How Okendo drives higher inbound conversion rates with RevenueHero

In qualified meeting conversion rates. Increased in a month from 80%.
Increase in the number of form submissions
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About Okendo

Turn customers into superfans with Okendo. Its unified platform for reviews, referrals, loyalty, quizzes, and surveys, makes it easy to cultivate advocacy, scale word-of-mouth, and maximize lifetime value. 8,000+ Shopify brands use Okendo to mobilize their customers for faster and more efficient growth, including SKIMS, Netflix and Oh Polly.

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Okendo is one of the go-to solutions in the market with more than 8000 customers. They were converting demo form submissions to booked meetings at 80% and it was the kind of number many teams would dream of. But Drew Frayre and Nicholas DiCello from their RevOps team knew they could get more if they fixed their scheduling and routing complexities.

So they did what anybody in 2022 would. 

They started out with Chili Piper. They did their best to make it work for them, only to get burnt by the heat.  

The ROI they got with Chili Piper was low and it didn’t help that they had to deal with a booking page that took too long to load and a support experience that was less than satisfactory, to say the least.

Working with the "leading solution in the market" ended up being a problem, which resulted in Okendo looking for a different solution. 

It got to a point where the team at Okendo was even okay with building a custom solution for their Hubspot CRM.

They used Hubspot Meetings along with Hubspot forms to try and ensure existing leads go to the same owner. But they kept running into multiple challenges and needed developer assistance every time they had to go live on a new page.  

But that didn’t work out for them as well. The form wasn't loading fast enough to give their customers a great buying experience. 

Here’s a bit of backstory about Okendo’s demo booking process before the RevenueHero implementation. 

Identifying the root cause of their problems

With rapid growth and expansion came evolving new products and a huge base of customers and prospects who were primarily reaching out via the request demo page. 

Here’s a visual representation of Okendo’s process, pre-RevenueHero: 

Okendo's lead qualifying, routing, and scheduling process before implementing RevenueHero
Okendo's lead qualifying, routing, and scheduling process before implementing RevenueHero

🚫 Difficult to manage and track a heavy influx of demo requests on a daily basis 

🚫 Long and cumbersome demo request process causing high drop-off rates 

🚫 Manual routing of leads to the right sales rep or CSM

🚫 Managing their round-robin and complex meeting assignment system manually

🚫 Stagnant booked meeting conversion rates 

Focus on efficient lead routing to boost conversions

RevenueHero simplified and streamlined the instant meeting scheduling and lead routing process for Okendo. 

RevenueHero works so well for us and is easy for the team to use. The UI is really awesome, simple, and just makes sense.

- Drew Frayre and Nicholas DiCello, Okendo’s RevOps team 

Here are the key processes and systems that Drew and Nicholas set in place after implementing RevenueHero, which is proving to be extremely beneficial to their sales, customer success, and RevOps teams. 

🔑 Present the correct sales rep/CSM’s calendar immediately after the Shopify merchant submits the demo request form  

🔑 Build custom logic and rules in line with their existing process to assign, route, and distribute meetings 

🔑 Set up a strong 2-way-sync with their existing HubSpot CRM and lead capture form to automate the updation of the meeting type on it once booked. 

Okendo's lead qualifying, routing, and scheduling process after implementing RevenueHero
Okendo's lead qualifying, routing, and scheduling process after implementing RevenueHero

Cut to today, the Okendo team is feeling the impact of RevenueHero in all the areas they wanted to, and some more. 

Since implementation, the results that they are seeing are huge. They increased their qualified booked meeting conversion rate from 80 to 87%, increased the number of form submissions on their website by 21%, and reduced the number of incorrect meetings assigned to almost zero.

Both sales reps and CSMs now find their calendar filled with more qualified meetings. The team is saving so much time and effort, all thanks to automated and instant lead qualification and routing. And on the customer-facing side, Shopify merchants find it faster and easier to schedule meetings with the Okendo team. 

There are no multiple pieces of product within the software that you need to buy and use, unlike the previous solutions we tried. And the process in RevenueHero to add and remove users to the platform is effortless. The solution is too great and so is the price point. It’s almost too good to be true.

- Drew Frayre and Nicholas DiCello, Okendo’s RevOps team 

From the first demo call with the team to implementation and active usage, Okendo found the entire process to be smooth, seamless, and straightforward. 

RevenueHero enabled them with all that’s necessary to get familiar with the platform and showed them ways to maximize success - increase conversion rates, route meetings to the right teams, and accelerate its pipeline growth. 

Best practices by Okendo

Hear from Drew on what the team at Okendo does differently in order to achieve success with any tool in the tech stack:

One of the biggest things that we have had to do, as we work with multiple systems, is to establish really strong routing rules. And work with all our stakeholders to establish the rules of engagement for each of these things. Cause if you don’t know what your hard and fast logic is on how things are going to be, then it becomes difficult to set up your tech solutions. One of the best ways you can arm yourself for success with a tool like RevenueHero is if you know exactly what you are doing and you have buy-in from all stakeholders. If the tool is working well, the rest is all easy honestly. All you need is to have the blueprint first.

- Drew Frayre, Revenue Operations Manager