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Meeting cancelled: Send instant alerts on Slack to the sales rep

Your sales reps need to be on their toes to flip meetings cancelled by prospects into positive outcomes. This template shows you how to automate meeting cancellation alerts to the sales rep on Slack and help them understand the reason behind them.

Krishna Charan
May 13, 2024
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I get a front-seat view of how our sales team at RevenueHero obsesses over cancelled meetings and takes steps based on cancellation reasons provided by the prospect. 

This helps us understand why drop offs happen in a funnel and fine tune the buying experience on the go.  

That’s why “meeting cancelled” alerts to sales reps are the first step to build an org-wide habit of following up with prospects, getting the cancellation reasons, and winning back that meeting.

Let’s find out how you can use RevenueHero to automate these meeting alerts instantly on Slack channels.

How to automate “meeting cancelled” alerts for your sales reps on Slack

RevenueHero lets you build workflows to automate critical pieces of the GTM funnel based on lead and meeting-level scenarios. 

Not to mention, our reps never have to manually update the CRM about cancelled meetings and other meeting statuses – RevenueHero detects this automatically and pushes this data to the CRM.

Here’s how you can send instant meeting alerts to your sales reps when a prospect cancels a meeting: 

1. Choose your workflow’s trigger and corresponding action

Head to the workflows tab in RevenueHero and create a new workflow. From the workflow options that you find, choose “When a meeting is cancelled” as a trigger.

In the next page, choose the Meeting Types for which the cancellation workflow needs to be triggered. You can configure it for All Meetings or select specific Meeting Types. 

For instance, you might be using a specific meeting type for SDRs to qualify prospects and another one for demos from AEs. You can take these meeting scenarios into account while triggering cancellation alerts.

Then, add the outcome for the trigger by selecting “Send message to Slack channel”.

2. Create a meeting alert with useful lead information for sales reps

Under “Action”, you can add the message for the meeting cancelled alert to be sent on Slack. In RevenueHero, you can configure an the alert on Slack along with all the necessary lead details using placeholders for:

  • Reason for meeting cancellation
  • Meeting time and type
  • Prospect details based on form entries and enrichment
  • Assigned sales rep’s name

The “Cancellation reason” placeholder can be used to understand the gaps in your prospects’ buying experience. So, consider setting up a prompt asking for cancellation reason with a drop down or an empty field for the prospect to fill in.

Note: You need to add the @revenuehero bot to the Slack channel where you want these meeting alerts.

Like some of our customers do, you can also add members such as managers and other stakeholders to the “Notify members” option, if you want them to oversee these alerts.

For instance, if your meeting booking form in a competitor comparison page is named “Form X”, RevenueHero can pull the form name so that reps can make the connection.

I hope this template helps you set up meeting cancellation alerts on Slack in no time. For configuring more detailed workflows and use cases, check out other power routes.