How TrovaTrip uses RevenueHero to increase call-held rates

Increase in call held rate
Decrease in lead time on booked meetings
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About TrovaTrip

TrovaTrip is the group travel company on a mission to help people find their community, everywhere in the world — we offer a marketplace of vetted, local expert itineraries to creators and community leaders who want to bring their online communities offline and together in real life. Since our founding in 2017, we’ve booked more than 1,500 group trips and helped over 25,000 Travelers experience the world with like-minded individuals.

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TrovaTrip’s inbound routing was uniquely set up to be a double-edged sword. Dominic Triolo, RevOps Manager at TrovaTrip, found their sales team needed to have equal opportunities and it needed to be a scalable model. 

Here’s a rundown of the nuances that made it difficult for Dominic and his team to ensure equal opportunities. They had 1-to-1 pairings of SDRs, AEs, and Account Managers for different categories of content creators (prospects). 

This meant each SDR could reach out only to content creators from the categories they owned and manually review the prospects. Post which, they sent out HubSpot meeting links to prospects to book a meeting with an AE/AM from the same category.

Here are the 3 key challenges Dominic and his team ran into: 

  1. They quickly realized not all categories worked the same way and it was easier to find success in some categories compared to others.

  2. They saw that some categories were more successful than others, but with the 1-to-1 BDR/AE/AM pairings they couldn't easily invest additional sales resources into those categories.

  3. The challenge with HubSpot meeting links was that they couldn't effectively round-robin meetings among the AE team, leading to a less equitable distribution of meetings. Or if the meeting was a no-show there was no way to credit meetings back to reps. 

It was becoming a pain and Dominic and his team set out to get to the bottom of it.

The journey so far 

Dominic and his team wanted to transition to a system where they had a pool of SDRs who could prospect, schedule meetings with them, and finally hand off the prospect to the right AE from a pool of AEs. 

This required a new way to route meetings and thus began Dominic’s search for a routing and scheduling tool. 

To begin with, they evaluated both Calendly and Chili Piper. And then they came across RevenueHero and assessed it as well. 

In Dominic’s words, here’s what tipped the scales in favor of RevenueHero for TrovaTrip: 

“I think all of the tools accomplished the thing that we needed them to do - which is route calls. But RevenueHero had a much stronger offering when it came to CRM integration for us, specifically since we use HubSpot. We were really impressed with the level of integration there. And what we were able to do with RevenueHero compared to the tools that we looked at.” 

- Dominic Triolo, RevOps Manager, TrovaTrip 

The ticket to a transformed inbound engine 

transformed the inbound process for TrovaTrip and helped their sales team schedule calls with prospects more quickly and effectively than before. 

The biggest game changer for us is with RevenueHero we are now seeing our leads book meetings within the same day compared to 5-7 days. We've been able to open up more calendar availability, book and hold more meetings, and also allow for more flexibility amongst our sales reps. And we've seen a bunch of efficiency gains and in turn more productivity.

- Dominic Triolo, RevOps Manager, TrovaTrip

Here are the key processes and systems that Dominic set in place along with the team at RevenueHero to streamline and simplify their inbound process.

 🔑 Build custom qualifying and routing rules to instantly qualify and route leads to the right rep suited to talk to them.

🔑 Set up a seamless integration and data sync with HubSpot CRM with minimal engineer/developer assistance. 

🔑 Set up personal meeting links and magic links for their reps and customize settings like meeting buffers, availabilities, and weightage assigned to each rep. 

TrovaTrip's inbound router setup for meetings booked on their website

For meetings booked via Magic Links, here's a glimpse into how TrovaTrip's campaign router is set up

For meetings booked via Magic Links 

Right off the bat, they are experiencing the impact, from a 15% increase in call-held rate to a 50% decrease in lead time on booked meetings (the time between when the meeting was booked to when it was scheduled to occur).

We are huge fans! I definitely would recommend RevenueHero. In the landscape of meeting routing, it is a flexible solution, which is very important to me and a lot of RevOps folks. It's like, if you can dream it, you can build it.”

- Dominic Triolo, RevOps Manager, TrovaTrip 

The many reasons why TrovaTrip loves RevenueHero

The TrovaTrip team has been making the most out of RevenueHero and there are a multitude of features and capabilities that the team loves. Here’s the top 5: 

  1. Meeting calibration for no-shows
    A big pain point that RevenueHero helped address was meeting no-shows. With RevenueHero they can credit meetings back to reps & modulate weightage easily in a few clicks to ensure everyone gets a fair chance at hitting their targets. 

    This has helped them eliminate their previously opaque process where there was no real-time visibility nor was there even meeting distribution. 
  2. Routing Log
    Having a bird’s eye view of every single meeting across the sales team’s calendar was very important to Dominic. He wanted to be able to track every single meeting, who it got assigned to, and understand why something happened the way it did. Especially since he deals with a lot of such queries from sales reps. 

    RevenueHero’s routing log has been really valuable where a quick look is enough to understand the meeting lifecycle. He loves how easy it is to use and understand not just for him but also for all the sales reps on the team.
  3. Workflows and reports in the HubSpot integration
    In addition to logging the meeting in HubSpot, Dominic loves that the RevenueHero integration maps a whole bunch of contact properties along with data on the most recent meeting outcome and most recent meeting type. 

    The team also utilizes the meeting data in HubSpot to pull up reports and tweak their routing logic based on what’s working best for them. 
One thing that I really, really like about RevenueHero is the fact that we can utilize the HubSpot suite tools like the workflows and reporting to enhance the value that we get out of RevenueHero. The RevenueHero workflows do what we need them to do, get that data into our CRM, and help us pull up reports there.

- Dominic Triolo, RevOps Manager, TrovaTrip 
  1. Chrome extension
    Having visibility on the call-held rate was crucial to Dominic and his team. Being able to automatically mark no-shows from wherever they are using the RevenueHero and have it get updated automatically in the CRM has been a boon for them. Reps don’t have to manually update it every single time in the CRM, thereby saving time and also increasing the quality of data.
  2. Implementation and support
    The entire team at TrovaTrip found the onboarding straightforward. And it was essentially done and ready to go in one meeting.

    To support the TrovaTrip team, there is a live Slack channel with members from both teams to help answer questions immediately right from queries to feature development support. For Dominic and his growing sales team, being able to get instant responses and resolutions to any queries they had was important.
The level of support is high which is something that RepOps folks like me really value. That was like a big standout for us.

- Dominic Triolo, RevOps Manager, TrovaTrip 

Best Practices by TrovaTrip

Hear from Dominic on the behind-the-scenes best practices that the TrovaTrip team employs when it comes to choosing the right solution:

Think about your must-haves and then nice-to-haves when you're evaluating different SaaS solutions. You also need to think if it will scale with your company as you want something that will grow with you.

I think the other piece is to not underestimate the value of good quality service on an ongoing basis. If anyone has onboarded a provider where they email their rep and it takes like 3 weeks to get something resolved, then they’ll understand how nice it is to be able to just send a message in a Slack channel and get a response quickly and have someone look into it.

- Dominic Triolo, RevOps Manager