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Meeting not booked? Alert your sales reps immediately via Email

Don’t let your prospects abandon ship after filling up a demo request form. Follow up proactively by setting up email alerts when prospects request a demo but don’t book a meeting on the calendar.

Krishna Charan
May 21, 2024
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I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen a “meeting not booked” alert get converted into a held meeting from the diligent follow-up of RevenueHero’s sales folks. 

So, it’s not really over when some prospects change their mind after submitting a demo request form. They just need more time and better convincing from your reps to book that elusive meeting.

Here’s how you can use RevenueHero to automate these “meeting not booked” alerts instantly on your email.

How to automate “meeting not booked” alerts for your sales reps on Slack

RevenueHero lets you build workflows to automate critical pieces of the GTM funnel based on prospect and meeting-level scenarios. 

Here’s how you can use Slack and RevenueHero to send instant meeting alerts when a prospect fills up a form but doesn’t book a meeting on the sales rep’s calendar:

1. Choose your workflow’s trigger and corresponding action

Head to the workflows tab in RevenueHero and create a new workflow. From the workflow options that you find, choose “When a prospect doesn’t book meeting” as a trigger.

In the next page, choose the Meeting Types for which the cancellation workflow needs to be triggered. You can configure it for All Meetings or select specific Meeting Types. 

For instance, you might be using a specific meeting type for SDRs to qualify prospects and another one for demos from AEs. You can take these meeting scenarios into account while triggering cancellation alerts.

Then, add the outcome for the trigger by selecting “Send mail to specific address”.

2. Create a meeting alert with useful lead information for sales reps

Now, you can add your personalized alert message to be triggered on email. In RevenueHero, you can also configure the alert along with all the necessary lead details such as:

  • The time when form was filled
  • Prospect details based on form entries and enrichment
  • Assigned sales rep’s name
  • Name of the form  (mapped to different landing pages) 

And a lot more meeting info with just a slash “/” command to pull these variables.

You can create a group email id with your sales team and use “Send mail to specific address” as a trigger. This will help team-wide visibility whenever a meeting is booked – while the email body will contain the details of the sales rep who’s been assigned the meeting.

Pro tip: Include "Form Entries" along with the email. It's one of those tiny details that goes a long way and helps sales folks get all the information in one place instead of having to go back to the CRM just to see what they filled out.

I hope this template helps you set up meeting not booked alerts on email in no time. For configuring more detailed workflows and use cases, check out other power routes.