RevenueHero vs HubSpot Meetings

Easiest way to route qualified meetings for HubSpot? RevenueHero

HubSpot Meetings is great for 1-on-1 calls.

But if you're looking to Qualify, Route, and Schedule meetings right after your Hubspot form submit with advanced routing and lead to account matching, RevenueHero is the way to go.

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What the Hubspot community really wants. Hear it directly from them.

Hubspot is great for attributing contact creation. Not for meeting sources.
Distributing meetings to the right team based on custom attributes has a heavy developer dependency.
The booking experience in Hubspot Meetings increases drop offs and potential customers.

Power up Hubspot with the meeting scheduling experience your customers deserve.

One-click Scheduling

Get a fully-customizable booking widget that lets prospects schedule meetings right from your website.
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Instant Qualification

Save hours on manual qualification. RevenueHero will instantly qualify leads after form-submit.
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Smart Meeting Distribution

Connect prospects to the right sales rep every time. Round-robin leads, automate lead to account matching and more.
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Granular Reporting

Bisect every step of a buyer’s journey, dissect your funnel, and analyze conversion reports to close more deals.
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You need more than just a meeting scheduler. Here is what you'll gain with RevenueHero.

Reduce turn around times and increase successful meetings held.
Maximise selling time. Minimise your CRM.
Send embedded recaps to increase chances of the next meeting.
Maintain a consistent branding and messaging experience right from form submit to closed-won.

Hear from our customers

"Insanely good tool that's saving us TONS of time"
The entire RevenueHero experience has been awesome (great product, quick implementation, and a really supportive team)We were looking at a few different solutions for demo routing (manual was becoming way too much of a headache) and stumbled across these guys.
Aidan T.
Account Executive
"Great Alternative to Chili Piper"
It helps in improving your Demo booking rate. We could customize the routing logic as per our custom rules which can boost the conversion rates. It also gives the option to embed the router in the custom design that we can put on the demo page. Support from the implementation team is exceptional and we were able to implement it within a week
Tarun A.
"Scheduling Meetings Right Into Your Calendar"
1. Easy to configure
2. Compatible with multiple types of lead-capturing platforms
3. Ability to sync meetings directly into CRM/Calendar
4. Support - Very responsive
5. Onboarding - Smooth and the team will make every effort to solve the business case
Abhishek S.
Senior Account Manager
"Simple and easy Scheduling and Lead Routing tool!"
RevenueHero is an early-stage product but the team is quick and responsive in shipping out the features. The support we had from the evaluation to onboarding was exceptional and all it takes is a "Slack Message" for us to reach out to the founding team. Revenuehero, Offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, and you don't need special knowledge to understand how the tool works.
Karuthapandian M.
Marketing Operations Specialist
"Boost conversions and effortlessly route leads with RevenueHero!"
I’m a huge fan of the ease with which potential clients can now book meetings with our team through a minimalistic process. This has not only enhanced our landing page conversion rates but also made our internal lead distribution more efficient.
Adithiya N.
"Great for meeting routing"
Love how you can create custom meeting links within rev hero and that it automatically routs inbound leads. Takes the stress out of having to look at a router and figure out who is up next when an inbound meeting comes in.
Noah F.
Subscription Specialist
"RevenueHero improves conversions and makes lead routing a breeze!"
Love the simplicity with which our prospects can now schedule a meeting with our team with limited steps. This has improved our landing page conversion rate and streamlined lead allocation flow internally.
Pramod R.
"Solves most of the problems for lead routing and meeting scheduling"
The loading time is really short and the team was helpful in sharing ideas as to how we can minimize it even further. A lot of feedback from our end was implemented quite earlier than expected - the support level is great.
Dhiraj P.
Revenue Operations Lead
"Gets the job done - simple, effective and easy to use"
They helped us get started in no time - the support was incredible. The product itself works flawlessly. Infact, their team went above and beyond to share tips & tactics to incraese demo conversion rates. They are not just a product vendor, but a partner to us.
Apoorv S.
"Good solution"
1. Good scheduling capabilities
2. Easy routing workflows
3. Simple and easy to set up
4. Good dashboarding and reporting
5. Has made setting up meetings for prospects easier
Ammaarah H.
"A must have for sales teams"
The instant scheduler feature is amazing and a must have for sales teams with inbound revenue
Sardor (Sam) A.
Founder and Managing Partner
"Seamless and easy to use"
It integrates smoothly with our CRM and doesnt require any change in the way we used to work.
Jayant K.
Strategic Growth Marketer

Will it work with my stack?

You mean web forms, enrichment tools, CRMs, marketing automation, meeting tools, and email sequencing?
Yep, RevenueHero integrates in just a few clicks.

Frequently asked questions

When should I choose RevenueHero over Hubspot meetings?
RevenueHero is built to handle inbound conversion end to end and enables companies to qualify, route and schedule meetings right from the form submit. If you're looking to convert your inbound visitors to booked meetings, and reduce drop offs on your website, RevenueHero is built for you. Hubspot meetings work well for one-to-one meetings or for companies that have less than 3 sales reps.
How does RevenueHero integrate with my Hubspot CRM?
RevenueHero is designed to provide a zero change implementation process and integrates well with Hubspot to ensure that you have all the data you need to build the reports you need right within Hubspot.

Each contact is enriched with their meeting details and includes the meeting type, meeting status, meeting date and whether they ended up being a no-show.

RevenueHero also looks up Hubspot to assign meetings to existing owners when an existing customer or contact submits aform.
Does RevenueHero work with my Hubspot form?
Yes. RevenueHero's booking widget is designed to work with all your existing sales and marketing tools.

With your Hubspot form, the RevenueHero widget can be mapped and added to your website within 30 minutes.
What kind of reporting does RevenueHero offer?
You'll get end to end visibility on how many form submits result in meetings, how many results in no-shows and how many end up disqualified all in one place.

With all this data synced with Hubspot you can choose to build out reports right in Hubspot or use RevenueHero's out of the box reports to analyse and tweak your conversions in real time.

Generate pipeline on every form fill.

Go from contact creation to pipeline generation.

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