How Local Logic’s new inbound process helped double their qualified meeting show rates

Increase in qualified meeting conversion rate
Increase in meeting show rate
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About Local Logic

Local Logic is a location intelligence platform that digitizes the built world for consumers, investors, developers, and governments. It makes location easier to understand and helps build more sustainable and livable cities. And by offering predictive, precise analytics, Local Logic helps inform the present and future of over 250 million individual addresses.

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Increase your pipeline conversions
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Local Logic was seeing a 60% drop-off between inbound form fills to actual meetings held. A doozy of a challenge that they knew had to be fixed. 

When James Shelly came on board as Local Logic’s Senior Demand Generation Manager, this was the first thing he wanted to solve. Like any solid marketer would.

And so he identified the roadblocks causing it. 

  1. The team was using automated email sequences for inbound demo forms. A couple of minutes after form submission, the prospect would receive an email with a link to AE’s calendar. It was manual, way too complicated, and messy. 
  2. Setting up a meeting through a series of back-and-forth emails became a time-consuming hassle for both the AEs and prospects. 
  3. Not to forget, this was the first interaction that prospects were having with Local Logic. And the booking experience they were getting wasn’t the greatest. 

James knew he had to tighten their grip to not lose out on any high-intent leads.

Tales from the past: Understanding the challenges

Time for a small backstory. 

At some of the previous organizations he worked, James solved this same challenge. So he had already tried and tested a couple of solutions in the market. And he knew none of them are even worth considering here at Local Logic. Here’s why.

  1. With Calendly, he found it hard to track meetings and marketing attribution since the booking widget was a different domain. It felt like a bit of a black box. Plus, it did not integrate seamlessly with any of the tools in the marketing stack. 
  2. Chili Piper, apart from being crazy expensive, fell behind in customer support and service. In comparison, with RevenueHero they were getting pretty much the same functionality plus a whole lot of cool features that Chili Piper did not offer and at a much more competitive price. 

This narrowed his search drastically. And having used RevenueHero in one of his previous organizations, it was a no-brainer. He knew his team needed the solution to help increase their qualified meeting conversion rates and achieve their pipeline goals. 

Let’s take a quick look at Local Logic’s demo booking process

Oh, how the tides have turned 

simplified the lead routing process for Local Logic and helped them achieve an 87.5% increase in qualified meeting conversions and double their meeting show rates.  

The mechanics of the tool and the flexibility it provides make it easy to manage meetings when they get booked. How seamlessly it integrates with our Salesforce CRM and other tools in our tech stack is really useful.

If you look at the math and the value that we are getting out of the tool - it’s basically paying for itself. Even at an intuitive level, it is offering a lot of value in terms of user experience.

- James Shelly, Senior Demand Generation Manager, Local Logic

Here are the key processes and systems that James set in place along with the team at RevenueHero to streamline and simplify their demo process. 

🔑  Add the instant booking scheduler to help prospects book a demo directly through Local Logic’s website and give customers a superior brand experience. 

 🔑  Create qualifying rules and custom routing logic to help instantly qualify and distribute leads to the right rep suited to talk to them. 

🔑 Integrate seamlessly with their existing Salesforce CRM, have all meeting data synced, and get reports automatically within it.

Campaign router: The smarter way to double down on demo bookings 

The results the Local Logic team saw by letting qualified prospects book a demo instantly on their website was great. But what was greater was the functionality of Campaign Routers that helped them drive high-intent leads down their sales pipeline faster. Plus, it allowed them to attribute meetings booked, right within the platform. Both by source and activity. A crowd-favorite feature with the Local Logic team. 

Here are the use cases where RevenueHero's Campaign Router is proving to be a boon :

  1. Cold outbound prospecting 
  2. Nurturing existing leads in the CRM 
  3. Initiating an automated email follow-up sequence with leads who have submitted a form but have not booked a meeting 

Why the Local Logic team loves RevenueHero  

Having a strong 2-way sync with their Salesforce CRM was critical to James and his team. And they got all that and more with RevenueHero. They get automated meeting reports within their CRM to track performance at form, page, router, rule, rep, and team levels. And they use the RevenueHero meeting date as their source of truth metric to understand the weekly call volume of BDRs and AEs.

Be it product capability or customer support, Local Logic has only good things to say.

We love the support - both during implementation and ongoing. If there’s ever any question or issue, we just pop it in the Slack channel and get a solution in 10 mins from someone on the team. And the area where RevenueHero really excels is in having that human touch. I can’t imagine that Chili Piper customers are getting anything like this.

- James Shelly, Senior Demand Generation Manager, Local Logic

Best Practices by Local Logic

Hear from James on how Local Logic provides a winning customer experience at every stage of the sales funnel

Inbound demo requests bring in valuable high-intent leads that need to be optimized. This is where it helps to have one big number (demos booked) to look at and understand what your top-of-the-funnel weekly pipeline activity has been like. If you use the tool (RevenueHero) comprehensively across the organization, it can serve as that one golden number to capture weekly and give you a unified view of inbound and outbound activity through a single metric. And finally, don’t spend on paid media until you have this figured out, even more so in the current climate. Double down on having a tight process for marketing to sales handoff first.

- James Shelly, Senior Demand Generation Manager
Local Logic