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Introducing Collective Round Robin: Round robin two groups of people and display common time slots

Introducing Collective Round Robin by RevenueHero — It's the easiest way to round robin two groups of people and pair an Account Executive with a Solution Engineer on the demo call.

Vikash Koushik
February 20, 2024
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In the last quarter, marketers from leading brands like Seamless, AppCues,, and Supermetrics implemented RevenueHero to automate their demo request flows. 

They increased conversions, drove thousands of qualified meetings for their sales team, and millions more in pipeline through RevenueHero. Like any top team, they’re constantly finding ways to improve their inbound processes, and as a result pushing our product to get better. 

Luckily for us, every time we helped them implement RevenueHero, we got direct visibility into their world view (another reason why we support and onboard directly on Slack). 

But in the last few months, companies that sold a rather technical product came to us with an interesting challenge. They have been finding ways to improve the pace at which they get both their AEs and SEs in front of the prospect right from the first call. It was an interesting challenge because they didn’t just want to pair an SE and an AE. They wanted to round robin both groups of people before adding them to the call.

The minute we saw how our prospects defined the problem in our Slack channels, our product, design, and engineering team had a thousand light bulbs go off in their heads. 

After rolling it out to initial set of growing customers who have been able to solve this problem, we're excited to launch Collective Round Robin to the world.

Introducing Collective Round Robin: Because it takes an entire team to win the deal

With Collective Round Robin, RevenueHero is the only product that lets you qualify, round robin members from two functions, pair them, display common time slots to your prospects, and add them to your sales call. 

Pretty cool that you can do all of this in a fraction of a second, right?

But if I’m being honest, we’d be doing both you and the release a grave injustice if we made this just about the feature. No. Today’s update to RevenueHero is about bringing a paradigm shift in how you see, imagine, and optimize the buying process for your prospects.

What does this mean for your business?

As of 15 minutes back, you have at least three areas in your company where you can deploy Collective Round Robin across your funnel — your first call with your prospect, setting up implementation calls, and contract renewals.

Make discovery calls for technical products a breeze

The first insurmountable hurdle in winning the deal is often the first call. Once you cross that bump, each call freely leads into the next.

No sales rep wants to spend thirty minutes coordinating multiple internal schedules and calendars. Or message on Slack asking solution engineers if they’re available for the demo call that just came in?

That’s why starting today, when a prospect submits a form on your website or clicks a “Talk to sales” button inside your app, RevenueHero can automatically round robin a group of AEs and a group of SEs, and present time slots where both members are available.

Pro Tip: If you have an account list that’s already assigned to reps in your CRM, RevenueHero can route the meeting to the account owner already assigned in the CRM and round robin to pick the available SE. 

Pretty cool, right?

Set up implementation calls in a jiffy

Setting up implementation calls after you’ve won the deal is one of those tricky things… You’re high on confidence and happy that you’ve won the deal. 

But you spend the next couple of hours scouring calendars trying to set up a call with the implementation team. And your prospect who just signed the contract is still waiting to get started. 

Ooof… That’s not a nice experience, is it?

With Group Meeting Links, you can share a link in an email to your customer. When they click to book a meeting, they’ll see time slots when both members of the group are available for the call.

Easy peesy.

Pro Tip:
Embed your implementation checklist or documentation in the meeting link so your customer knows what to expect next and isn’t completely in the dark. 

Schedule contract renewal conversations

It’s almost contract renewal time. As an Account Manager you need to book some time with the customer and bring the Customer Success Manager on the call.

Embed time slots in email that display common available calendar slots between the AE & CSM. Forget email ping pong and focus all your attention on trying to win the renewal. 

RevenueHero can’t predict what customers are thinking or even know if your prospect opened that proposal, but it can keep you sane when you want nuanced routing based on multiple internal schedules or areas of expertise to make buying simple for your prospects across your funnel.

Have other use cases in mind?

If you’re a marketer or a sales leader, and you’re looking to improve the pace at which deals move through your pipeline and Collective Round Robin sounds like a fit, let’s talk. 

If you’re unsure RevenueHero can solve routing and scheduling for your organization, hit us up. Our product team is high on energy and fully caffeinated. 

Revenuehero is fast and intuitive, custom-built for modern sales.
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