How GTM Buddy’s transformed inbound process increased pipeline growth

Increase in qualified meetings booked per quarter
Increase in opportunities from these qualified meetings
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About GTM Buddy

GTM Buddy is a modern sales enablement platform that enables revenue teams to drive sustainable growth. With GTM Buddy, sellers can share relevant and credible content that answers buyers' pressing questions, helps them prepare for key calls, or eliminates busy work. GTM Buddy’s mission is to help revenue teams stand out, close more deals, and drive upsells using just-in-time enablement.‍

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The Result

  • 35% increase in total qualified meetings booked in a quarter
  • 200% increase in opportunities from these qualified meetings 
  • Reduced dropoffs at different stages of the journey
  • Helped accelerate pipeline growth

The Challenges

Whether it's sales or solution consulting, GTM Buddy strives to make customer-facing teams more effective by focusing on the end-user and redefining how companies enable their revenue teams. 

“Sales is increasingly becoming a knowledge-driven function. Every buyer involved in the decision-making cycle expects the seller to be an expert on a wide variety of topics such as the domain, product, and competition. It is in this context that GTM Buddy leverages the latest advancements in technology, design, and AI to deliver the right information to sellers at the right time.”

~Sreedhar Peddineni, CEO and Co-Founder, GTM Buddy

In the process of scaling the operations of their sales and marketing teams, GTM Buddy identified the main bottlenecks in their inbound lead conversion process. First and foremost, as a rapidly growing team, they were receiving a huge volume of inbound leads but found scheduling demo meetings with these qualified prospects to be a time-consuming and long drawn-out process. 

It required a lot of manual work with SDRs constantly having to go back and forth to find a suitable time. As a result, their lead response times and drop-off rates increased. All this interest and intent were fizzling away to become lost opportunities. 

The other key element they were missing was assigning and routing leads to the correct AEs based on custom matching and distribution rules. The absence of routing rules was causing attribution issues as well as creating a strain on time, resources, and pipeline velocity. 

To strengthen their marketing and revenue operations, GTM Buddy was on the lookout for a solution that could help them, qualify and convert every inbound opportunity, and help level up their game.

The Solutions

The GTM Buddy team evaluated RevenueHero, an inbound revenue acceleration platform that handles instant meeting scheduling and lead routing for B2B revenue teams. It also empowers teams to distribute meetings and leads based on territory, segment, or custom logic.

The RevenueHero team worked closely with GTM Buddy closely to help them make the most of the platform. Together they came up with 4 key strategies: 

  1. Capitalize on every single inbound interest by installing the RevenueHero booking widget for instant meeting scheduling on the website.
  2. Customize lead routing and account matching rules based on criteria such as geography, company employee size, and new/existing contact amongst others.
  3. Distribute meetings and leads based on territory, segment, or custom logic to ensure their AEs calendars are packed with accurately qualified meetings that increase the chance of conversions.
  4. Facilitate a robust data sync between RevenueHero and HubSpot CRM that will update meeting and owner details in the CRM. This helps reduce manual work for the sales team and maintain CRM hygiene and sanity.

The Impact

GTM Buddy has only been using RevenueHero for a few months but they are already seeing a massive difference. They are bringing in more opportunities and revenue; a 35% increase in total qualified meetings booked in the last quarter and a 200% increase in opportunities from these qualified meetings. 

The GTM Buddy team is also seeing a significant reduction in admin work which is saving them time and improving coordination. Adopting RevenueHero has helped make their operations streamlined, efficient, and easy, which is having a huge impact on their pipeline.

"Every B2B sales-led company needs to adopt a solution like RevenueHero that lets prospects schedule meetings instantly on the website. Because it all comes down to how quickly you get back to prospects who are interested. And how quickly you can set up a meeting after a form fill. The RevenueHero team has been super helpful throughout the whole process right from implementation to helping modify workflows as per our requirements. They are super collaborative and put customer needs at the center of all that they do."

~Sunil Neurgaonkar, Marketing, GTM Buddy

Best practices by GTM Buddy

Hear from Sunil on GTM Buddy’s guiding principles for increasing inbound conversion rates

People showing interest in your product want to try it immediately. Don’t make them wait. Enable them to reach out and book a meeting with you instantly. The key metric that you want to track here is the conversion from an anonymous website visitor to a meeting-booked visitor. Additionally, setting up chatbots provide instant responses to questions and concerns, which helps build trust and interest in your product, thereby increasing the likelihood of demo signups.

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