How Mailmodo used RevenueHero to improve demos scheduled by 53%

Increase in demo conversion rate
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About Mailmodo

Mailmodo is a full-stack interactive email marketing service provider. It is not only designed to enable user actions within the email inbox but also helps marketers scale growth with their email marketing. Mailmodo helps reduce the steps the customer has to take for completing the desired action, thereby eliminating friction in the process and creating delightful user experiences as well as increasing email conversions.

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The Result

  • 53% increase in demo conversion rate within a month of deployment

The Challenges

Mailmodo’s mission is to simplify email marketing and maximize conversions for businesses. It provides users with a coding-free, drag-n-drop email editor along with a rich collection of AMP Email templates for all popular use cases.

"For many marketers, when they send out an email, there is no control on its conversion rate, but this can be substantially increased through the AMP emails and Mailmodo platform.”

~ Aquibur Rahman, Co-Founder, Mailmodo

Product demos are one of the core revenue drivers— a prospect booking a demo is one step closer to becoming a paying Mailmodo customer. However, many people visiting the page were bouncing off before scheduling a demo, which had a direct bearing on the business.

One of the main challenges they were facing was to get more people to book product demos.

This was happening due to multiple reasons, one of the main being the user experience (UX) of booking a demo. The scheduling solution the team was currently using was not intuitive and was deferring the users from clicking on the button to book a demo. 

Their existing scheduling tool also didn’t have the option of using the Mailmodo brand colors on the meeting scheduling page, which was incongruous with the experience they aimed to provide to the users. Plus, it wasn’t able to handle their complex routing needs well. 

To eliminate these roadblocks and strengthen its pipeline-generation engine, Mailmodo was on the lookout for a solution that could help them qualify, route, and convert every opportunity efficiently. 

The Solutions

The Mailmodo team evaluated RevenueHero, an inbound revenue acceleration platform that handles instant meeting scheduling and lead routing for B2B revenue teams. It also empowers teams to distribute meetings and leads based on territory, segment, or custom logic.

The RevenueHero team worked closely with Mailmodo closely to help them make the most of the platform. Together they came up with 3 key strategies: 

  1. Focus on providing a clean, intuitive, and interruption-free booking experience across their pages. 
  2. Clear unnecessary decisions and distractions on the booking pages
  3. Reduce the number of steps involved in the booking process, powered by RevenueHero.

After seeing encouraging results, Mailmodo deployed RevenueHero on their website, app, and ad landing pages. The deployment itself was smooth and seamless.

"RevenueHero impacts our recurring revenue directly. Every demo is more than just a potential customer. If a tool is helping you increase demos, it is helping you get customers.”

~Zeeshan Akhtar, Marketing Head, Mailmodo

The Impact

Cut to now, a prospect on Mailmodo’s website or app trying to book a demo can do so instantly with the right rep, and with intelligent routing rules. These activities are captured in Mailmodo’s CRM and synced automatically.

The combination of marketing efforts in line with an intuitive scheduling experience has yielded tangible results. RevenueHero’s customizability has also assured the continuity of the brand experience on the demo booking page, thereby making a visitor/user’s interaction with the brand consistent.

This partnership has reinforced Mailmodo’s mission to provide value at every step of the customer journey.

Best practices by Mailmodo

Hear from Zeeshan on how Mailmodo delivers a winning user experience

It is imperative to identify your high-intent pages and add demo CTAs there. Focus on providing a great user experience by reducing the number of steps required to book a demo and keeping the demo booking page distraction-free with minimal text and media. Lastly, ensure sufficient meeting slots as per your ICPs timezone are available across your team’s calendar.