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How do I connect my calendar for instant scheduling?

Discover the steps to connect my calendar on the RevenueHero platform for instant scheduling and enjoy a seamless scheduling system.

Sayani Deb
February 6, 2023
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Today’s business landscape moves at lightning speed. And customers look for companies that do things instantly!

In this fast-paced tech era, instant scheduling has been the buzzword for some time now. In fact, numbers suggest that the estimated growth rate of the appointment scheduling market in 2026 is 13.1%, and the estimated value of the global appointment scheduling software market in 2024 is $360 million. 

This blog is about the importance of quick scheduling and the most important feature of scheduling software – connecting your calendar for instant scheduling. 

So, let’s start!

Importance of Instant Scheduling

Research says that a one-minute lead response time can result in 391% more conversions, and slow response times can lead to a 15% increase in customer churn rate. That makes quick scheduling significant for businesses. 

With instant scheduling software like RevenueHero, you can immediately respond to leads and route them to the right salesperson. Your lead can also directly schedule a meeting from the website, considering your and their availability.

Here are a few reasons why instant scheduling is important for your business. 

Increase productivity

To my surprise (read shock), data suggests that 12% of an organization’s time is wasted on manual scheduling. The average employee wastes 4.8 hours a week managing their calendar manually. And that’s over $18000 of wasted productivity per employee per year. 

If manual scheduling results in such a loss, imagine how much of your precious time an instant scheduling software can save!

With appointment scheduling software, you can automate your scheduling system. While your employees can save time, instant scheduling also saves your customer’s time. The software allows quick scheduling through websites. Your prospect can simply book a meeting from your website or social profiles based on the available slots. You can also allow for walk-ins or automatically update time-off between meetings. Further, instant scheduling automatically updates your unavailability. 

Instant scheduling also eliminates the need to send continuous emails manually. The software automatically sends personalized emails to meeting participants, time-to-time reminders, and other alerts. 

So, instant scheduling saves you manual paperwork and time, increasing employee productivity. 

Increased customer satisfaction

Instant appointment scheduling software makes your services easily available to customers. Customers can control the appointments and book meetings at their own convenience. 

Further, scheduling software also allows multi-channel appointments. Most appointment scheduling software works well on desktops and other mobile devices, so your customers can book appointments anytime and anywhere. 

The appointment scheduling platforms enable quick scheduling as they integrate seamlessly with tools like Google calendar, online meeting platforms like Zoom, communication software like Slack, and much more. 

With such features, instant scheduling software makes the entire scheduling process hassle-free. Thus, you can experience higher customer satisfaction, retention, and lifetime value. 

Reduce no-shows

Appointment no-shows are a disappointment. And if you have a manual scheduling process, reducing them is a tedious job. Making daily reminder calls, sending emails, keeping a wait list, making policies, etc., are a few things businesses do to prevent no-shows and huge revenue losses. 

However, if you implement an instant scheduling platform, nothing can stop you from reducing no-shows. In fact, self-scheduling lessened the no-show rate by 17%. Also, as of 2018, automated reminders reduced no-shows by 29%.

Instant scheduling software connects with your client’s calendar once they schedule a meeting with your company. It sends automatic reminders (emails, SMS) and alerts to all participants involved in the scheduled meeting. 

Also, with the feature to cancel meetings and reschedule them, instant scheduling makes the process more flexible for customers. As a result, customers can cancel or reschedule the meeting instead of being no-shows. 

Better insights

Data-driven decision-making always yields the best results. Once you have solid insights into your target market, you can improve your strategy and service. 

Instant scheduling solutions help you find the answer to questions like ‘What’s your busiest day of the week?’ or ‘What are the rush hours of the day?’

Moreover, several appointment scheduling software (like RevenueHero) offers reporting and analytics features where you can access useful insights. These insights can help you make better-informed business decisions. 

For instance, if you know your peak hours, you can design your sales team’s schedules accordingly. Similarly, if you know the busiest day, you can have more workforce to manage the workload well. 

Now, let’s see the steps to connect calendars for instant scheduling.

Steps to Connect My Calendar for Instant Scheduling

An instant scheduling software automatically updates schedules according to your availability. But first, you must know the steps to connect your calendar for instant scheduling. 

Here’s how you do it.

1. Create a company account with a trusted and user-friendly instant scheduling platform like RevenueHero.

2. Sign in to your individual or company account.

3. Click on the User profile tab at the bottom of the left panel and choose edit profile.

4. On the User profile area, you’ll find three options - Profile, Availability, and Integrations. Choose Integrations.

Steps to Connect My Calendar for Instant Scheduling

5. Under the Integrations tab, you’ll find two options - Zoom and Google Calendar

Integration of Zoom or Google calendar for instant scheduling

6. Click the Google Calendar icon and sign in with your email id. Provide input about your sales team’s availability. Once you’re done, the time slots will be easily visible to your prospects. Thus, they can instantly connect with your sales reps within a few clicks. 

Final Note

Implementing instant scheduling software is no more an option. Quick appointment scheduling is a must if you want to offer a holistic buyer experience. 

When it comes to RevenueHero, you get a lot more options than only instant scheduling. You can capture inbound leads, qualify them, route them to the right sales reps automatically, and schedule meetings in an instant. 

So, if you are all set to implement instant scheduling software, explore RevenueHero’s platform. To know its features and to learn more about RevenueHero, put in your email id and schedule a demo right away!

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