April 24, 2023
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6 solutions that are a great alternative to HubSpot Meetings

Looking for the best alternatives to HubSpot Meetings? Check out these top 6 solutions along with their key features and prices to find one that fits your budget and meets your needs.

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We all know that HubSpot’s CRM and Marketing Hub are one of the best products out there. This is probably what got you evaluating its add-on, HubSpot Meetings. 

While it provides a great way for sales reps to share their availability or their team's availability as a link that leads to a basic meeting scheduling page, unfortunately, its utility ends there. 

Regardless of whether that thought crossed your mind or not, you definitely have a list of HubSpot Meetings alternatives at hand. 

To make things easy for you, to make the research less strenuous, and to #MakeBuyingSimple, we put together a detailed list of the best Hubspot Meeting alternatives you can explore. This also covers each of their features, strengths & weaknesses, and even product pricing. 

Before we see who’s on the list, let’s unpack all that we know about HubSpot Meetings so far. 

HubSpot Meetings: Everything it can and can’t do

A convenient way for prospects to schedule meetings without the email back and forth is through a highly efficient and organized tool designed to streamline communication between businesses and clients like HubSpot Meetings. 

What it can do:
  • Allows the business to share a personal booking link with the client, enabling them to book meeting times based on the business’ availability quickly. 
  • Eliminates the chance of double bookings or missed appointments.
  • Has a robust sync with Google and Office 365 calendars and other business applications.
  • Lets you embed your scheduling link on your website or use the shareable booking link via email.
  • Can create a round-robin meeting link so customers can meet with whichever rep’s schedule works best.
  • Has simple navigation with an easy-to-use interface.

That being said, there are very many businesses that are either looking to switch from HubSpot Meetings or are seriously considering its alternatives in their search. But why? Let’s find out.

What makes businesses want to switch from HubSpot Meetings? 

Despite its numerous benefits and features, Hubspot Meetings may not suit everyone. Its significant downsides could limit its functionality for those with specific needs.

  1. Lack of lead qualification and custom logic-based workflows
    Hubspot Meetings provide a calendar embed that allows you to embed a team's calendar after the form is submitted. Any form of logic to determine which team's calendar to show or whether to show the calendar, cannot be configured in Hubspot meetings.
  1. Can be used only with HubSpot forms 
    The scheduling page/embed that Hubspot Meeting provides requires its own form that ends up needing prospects to submit once more. The embed isn't designed to listen to your existing form fill to automate the scheduling experience. This results in people filling in the form, but not booking a meeting and eventually dropping off in the funnel.
  1. Involves complicated and manual processes
    The way it is designed Hubspot Meetings provides a common conference link connected to each scheduling page. The problem here is that each sales rep would have to ensure that they add their conference links to the meeting scheduled through Hubspot meetings. Only then can they run these meetings and have them recorded by sales intelligence tools like Gong. Plus, routing leads is nearly impossible through HubSpot Meetings’ workflows.

  2. Limited customization
    While HubSpot offers a lot of flexibility regarding what functionalities you can access within the platform, there are limitations when it comes to customization - particularly in branding and design. Only when used with other HubSpot products, is customization possible in HubSpot Meetings. 
  1. No meeting insights are available
    Unfortunately, HubSpot Meetings doesn't provide any direct insight on which sources of contacts are driving the most number of meetings or how effectively meetings are being distributed amongst your sales teams. Built to serve as a scheduling page with basic round robin, extracting insights like these from HubSpot Meetings is not possible.

  2. Very expensive, especially if you want the advanced features
    HubSpot Meeting’s pricing can be a major hurdle for smaller businesses or those on a tighter budget. While the free CRM is attractive, many of HubSpot's best offerings are only available in higher-priced plans, which start at $890/month and require a one-time Professional Onboarding fee of $3,000.

Take a look at what customers found lacking in HubSpot Meetings and pushed them to consider other options in the market. 

RevenueHero | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Here’s what HubSpot customers have said

How much does HubSpot Meetings actually cost? 

Ah, the most asked question of them all.

HubSpot Meetings offers a free 14-day trial and has 3 different pricing plans for individuals and small businesses, and 2 different pricing plans for businesses and enterprises to choose from.

For individuals and small businesses (on a monthly commitment)

  1. Free Tools: Can be used free of cost (although you may have to buy the Starter CRM Suite which starts at $50/month if you are a new HubSpot customer)
  2. Starter: Starts at $20/month  
  3. Professional: Starts at $890/month + a required, one-time Professional Onboarding for a fee of $3,000
HubSpot Meetings Pricing (For small teams)
HubSpot Meetings Pricing (For small teams)
Source: HubSpot Meetings Pricing Page (For individuals & small teams)

For businesses and enterprises
(on a monthly commitment)

  1. Professional: Starts at $890/month + a required, one-time Professional Onboarding fee of $3,000
  2. Enterprise: Starts at $3,600/month + a required, one-time Enterprise Onboarding fee of $6,000
HubSpot Meetings Pricing (For businesses & enterprises)
Source: HubSpot Meetings Pricing Page (For businesses & enterprises)

Now, if HubSpot Meetings was a strong contender in your list, we’re pretty sure after what you’ve read so far, you’d like to see how it stacks up against RevenueHero head-on.

Right, let’s dive right into the juicy bit you’ve all been waiting for - the 5 best solutions that are in contention to be the leading HubSpot Meeting alternative.

Top 6 alternatives to HubSpot Meetings 

1. RevenueHero

An inbound revenue acceleration platform, RevenueHero, helps businesses enhance the B2B buying experience. It helps you book more qualified meetings, connect high-intent website visitors to the right rep instantly, reduce the sales cycle, and drive more pipeline without hurting budgets. 

RevenueHero | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Let qualified prospects book meetings instantly with RevenueHero
  • Lets you connect high-intent qualified buyers with the right sales rep instantly throughout the buying journey, right from booking meetings on the website to handoffs between sales teams. 
  • Prospects can book meetings directly on your website or through emails with one-click scheduling. You can finally close the book on “email ping-pong” to confirm availability for meetings. 
  • Enhance buyer experience by enabling targeted messaging and automatic follow-ups & reminders with personalized communications and meeting links. Plus, you can keep leads hooked with calendar invitation content that is tailor-made for them.
  • Saves time on manually qualifying leads and assigning the right reps to your most valuable prospects via instant qualification
  • Ensures qualified leads are routed to the sales rep best equipped to convert them through round-robin, lead-to-account matching, and smart meeting distribution capabilities.
  • Helps you hit targets and stay on track with granular reports on buyer behavior, meeting outcomes, and conversion patterns. 
  • Pricing plans that are designed to be in sync with the value provided to your sales teams in the form of booked meetings - a solution that’s better for your ROI and bottom-line metrics. 
  • Smooth, seamless, and speedy implementation to get your workflows and use cases up and running in less than a couple of days. Plus, our onboarding and support team are always just a Slack message away
RevenueHero reviews | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Here from customers who have experienced the impact of RevenueHero on their pipeline
  • One thing we’ve had some of our customers say is that we need to ramp up the documentation. And we're actively working on it. Although our live onboarding & live support via Slack channels surely make up for it.

Plus, we are always open to understanding the challenges our customers face or finding out what capabilities they would like to see. And we take it straight to the drawing board and have our team come up with solutions. 

Take it straight from our customers, who are the voice of our brand and champion our solution to the world. Seriously. You should see what they have to say about the impact RevenueHero has had on their business. 


Our pricing is designed to be in sync with the value provided to your sales teams — booked meetings. There are 3 pricing plans that you can choose from at RevenueHero depending on what suits your business/team’s needs better:

  • Inbound Essentials
    A plan that is perfect for small teams looking to boost their inbound conversions. This plan is priced at $25/user/month and comes with a fixed platform fee of $79/month.
  • Outbound Essentials
    If outbound meetings are going to be your primary use case, this plan would be perfect for your team. SDR-to-AE meeting handoff, 1-click magic links to route meetings, personal meeting links, and much more for $20/user/month and no platform fee.
  • GTM Enterprise
    The preferred plan for larger teams and enterprises that are looking to accelerate revenue growth. This plan is priced at $39/user/month and comes with an additional $69/month platform fee, which does not change based on the number of users or leads submitted.
RevenueHero’s Pricing Plans 

2. Zoho Bookings 

Zoho Bookings improves your schedule management by helping everyone find the perfect time to meet each other and move work forward. It works especially well for individuals who use other services by Zoho to book appointments, sales calls, support sessions, interviews, and services. The platform has a robust, user-friendly, and feature-rich toolset that interfaces with other Zoho apps such as Calendar, Meeting, CRM, Sites, Flow, and Assist.

Zoho Bookings | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Source: Zoho Bookings
  • Sends out emails when meetings are confirmed, canceled, or rescheduled, as well as reminders and real-time updates
  • Sets buffer time between appointments to allow windows for last-minute bookings, cancellations, and rescheduling
  • Manages the team availability and displays the pooled availability of the team on the booking page
  • The pricing structure is very reasonable and cost-effective
  • Automatic language translation and time zone conversion make it easy to meet with customers across the globe
  • Although it integrates with apps outside the Zoho ecosystem, the setup is complex and usage comes with it challenges
  • Some bookings tend to appear outside of activities, tasks, or meetings

Zoho Bookings offers a free 15-day trial and has 4 different pricing plans for you to choose from.

Monthly Commitment: 

  • Forever Free: Can be used free of cost for 1 user 
  • Basic: Starts at $480/staff/month
  • Premium: Starts at $720/staff/month  
  • Flex: Custom plan for which you’ll have to get in touch with their sales team
Zoho Bookings Pricing Plans | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Zoho Bookings Pricing Plans | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Source: Zoho Bookings Pricing Page

3. Calendly 

Calendly is an easy-to-use scheduling automation platform that allows individuals to quickly and conveniently book meetings with each other. All you have to do is customize your scheduling link and invite your desired meeting participant via email. They can choose the most suitable time for both parties, and Calendly takes care of the rest. 

Calendly | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Source: Calendly
  • Creates scheduling links and booking pages for one-on-one meetings 
  • Send reminders and follow-ups for meetings 
  • Integrates with a host of calendar, email marketing, and video conferencing platforms
  • Setup and modify availability times based on user time zones
  • Quick implementation with few setup requirements
  • Easy-to-use branding and customization options are available
  • Cost-effective pricing (starts at $16 /seat/mo for the Teams plan)
  • Calendar sync and availability times can be out of sorts. 
  • The booking page tends to be slow and at times unresponsive
  • Since Calendly takes visitors to another page to book meetings, it causes marketing attribution to get missed a lot of times.
  • Only Professional plans and higher customers can connect to HubSpot CRM, while Teams and Enterprise can integrate with Salesforce CRM. 
  • Routing leads via ownership is only possible if you use Salesforce CRM, whereas only customers on the Teams and Enterprise plan can route using HubSpot forms.
  • Strict round-robin is impossible on Calendly since it works on showing the entire team's calendar.
  • Only customers on the Enterprise plan get a dedicated Calendly account partner, onboarding and implementation assistance, adoption guidance, and security & legal reviews.
  • Getting an enterprise license requires you to do so for your entire organization, irrespective of how many people are actually going to use it. 

If you were considering Calendly right after HubSpot Meetings, we’d like to show you how it stacks up against RevenueHero.


Calendly offers a free 14-day trial and has 5 different pricing plans for you to choose from:

  • Basic: Can be used free of cost 
  • Essentials: Starts at $8/seat/month
  • Professional: Starts at $12/seat/month
  • Teams: Starts at $16/seat/month
  • Enterprise: Custom plan for which you’ll have to get in touch with their sales team
Calendly’s Pricing Plans | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Source - Calendly's Pricing Plans
Calendly’s Enterprise Pricing Plan | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Source-Calendly's Pricing Plans

If you want to evaluate Calendly’s alternatives beyond HubSpotMeetings, there are a great many options for you to choose from. Here’s a detailed guide to the top 15 Calendly alternatives that might be a good fit for you.

4. Chili Piper

Chili Piper is a scheduling platform designed to help businesses streamline the lead-to-booking process and improve inbound conversion rates. It predominantly caters to larger revenue teams with high-volume leads who need automated lead routing and qualification. Its capabilities are unbundled and sold as separate products. (Instant Booker, Form Concierge, Handoff, Distro)

Chili Piper | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Source: Chili Piper 

  • Route leads based on account owner, geography, industry, company size, or any other custom routing rules your business requires
  • Distribute warm leads to the appropriate rep based on trigger events, such as reaching the lead score threshold, and field updates in Salesforce amongst others
  • Compatible with CRMs such as Salesforce or HubSpot CRM and sales engagement platforms including Outreach, SalesLoft, and High Velocity Sales
  • Send customizable SMS and email reminders to increase meeting show rates
  • While you have the ability to customize components to your brand’s style, the main drawback here is you require significant developer assistance, time, and effort to do so
  • The booking widget load time is slow and can be anywhere from 8 to 13 seconds depending on the complexity of the rules, causing a high drop-off rate
  • Since it is primarily built for Salesforce, customers who use HubSpot, or any other CRM find the integrations to be weak and frustrating
  • When it comes to looking up account ownership in your CRM, Chili Piper does not let you dynamically check and match leads with the right account owner. You’ll need a lot of admin work to get it right. 
  • Plus, it does not let you distribute your leads via a strict round-robin. 
  • As the products are bundled and sold separately, you’ll have to buy more than 1 to accommodate your advanced routing needs. The tiered platform fees, admin licenses, and hidden costs like minimum licenses make it more expensive than it could be. You can find a detailed analysis of Chili Piper’s pricing plans here.
  • And finally, we’ve heard that you might have to wait for days or even weeks for the team at Chili Piper to get back to you and resolve your implementation queries. 

Chili Piper does not offer a free trial and has 4 different pricing plans for you to choose from.

Monthly commitment: 

  1. Instant Booker: Starts at $22.5 per user per month
  2. Handoff: Starts at $37.5 per user per month
  3. Form Concierge: Starts at $45 per user per month, plus a Tiered Platform Fee*
  4. Distro: Starts at $45 per user per month

*Chili Piper’s Tiered Platform Fee is calculated based on how many leads are submitted per month.

If you submit up to 100 leads, the platform fee is $225. For up to 1000 leads the fee is $600 and for more than 100 leads you are charged a fee of $1500. 

Chili Piper Pricing | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Source: Chili Piper Pricing Page

If you’d like to explore alternatives to Chili Piper beyond HubSpotMeetings, there are a ton of great options for you to choose from. We even put together the top 10 Chili Piper alternatives list for you. 

5. YouCanBookMe

With YouCanBookMe, you can control your booking availability, automate your workflows, create personalized notifications and give customers an effortless way to schedule time with you. It streamlines appointment-related communication, such as cancellations, rescheduling, reminders, and confirmations. The platform is simple and easy to use with a user-friendly navigation and design. 

YouCanBookMe | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Source: YouCanBookMe
  • Syncs with either Microsoft or Google Calendar to define your availabilities for meetings 
  • Can share your booking page via email, text, and social, or also embed it directly on your website 
  • Every step of the booking journey is customizable - calendar content, confirmations, reminders, and more 
  • Supports 44 languages and easily translates all communication
  • Integrates with Zapier, Zoom, Google Meet, Stripe, and Gmail 
  • Setup and configuration can be complicated and time-confusing 
  • Upgrading to higher plans with premium features is expensive 
  • It does not recognize previous bookings

YouCanBookMe offers a free 14-day trial and has 2 different plans for you to choose from.

Monthly Commitment:

  • Free Forever: Can be used free of cost 
  • Paid Plan: Starts at $12/calendar/month  
YouCanBookMe Pricing Plans | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Source: YouCanBookMe Pricing Page

6. OnceHub

Formerly known as ScheduleOnce, OnceHub is a meeting journey builder that makes managing your schedule and lead generation processes easier. It is an ideal solution for small teams and businesses to book meetings. Beyond this, it also lets you design unique meeting journeys, manage engagements with a no-code digital assistant, and help build interactive landing pages to boost your ROI.  

OnceHub (Formely ScheduleOnce) | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Source: OnceHub (Formely ScheduleOnce)
  • Can define daily or weekly limits for meetings to manage the team’s workload
  • The session package feature lets customers schedule a series of meetings
  • Enables you to reserve equipment and meeting rooms for scheduled meetings
  • Integrates easily with video conferencing, calendar, and CRM solutions
  • Has flexible widget publishing options: standalone, pop-up, and embedded
  • Integrations available are limited
  • The UI is not user friendly and it can be slightly complex to set things up
  • Re-scheduling calendar availability is a tedious process
  • Customer support is slow and is available only for those on the paid plans
  • All the advanced capabilities are only available in the high-end paid plans

OnceHub offers a free trial and has 3 different pricing plans for you to choose from.

Monthly commitment: 

  • Starter: Can be used free of cost for up to 3 booking pages, forms, and chatbots
  • Growth: Starts at $24/user/month  
  • Enterprise: Custom plan for which you’ll have to get in touch with their sales team
 OnceHub (Formely ScheduleOnce) Pricing | HubSpot Meetings Alternative
Source: OnceHub Pricing Page (Formely ScheduleOnce)

It all comes down to this

Whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, you should be evaluating a solution that makes your life easier. And not the other way around.

HubSpot Meetings has its own place in sales/support workflows and can be used as a simple scheduling page, but it may not be the right one for your use case and business needs.

Especially if you are looking to: 

  • Help your sales team book more qualified meetings and double down on conversion,
  • Automate the complete meeting lifecycle for sales teams and help focus just on selling,
  • Provide all the visibility and insights required for marketers to understand which assets and campaigns convert into meetings without having to play twister with your CRM data.
  • Distribute leads amongst your sales team in the most effective and efficient way 
  • Get a solution with great ROI and even greater customer support
    Then we highly recommend you give RevenueHero a try. 

Book a demo with our team and get a complete walkthrough of the solution that is personalized to your use case and explore how RevenueHero can increase conversions and meetings held for your business as well as accelerate revenue growth. 

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