce chances of drop offs from your nurturing sequences by allowing prospects to book meetings with the right sales rep without filling a form.

An image that illustrates how RevenueHero’s magic links enable prospects to book meetings without filling up a form.
Generate unique meeting links to save your well-known prospects from filling up a demo form.

Instant Logger: The silent guardian who makes anything possible

Instant Qualifier & Instant Scheduler sound like the perfect superhero duo. But there’s a silent guardian running in the background making sure everything runs smoothly.

Instant Logger acts as a silent guardian who has an eye on everything that’s happening. When the Instant Scheduler requests some data, she’s there. When the Instant Qualifier wants to enter data into your HubSpot CRM, she’s there. 

Instant Logger is also your secret intelligence agent. How?

  1. How many folks filled out a form? 
  2. How many got disqualified?
  3. How many qualified form fills did we get?
  4. Of the qualified form fills, how many meetings did we get?
  5. How many qualified form fills did not book a meeting?
  6. Of the people who did not book a meeting, how many of them came back via a nurturing sequence that led to a meeting?
  7. How many meetings did we get from a cold outbound prospecting campaign?
  8. Seriously, I can go on… But I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.
An image that shows RevenueHero’s granular reporting capabilities across the inbound funnel.
 Instant logger can help you generate reports with the most granular data across your inbound funnel
  1. When a prospect fills a form but doesn’ book a demo, returns a couple of months later and books a demo this time, Instant Logger updates the property from “Not Booked” to “Scheduled” along with details like when the meeting got created and when the meeting is scheduled to happen.

An image that shows RevenueHero’s instant logging of meeting property details.
Update meeting property details automatically when the status changes.

  1. Instant Logger knows when the meeting is completed and updates the right properties in HubSpot. It can also log if the meeting was a no-show, so you can create reports that reflect reality.

  2. It knows who booked a meeting. So if your SDR books a meeting for your AE, Instant Logger understands the vital role an SDR is playing and gives them credit by logging who booked the meeting as a property.

And that’s just scratching the surface!

  1. Strict Round-Robin or Flexible: Instant Logger knows how many meetings each rep from each team got. So you can ensure every rep in your sales team gets a fair shot at hitting their quotas by distributing meetings equally (strict round-robin) or by adding weightage.

  2. Account for holidays and no-shows: If your reps go on a vacation, fall sick, or the prospect doesn’t show up for the meeting, RevenueHero credits the rep back with another meeting.

  3. Lead to Account Matching: Instant Logger understands your GTM motion. When you’ve got ABM campaigns and are running activities to named accounts, Instant Logger can ensure your prospect gets routed to the account owner who is already handling the account.

    It’s smart enough to go beyond simple email and domain matching and allows you to fuzzy match using any property from your HubSpot CRM.
  1. Schedule meetings with a prospect and the right AE from within HubSpot or anywhere: Your reps shouldn’t spend their selling time on admin and switching tabs to book calls. When you connect RevenueHero to HubSpot and download the Chrome Extension, your SDRs can book meetings on behalf of your AEs right from within HubSpot or Gmail or literally from anywhere.
An image that shows RevenueHero’s Relay feature, which helps SDRs book meetings on behalf of AEs
With RevenueHero’s Relays, your SDR can book meetings on behalf of your AE in a few clicks.

Asking your marketers and sales reps to manually take care of admin tasks is like asking Superman to use his heat vision to boil water. Sure, he can do it, that really isn’t what he’s meant to do. 

The #Hubolution is gaining steam. Run over to our integration on HubSpot marketplace and click “Install App”, if you haven’t already. Or hit us up and we’ll show you how all of this works together.

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