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Freeing Customers from Support Paywalls: Building a Brand the RevenueHero Way

Every customer has the right to exceptional service and support. And we think it’s probably the most underutilized way to build a brand. Here's a glimpse into how we do things the RevenueHero way.

Vikash Koushik
July 26, 2023
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Now, this is a strange title for a RevenueHero blog post. 

After all, we are not a support product. So, why talk about support and implementation?

For the uninitiated — RevenueHero helps sales and marketing teams drive more qualified meetings and pipeline, starting from a form submission, all the way to closing a deal faster.

So, why this article? Why now?

There’s a lot of talk doing the rounds lately around building a brand, demand creation, dark social, and all that fun stuff. It’s not surprising either — after all, there’s only so much money you can pour into algorithms to drive more pipeline for you.

But beyond all those fancy new terms, there's only one thing that'll help you fill your bucket. And that's happy customers.

Take Harley-Davidson, for example. Harley-Davidson never had to run ads, create a "Harley Hunk" or pay celebrities to popularize it. Because it is endorsed by a far greater power — its customers.

Today, we’re known for our incredible product, how quickly we’re able to help prospects implement, and the support we give our customers (yes, even after we’ve won the deal). Luckily for us, we've earned the seemingly elusive "best support in SaaS" title, coming straight from our customers and we don't take that lightly. 

Reviews on RevenueHero’s support
 Hear it straight from our customers on the RevenueHero support experience

So, how did we turn a typically begrudging experience into a delightful experience for our customers? And why do we offer free priority support to every single one of our customers instead of getting them to take out their wallets before we wear our support hats?

Psst… we think you’d like to read what our customers have to say

Here are a few reasons why we believe exceptional service is a right to every customer. And why we think it’s probably the most underutilized way to build a brand.

1. The opposite of love is not hate or indifference. It’s switching costs

The more your customers get to “know” your product, the more invested they are. And that’s a bigger switching cost than data or 30-day notice periods on contracts. 

For us, the easiest way to help our customers get to know our product, 99% of the time, has been through detailed help documentation. But for the other 1% of the time, when there are more nuances and help docs aren’t enough, the entire RevenueHero team is only a Slack message away. 

This has allowed us to respond to our customers in a few minutes and guide our customers to success.

2. You want prospects to pay you for a month to trial your product? Seriously?

If you’ve never paid to test drive a car, why pay to test drive a software?

Every business that walks in to test drive your product is unique. Each one walks in with a slightly different use case, opinion, or idea. While they may not be paying us just yet, their ideas have a real shot at sparking our business to reach new heights! 

Some of these ideas that we've come across during implementation have played a significant role in shaping our roadmaps and have opened up fresh, exciting opportunities that we wouldn't have stumbled upon otherwise.

3. Charging for support is like shooting yourself in the foot

Asking your customers to pay upfront, so that you can help them use your product the right way is plain outrageous. Even if you’ve got customers on a yearly contract, they’re likely to churn and move away to a competitor if they’re not invested in your product. 

*Remember that Peloton purchase and gym membership you got?*

While implementing RevenueHero for our prospects, we learn a ton about how our customers approach building their pipeline. We get to learn about all the nuances that go into building a GTM motion for companies of different sizes. This is a wealth of knowledge that we probably wouldn’t get access to even if we scoured the internet for months.

4. Nobody wants to work with vendors

One of the things we try to do is not be a vendor when working with our customers and prospects. Instead, we try to be a partner (in crime) and help them solve their pipeline issues.

This includes brainstorming ideas, sharing notes, suggesting solutions, and helping implement other complementary products that help them in their journey. And it goes without saying, we don’t charge for any of this. 

At its core, RevenueHero is about driving human connection in the buying process at a click of a button. To companies partnering with us, that’s how we want them to feel. Talking to us will always feel easy and like texting a friend, not “Urgh… I don’t want to talk to the cable company again”.

If you’re making customers pay to listen to their problems, it’s called therapy, not support.

Every customer that chooses to make the switch to RevenueHero, either from a different product or any status quo, chooses to put their trust in a new product, people, and company.

Like any new choice, we believe it's crucial for us to make them feel comfortable and feel like they have gotten an upgrade throughout their time with us.

Of course, none of this would matter if the product didn’t do justice to what we’re marketing and selling. At the end of the day, we just want to #MakeBuyingSimple for our customers and for our customers’ customers. It’s just how we roll at RevenueHero.

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