How Hippo Video reduced its lead response time by 50% with RevenueHero

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About Hippo Video

An Interactive Video CX Platform, Hippo Video helps you easily create, host, share, and track personalized videos all in one place. Using Hippo Video, businesses can leverage the power of AI and machine learning to easily and quickly create interactive videos, analyze responses, and convert more viewers into customers. With the aim to boost engagement through every touch point of the customer journey, it also lets you automate video creation for different use cases and contexts.

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The Result

  • Reduced inbound lead response time by 50%
  • Meetings with qualified leads were set up within 24 hours 
  • Automated lead hygiene and routing process resulted in resource efficiency

The Challenges

Servicing over 5,000 customers across industries and geographies, Hippo Video helps businesses communicate effectively and engage with prospects through the power of real personalized videos.

"With the increasing role of video in communication and social media, Hippo Video looks to capitalize on video as a key decision influencer and trust driver. Through personalized videos, sales teams can achieve productivity increases of up to 3x."

~Karthi Mariappan, CEO and Founder, Hippo Video

As the business scaled, so did the number of leads and queries. Hippo Video’s regional inbound sales teams, further bifurcated based on industries and company employee size, were under the impression that they could keep up with the demand. But the lack of the right capabilities in their existing solutions left them struggling, right from issues in implementation to interface to integration. 

The Hippo Video team was facing challenges in 2 key areas. One, their existing platform was unable to route leads accurately to the right team based on set rules causing inaccurate assignments. Two, the lead response time was way beyond the standard they wanted to maintain, resulting in leads losing interest and sales reps missing deal opportunities. After trying out multiple tools in the market, they also realized that seamlessly integrating these solutions proved to be difficult. Not having the data from their scheduling tool free flow into their CRM caused major roadblocks in their sales process.  

Seeking to generate and manage demand more efficiently, Hippo Video was looking for a one-stop-shop solution that was capable of addressing all their challenges.

The Solutions

Himanshu Gaba who leads Marketing Operations of Hippo Video, evaluated RevenueHero, an inbound revenue acceleration platform that handles instant meeting scheduling and lead routing of all complexity levels for B2B revenue teams. It also empowers teams to distribute meetings and leads based on territory, segment, or custom logic.

The RevenueHero team worked closely with Hippo Video right from implementation to transformation in order to maximize the impact of the solution. Together they came up with 4 key strategies:

  1. Route leads from target accounts and named accounts to the right team based on predefined conditions in real-time. Not only will this bring down the lead response time but also help reduce the sales cycles.
  2. Set up a form enrichment solution and sync its data with the existing CRM, and plug in this enriched data can to set up routing rules.
  3. Create and tweak distribution logic to match the way the sales team is set up. This is to help assign meetings to the best sales rep based on each prospect and to increase the chances of converting every single form submit.
  4. Sync data of every meeting and its outcome to the CRM to maximize selling time while maintaining CRM sanity.

This is a huge win for the team as sales reps could now focus only on having meetings with qualified leads that fit their ideal customer profile. Additionally, the marketing operations team no longer had to worry about manually maintaining lead hygiene and routing leads, saving time, effort, and confusion.

" RevenueHero is a highly intuitive and interactive tool that solved our specific set of use cases. It’s an extremely easy-to-use and lean software that our teams love using. From helping us define the rules to diving deep into the details, the RevenueHero team was involved every step of the way. What is really commendable is the seamless implementation and integration process, and how the team closely worked with us to set it up. "

~Himanshu Gaba, Marketing Operations, Hippo Video

The Impact

It’s only been a few months of using RevenueHero, but Hippo Video can already feel the impact it has on their sales team's efficiency as well as on the pipeline. Their lead response time has decreased by 50% and their sales teams are able to set up meetings with qualified prospects within 24 hours as compared to 2+ days. 

Routing leads based on the rules set up via enriched form data helped them steer clear of junk leads as well as saved the time and effort of sales reps by only letting leads who fall under their ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) schedule meetings. 

The seamless data sync between RevenueHero and their CRM helped update the meeting and owner details in real-time due to which the Mark-Ops team found it far easier to maintain CRM sanity. Plus, the meetings dashboard gave the team a single view of all meetings booked so as to effectively plan the pipeline and sales strategy. 

After implementing RevenueHero, the team at Hippo Video was also able to optimize their cost savings as they did not have to rely on multiple tools and solutions.

Best practices by Hippo Video

Hear from Himanshu on the secret sauce behind Hippo Video’s success in increasing conversion rates

Create a seamless experience for the visitors landing on your page. This could be through reducing page load times and keeping the form fields simple. Only by doing so can you improve form fill rates from traffic to lead conversion. Most importantly, it is crucial to act fast and reach out to the hot leads while your brand is still fresh in their minds.

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