How Ultimate revamped its inbound process and doubled conversions with RevenueHero

Decrease in time taken to book a meeting after form submission
Increase in the number of inbounds that convert to qualified booked meetings
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One of the world’s leading customer support automation platforms, Ultimate is helping businesses scale their customer service with artificial intelligence. It enables conversational automated experiences across all text-based communication channels. Ultimate uses artificial intelligence to automate support queries for their customers so they can concentrate on what's more important.

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Increase your pipeline conversions
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When re-evaluating their inbound process at Ultimate, Sylvester Annan, the RevOps Manager, realized the biggest hold-up to their pipeline growth was a low lead to pipeline conversion rate.

He wanted to find the root cause of why leads came in but did not enter the pipeline and figure out a way to fix the leaks in the funnel. 

Here’s what he found out:

  1. First up, their manual meeting booking process meant that sales reps would get a Slack notification after form fill. Subsequently, they reached out to the prospect and tried scheduling a meeting over many emails and days. At this moment when buyers are impatient they can’t afford to lose traction or time.

  2. Secondly, all the leads that were coming in were not yet qualified as a proper opportunity. So then, sales reps were spending a whole lot of time and effort in manually qualifying the leads. Busy reps and busier prospects meant more friction and frustration on both sides. 

Here’s a glimpse into Ultimate’s demo booking process before RevenueHero: 

Not to forget the clock was ticking, leads were getting colder, and their conversion rate was not getting better. 

Sylvester knew that the modern B2B buying process required them to optimize their process and become lean and mean demand gen machine. 

Plenty of fish in the sea, but which is the one for you?

It was only natural that Sylvester and his team at Ultimate evaluated a couple of the older solutions in the market, primarily Chili Piper and HubSpot Meetings. Here’s what tipped the scales in favor of RevenueHero for them. 

1. Since HubSpot was already part of Ultimate’s tech stack, they decided to give HubSpot meetings a shot. But it did not cut it for them. Mainly because of 2 reasons: 

  • One, it put their reps into shared inboxes and allowed them to embed only a team's calendar. But it couldn’t handle their complex routing and distribution needs which was a significant downside.
  • Two, HubSpot Meetings did not let them assign meeting weightage for each rep. This was a crucial requirement for Ultimate in the tool they were using as they wanted to stagger the meetings assigned to new reps vs. senior experienced reps. 

The fact that RevenueHero had a solution to these challenges was what led them to evaluate it seriously.

2. Ultimate also explored Chili Piper as an option. While it ticked almost all the boxes for them, here’s where it lagged behind:

  • It did not offer a free trial period for the team to test drive the product and explore in detail if the capabilities would solve their needs.
  • The pricing was through the roof and way too expensive for them to even consider it. 

On the other hand, with RevenueHero they got a 2-week no-commitment trial period, where they tested the product live on their website, to make sure it works best for them and to make sure they love it before they buy. Plus, Sylvester found it to be a great deal as it had a far more competitive pricing and works the same, if not better. 

At this point, Sylvester knew his team needed the solution to help increase their qualified meeting conversion rates and achieve their pipeline goals. 

The missing piece in their inbound tech stack 

transformed the inbound conversion process for Ultimate and helped them 2X their inbound qualified meeting conversions. Moreover, they were able to bring down the time between form submission to booked meetings from 3 days to a couple of seconds.  

100% I would recommend RevenueHero. Being able to reduce the time taken for our prospects to book a meeting with us to a couple of seconds is a great metric of how well RevenueHero is working for us. The future is great, and the platform is great, but my favorite bit always has to be customer support.

It’s also not as expensive as Chili Piper. So, if you are looking for a solution that works like Chili Piper or even better but with a great deal, then RevenueHero is your answer.

- Sylvester Annan, Revenue Operations Manager, Ultimate

Here are the key processes and systems that Sylvester set in place along with the team at RevenueHero to streamline and simplify their demo process. 

🔑 Add the instant scheduler to help prospects book a demo directly on Ultimate’s website and give customers a faster and far greater booking experience. 

🔑 Create qualifying rules and custom routing logic as per Ultimate’s complex criteria and help instantly qualify and distribute leads to the right rep suited to talk to them.

🔑Integrate seamlessly with their existing tech stack, especially HubSpot CRM. Enable them to get new and existing meeting activities automatically updated into their CRM. 

🔑 Set up the Slack integration to Instantly notify reps on Slack about meeting updates and give them complete visibility on the prospect and move them through the funnel faster.

5 more reasons why RevenueHero is loved and trusted by the Ultimate team

Besides the most evident capabilities of instant qualifying, routing, and scheduling that RevenueHero offers, there are a few distinct features that can make a big difference to the inbound process. Just like it did for the team at Ultimate. 

#1 Personal meeting links

Besides having a calendar embedded on their website for prospects to book a meeting, reps also have the option to create their own meeting links where they can add custom messaging and collateral. Sylvester and his team love the ability to add this link when sending emails to prospects so that they can book meetings directly into their calendar.

#2 Meeting weightage  

A tiny but mighty feature, being able to assign meeting weightage is of great importance and impact to Ultimate. Through this, they get to assign more meetings to experienced reps in comparison to new reps via round-robin. Additionally, Sylvester also knew how important quotas are for his reps and was able to ensure that when people go on holiday and come back, they can level it up using this feature.

#3 SDR to AE hand off

Another essential thing that Sylvester was looking for at the time was the capability for SDRs to assign meetings to AE’s. This feature did not exist during their trial and evaluation period. However once they addressed this with the RevenueHero team, it moved quickly from production to release. And now, Relays is highly used and loved by their team for a smooth SDR-AE handoff.

What I really liked about RevenueHero was the fact that they were really on top of anything that we presented to them. And even when we want something that is not there on the platform, they'll look into it and bring it into production for you. Which is pretty great. 

- Sylvester Annan, Revenue Operations Manager, Ultimate
#4 Onboarding and implementation

When they first implemented RevenueHero and had to take it to our reps, they got detailed documentation on what the reps needed to do and how to set up their accounts. Plus, the RevenueHero team jumped on the onboarding calls with all the reps from the Ultimate team, guiding them on the process and answering questions from the team live. Which is something the team loved.

But before they even got to the point of onboarding, Sylvester and his team had explored the ins and outs of the product during the trial and gotten all their queries answered via the Slack support channel. All in all, smooth and speedy sailing.

#5 Customer support

To support the Ultimate team with any queries or challenges they may have, they have a Slack support channel with people from both teams. And here’s the gist of it: 

The product is amazing, but what really got you guys through the line was your customer support. For a B2B SaaS company, it is next level. With RevenueHero, we have the Slack support channel, wherein we know that when we reach out, it'll just take seconds for you to rectify whatever concerns that we have. And that is really really incredible.

- Sylvester Annan, Revenue Operations Manager, Ultimate

Best Practices by Ultimate

Hear from Sylvester on how Ultimate delivers a winning experience at every touchpoint of the customer’s journey:

As a company, having your customer journey fully mapped out is extremely important as this influences how prospective customers and customers view your brand and product. At Ultimate, our customer journey begins with awareness creation which drives interest. This then translates into purchase. After purchase comes awesome customer support and loyalty. I would like to stress the significance of having an amazing customer support here. You shouldn't have this friction where it is difficult for your customers to reach out to you. That makes a lot of difference.

Your customers, when they need something, don't want to send an email and wait for days before getting help. We all know the value of new clients but if you are not able to keep your existing customers, you have a huge problem as a business. I personally believe the best source of a new customer is when your existing customer recommends your business. Our AI-powered solution at Ultimate makes sure you are there for your customers 24/7.

- Sylvester Annan, Revenue Operations Manager