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Increase meeting hold rates by sending meeting reminder emails to prospects

Prospect booked a meeting? Great! But you also need to stay on your prospects’ minds until the meeting is actually held. This template shows how you can automate meeting reminders on email and get prospects to show up for the meeting.

Krishna Charan
May 15, 2024
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Sure, a meeting booked by an exciting prospect calls for some celebration. But not too much as it’s not over until the prospect shows up for the meeting.

You can’t let the prospect lose interest during the buffer period between meeting booked and meeting held. They need to be engaged with relevant information that keeps them mindful about the scheduled meeting.

Here’s how you can use RevenueHero to automate meeting reminder emails to your prospects and improve meeting hold rates.

How to automate meeting reminder emails to improve prospect show rates

For every meeting lifecycle, RevenueHero has a workflow you can implement to automate manual inefficiencies that plague sales reps.

With RevenueHero, our reps also don’t update the CRM about new meetings booked and other meeting statuses – RevenueHero detects this automatically and pushes data to the CRM.

Once a meeting is booked, here’s how you can use RevenueHero to set up multiple reminder emails until the meeting is held.

1. Choose your workflow’s trigger and its action

Head to the workflows tab in RevenueHero and create a new workflow. You’ll see a slew of triggers to simplify your GTM workflows. From the options, choose “Before a meeting begins”.

In the next page, choose the Meeting Types for which the workflow needs to be triggered. You can configure it for All Meetings or select specific Meeting Types. 

For instance, you might have a specific meeting type for SDRs to qualify prospects and a different one for AEs taking demos. You can take these meeting scenarios into account while triggering alerts.

Then, choose the action you want to trigger – “Send mail to prospect”.

2. Create meeting reminders for different intervals before the meeting

Add the content for the meeting reminder email here. In the below example, I have used a reminder for 1 day before the meeting. It gives a quick warm up to what the prospect can expect from the demo. 

You can configure multiple emails at different intervals until the meeting is held. Check out this blog for more best practices about meeting reminder emails.

Additionally, our reps also use RevenueHero’s placeholders to populate emails with important details with just a “/” slash command:

  • Meeting time and type
  • Prospect and their account details based on form entries and enrichment
  • Assigned sales rep’s name
  • Name of the form (mapped to different meeting booking pages) 
  • Links to the join the meeting, reschedule the meeting, or cancel.

To get a more comprehensive look at how you can decrease no shows with email and SMS reminders for meetings, check out our playbook

If you’re looking to configure more workflows and use cases that span across your GTM, check out other power routes.

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