Talroo switched from Chili Piper to RevenueHero because they wanted a solution that scales with them

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Austin, Texas

About Talroo

Talroo is a data-driven job advertising and talent-matching platform that reaches the candidates' businesses need to build their workforce, efficiently and at scale. Its engine powers millions of job searches across thousands of online sites daily to find talent. 

Talroo delivers quality candidates using application signals from your ATS and 1st-party profile matching technology to optimize cost-per-hire goals.

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Talroo’s journey with RevenueHero is so much more than just loving our product and its capabilities. Yes, the tangible components of our solution checked all the right boxes. 

But for Stephen Gibson, Sales Enablement Specialist at Talroo, it was the intangible aspects that sealed the deal. 

Let’s start at the beginning. 

Talroo is a well-established business in the job advertising space. Their processes and numbers were in tip-top shape already. 

In fact, they were using Chili Piper when Stephen spoke to the RevenueHero team to evaluate the alternatives in the market and see what’s new in the space.  

When I met with the team, I was kind of blown away by the product map that y'all had. RevenueHero met needs that I wasn't considering at the time. It was just perfect timing.

- Stephen Gibson, Sales Enablement Specialist, Talroo

What made RevenueHero come out on top (over Chili Piper)

In terms of capabilities, Stephen found RevenueHero and Chili Piper to be at par. 

But the more he spoke to the team at RevenueHero, the more it grew on him. Here are the top reasons why: 

  1. Flexible product that met Talroo’s needs
    One thing that Stephen had a tough time with Chili Piper was how it was strict and rigid in its setup and process. It did not offer any flexibility based on their needs. They had to work around what Chili Piper offered.

    With RevenueHero, he was thrilled with the level of flexibility the product offered. He was able to customize it to the tee to fit his team’s needs.

    Stephen was also seeing in real-time how much the product was being improved and upgraded based on customer feedback. He loved the level of ideation that went into the product roadmap and the speed at which new updates/features were being shipped out.

  2. People who believe in a partnership more than a transaction relationship
    While evaluating both solutions, a huge piece for Stephen was his vision of a partnership rather than a purely transactional one-sided vendor relationship. Beyond the product features, there were other aspects where he required flexibility.
Basically where Chili Piper was not willing to be flexible, you all came in and met my needs - and that’s what I consider a true partnership. And that vision of a partnership is what led me to pursue this, present it to my leadership team, and ultimately get it across the finish line and replace Chili Piper.

- Stephen Gibson, Sales Enablement Specialist, Talroo
  1. Access to a dedicated RevenueHero team for instant support
    Another key area that Stephen valued in RevenueHero is the after-sales support. And by that we mean a direct line of communication with an entire pool of solution engineers, the success team, and even the founders.

    Getting a response instantly and having problems fixed immediately has been a great plus point for the Talroo team. Because at the end of the day, RevenueHero is tied directly to Talroo’s bottom line metrics. It wasn’t fair for Stephen and his team to wait 24 hours for a response via a ticket or wait until their dedicated customer success manager finished their call or returned from a vacation.

    It’s RevenueHero’s speed of response that even today makes a ton of difference to Stephen and his team.
  2. Implementation with minimal disruption
    The transition to RevenueHero from Chili Piper was done with minimal disruption and was made as smooth as possible for the Talroo team. Within 1 month, Stephen moved from submitting a demo request, to evaluating the product, getting approval from his team, and finally deploying RevenueHero. 

    It was a collaborative effort between both teams to get RevenueHero up and running. Stephen loved working with our team to set up because of the level of support he got during the internal enablement process, which otherwise would have been all on him. And whenever they ran into roadblocks, it was addressed immediately.
It didn't feel like I was having to do all the heavy lifting. It felt like we were sharing the load. The speed at which y'all were reacting and resolving issues and taking feedback critically shows that you understand how it impacts our business.

- Stephen Gibson, Sales Enablement Specialist, Talroo

How Talroo uses RevenueHero to drive greater results

All said and done, Talroo implemented RevenueHero for a purpose - to drive more conversions and accelerate pipeline growth.

Here are the key processes and systems that Stephen set in place along with the team at RevenueHero:

🔑 Set up Relays to help meeting handoffs between BDRs and AEs, along with custom routing logic.

🔑 Add RevenueHero’s scheduler to help prospects book a demo directly on Talroo’s website to make it intuitive, easy, quick to load, and provide an on-brand experience. The leads are automatically qualified, routed, and assigned to the right reps. 

🔑 Enable all the reps to set up personal meeting links in their email signatures. So that every message they send outside the organization has a ‘book of meeting with me’ link in it.

I have been recommending RevenueHero. I basically say it's Chili Piper on steroids. It's the next step because y'all are forward-thinking, y'all are not looking at what should this tool be doing, but what else could it do. How else can we solve the problems our customers face?

It's the people. Y'all are incredible to work with. It's a level of service and partnership that I value. I’m really excited to watch the company grow and kind of be part of it.

- Stephen Gibson, Sales Enablement Specialist, Talroo

Best Practices by Talroo

Hear from Stephen on what he values to be the foundation upon which business relationships are built:

“I think truly looking at the vendor relationship as a partnership is something that's changed my perspective. The reason is that a lot of these tools are great at what they do, but if the relationship between the two companies doesn't exist and it's not mutually beneficial, I don't think that there's ever success involved. 

When you look at it as a partnership, I think it holds both parties accountable. I expect the vendor to provide the tools, features, and functionality that they display when selling the product. And I want to be able to stand behind the product internally and know that it works well. 

But even the day-to-day relationship between myself and the vendor needs to be mutually beneficial. It's such minute details that make a difference. 

The level of communication that I receive when I start to have these partnership discussions and they see that it's truly a two-way street, I think it leads to success. At the end of the day, partnership is the key to success, in my opinion.” 

- Stephen Gibson, Sales Enablement Specialist