How Matter saw a 3X increase in booked demos and a 35% increase in calls through in-app scheduling

Increase in meetings through in-app scheduling
Increase in calls scheduled from the demo page
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Increase your pipeline conversions
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Sam Lepak started using RevenueHero because he wanted to optimize sales and growth efficiency.

There were two key areas that Sam wanted to optimize:

  1. Acquisition: Improving the cost per free trial and cost per qualified demo.
  2. Activation: Getting people to hop on to a training call from within the app to help them get activated.

At the same time, his team was also testing if they should focus more on a self-serve model or take a more top-down, sales-led model. Through the course of several experiments and tests, they learned that cost per free trial was nearly 5X more efficient for them. On the flip side, when larger businesses came in they wanted to talk to a real person before they made the purchase.

And he realized there were 3 key challenges he had to address over here:

  1. First was lead qualification. Sam wanted to make sure his team was talking to the right people and that it made sense for them in terms of deal size.
  2. Second was to enable a self-serve model for prospects who are ready to get started with the product without having to book a meeting.
  3. Third was making sure prospects could get on training calls directly from within the app whenever they needed help or were stuck.

In the process, Sam evaluated and tried a couple of well-known solutions in the market which sadly did not align with their expectations.

  1. Calendly’s forms and lead routing weren't very customizable, they had a poor experience with its UI/UX and they were not able to provide their fun brand experience to their prospects. It did not offer deep integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce when they were using it and most importantly Sam’s team saw extremely low conversion rates and calls booked through the Calendly page.
  2. On the other hand, Chili Piper required a big price and a 3-month term commitment without a free trial for them to even explore the product and see if it was the right fit.

All things considered, Sam was really happy that RevenueHero met them right in the middle, in that sweet spot, and was able to solve their specific needs. And here are all the reasons why it's been working well for the Matter team. 

Nailing the PLG and Sales-Assisted Motion with RevenueHero

RevenueHero transformed the meeting booking process for Matter and today they have seen a 3X increase in calls scheduled from the demo page. Moreover, they were able to achieve a 35% increase in meetings through in-app scheduling and bring in more qualified demo meetings from various touchpoints. 

RevenueHero really enabled us to have more of a sales-assisted approach rather than more of a top-down sales-led model. And this means only if a prospect wanted to talk to somebody and was qualified, they could go ahead and book a meeting with somebody from our team right then and there. That’s probably the biggest value that RevenueHero has provided for us.

One of the things that we really loved about RevenueHero is that it’s simple to build and you can embed it right on top of existing forms. We've obviously seen the increase in performance and RevenueHero is already paying for itself. ”

- Sam Lepak, Head of Growth, Matter

Here are the key processes and systems that Sam set in place along with the team at RevenueHero to streamline and simplify their demo process. 

🔑 Add the instant booking widget to help prospects book a demo directly on Matter’s website in a way that is intuitive, easy, loads very quickly, and provides a great on-brand experience to their prospects.

 🔑 Create qualifying rules to instantly qualify and route leads to the right rep suited to talk to them.

🔑 Set up in-app scheduling to allow customers to book a meeting with them from within the Matter app to help activate the product fully through training calls.

🔑 Seamless integration with all the tools from their existing tech stack.  

4 things that Matter did with RevenueHero to achieve 35% increase in meetings from in-app & 3X increase in meetings from the demo page 

Be it easy configuration, high customization, flexibility within the platform, the simple & speedy setup process, or the always-on customer support, at every touchpoint of their journey with RevenueHero, Sam and his team found their expectations exceeded. 

Here’s what Matter did using RevenueHero that led to an increase in key metrics in their sales process: 

  1. In-app scheduling
    Sam and his team love the ability to add meeting booking links within their product as it helps them nudge prospects who haven’t activated or set up the product fully. They nudge prospects to book a time with them for a training call and help them get value out of the product instantly. The whole booking process became frictionless for their customers, so much that they were able to increase their volume for training calls by 35%.
  1. Contextual and customized communication  
    Being able to push messages into Slack and have the team notified about meeting activity in real time has been a great boon for Sam. By setting up workflows, they are able to get notifications, send meeting reminders with custom messaging and inline collateral, and nudge their customers to show up for the meeting. 
  1. 1-Click Magic Links
    Sam loves using RevenueHero’s Magic Links. It lets their existing prospects/customers book a meeting without having to fill out a form again. And his team uses it throughout the many touchpoints in the buyer journey, right from their outbound emailsand lifecycle marketing to within the product as well.
What we really love about the Magic Links is how easy it is to book a time. It doesn't redirect you to a new page. It works where you work - right inside the user experience. You don’t have to open a new window with a form that is usually distracting or slow-loading. We are able to provide a much faster frictionless experience to our customers and we really, really like that.

- Sam Lepak, Head of Growth, Matter

They also use Magic Links in their outbound sequences and inside Intercom for support. It’s been useful for Sam to trace back and analyze specifically where they are getting the most amount of meeting bookings from, identify at what stage they need to make it more self-serve, and understand where people are getting stuck in the product to be able to assist them better.  

  1. Reporting and analysis
    In terms of the reports, the Routing Log has been beneficial to the team as it helps them look at their acquisition experiments and channel-wise breakdown of meetings. It also allows them to track performance at a page and source level and trace every single form submit. Sam and his team use the Routing Log to report on conversion rates on qualified leads which informs them about their cost per acquisition by source

Best Practices by Matter

Hear from Sam on the secret sauce behind how his team at Matter delivers an exceptional customer experience and the best practices they follow while using RevenueHero:

Each customer has their own buying type. Some are very proactive and are ready to get started while others need help and need to talk to somebody for that little bit of nudge to get over. What I really admire about RevenueHero is that it allows for each of these customer types. It allows you to have those different approaches and meet the customer where they are and where they want to go, based on their buyer type. Plus, from the company’s standpoint, it provides the flexibility to let people self-serve, request help when they need it, and get product insight into what we can improve in terms of user experience (i.e., where people need help).

Sam Lepak, Head of Growth