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Omnisend is an email & SMS marketing platform with a suite of features made specifically to help e-commerce stores grow their online businesses faster. One-click integration with major e-commerce platforms, pre-made automation & email templates, and award-winning 24/7/365 live customer support make it easy for brands of any size to sell more — all without the exaggerated cost.

“Great marketing needs to be expensive” is a myth that 100,000+ Omnisend customers are busting every day by growing their businesses with email and SMS marketing

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Marty Bauer, Director of Sales at Omnisend, knew that he couldn’t leave any stone unturned when it came to automating their process in the sales funnel. Their website demo booking process was already converting at high rates thanks to the automation they had in place. 

But Marty and his team didn’t settle. They knew they could drive more conversions. 

I really believe that the sales process, especially with sales tools and software sales in SaaS has changed dramatically. It's less about us where we control the flow and the timing and the information. It's really in the customer's hands.

By the time they get to us, they know what we do. They're already searching for something. There's some trigger that is making them want to request more information, want to request a demo.

So we want to meet them when and where the customer and prospect is at. So specifically what we're looking to do is give the person the opportunity to book a demo live on our website

- Marty Bauer, Director of Sales, Omnisend

Here’s a sneak peek at how Omnisend’s process looked:

  1. When prospects booked a demo, Omnisend automatically routed them within HubSpot to the sales rep and would automatically enroll them into a sequence.
  2. After meetings got assigned to reps, there was a five-minute lag in the automated follow-up email that was sent to the prospect with the meeting booking link. 

While his team reached out within five minutes, it resulted in the email getting lost in a prospect’s busy inbox. And Omnisend reps had to engage in a prolonged back and forth to get that meeting on their calendar. Either way, the cost was losing out on high-intent opportunities.

In his own words, here’s what Marty was trying to achieve at Omnisend: 

We said, what if we give prospects the ability to request a demo such that we log that information, but then also give them a list of options to book a meeting immediately? Would that help us convert more customers to book meetings? And then complete the meeting and convert them into paying customers?

That was the problem we were looking to solve.

- Marty Bauer, Director of Sales, Omnisend

In the process, Marty also evaluated Chili Piper and other options in the market. But Marty and his team found a great fit with RevenueHero. 

Before we jump further, let’s take a look at Omnisend’s demo booking process before RevenueHero when they had to manually route leads to the right sales rep or AE ‍based on the qualification criteria on the form.

Perfecting the demo booking process with RevenueHero

RevenueHero transformed the meeting booking process for Omnisend, and since implementation, they have seen their qualified form fill to meetings complete at 81%.

RevenueHero works really damn well. The percentage of qualified meetings that were getting booked on our website within the first 3 months of implementation was beyond our expectations.

I would absolutely recommend RevenueHero. It's been a game-changer for us. And this is one of those tools where we saw an immediate impact once we set it up. We're seeing a lasting impact that is consistent and that continues to compound. It works great and I can definitely point to a high ROI.

- Marty Bauer, Director of Sales, Omnisend

Here are the key processes and systems that Marty set in place along with the team at RevenueHero to streamline and simplify their demo process. 

🔑 Add RevenueHero’s scheduler to help prospects book a demo directly on Omnisend’s website to make it intuitive, easy, quick to load, and provide an on-brand experience.

 🔑 Create qualifying rules to instantly qualify and route leads to the right rep suited to talk to them.

🔑 Seamless integration with all the tools from their existing tech stack, especially HubSpot. 

3 not-so-obvious things that Omnisend loves about RevenueHero

The Omnisend team loves many aspects about RevenueHero. This includes easy configuration, high customization within the platform, and a fast implementation & setup process. 

That being said, let's take a look at some of the not-so-obvious yet highly beneficial aspects that Marty and the Omnisend team love about RevenueHero. 

  1. Reps don’t have to log in/open RevenueHero every day
    One of the main reasons the AE’s and reps at Omnisend love the product is because they don’t have to worry about tech stack bloat. They see their calendars filling up with RevenueHero-booked meetings without even needing to go into RevenueHero. It works behind the scenes for them. They don't see it but it's set up to help them focus their time and effort on moving the needle in other areas. 
  2. Admins don’t have to worry about frequent manual intervention
    The fact that it runs behind the scenes without any manual intervention daily is huge for Marty’s team and their sales workflows. After setting up their routers and distribution logic initially, they hardly had to change or tweak anything. They only log in monthly to check if everything is a-ok and weekly to view the reports.
  3. The RevenueHero team is available 24x7 via a Slack channel
    Right from implementation and onboarding to today when they are in the thick of it all, Marty loves the fact that they can get their queries and doubts answered instantly at any time of the day by the RevenueHero support team in their Slack channel. 
The thing I love about RevenueHero is the Slack channel with your team. That makes a world of difference. That's where we live all day, every day. Our internal communication is there and your team is there. They're super responsive. Several times we were able to hop on a Slack call real quick and get help.

- Marty Bauer, Director of Sales, Omnisend

The sales landscape has flipped, shifting from our control to meeting customers on their terms. Omnisend is embracing this change by letting customers take charge — booking demos on the website instantly the second a prospect shows the highest intent.

Best practices by Omnisend

Hear from Marty on the approach that the team at Omnisend takes to provide an exceptional customer experience in a customer-first world using RevenueHero.

We help eCommerce businesses automate a lot of their business. And we see the ROI that they get from automations versus manual email campaigns. We see how much automation helps businesses connect with customers effectively.

And we take that to heart too. Automation is not something to be scared about. It's not going to eliminate this job or that job. Automation can help do the things that could be automated through a tool like SalesLoft or HubSpot or RevenueHero.

Any type of tool, if it can help us automate things that can be automated and then that frees up time for our team to then focus on high value activities that cannot be automated — Addressing value add questions, helping customers complete their migration, adding value and showing you the benefits of our platform to that customer's business —  that is incredibly beneficial to our top line and bottom line.

- Marty Bauer, Director of Sales