How Flockjay is generating 50% of its pipeline through RevenueHero

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is all it took to implement, set up, and go live on their website
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About Flockjay

Flockjay is a knowledge-sharing platform for the growth and development of sales teams. It supercharges sales readiness by structuring winning strategies from the field into clear, concise, and actionable blueprints for success. Flockjay provides companies with the ability to boost revenue and ramp quicker through peer-to-peer learning, crowd-sourced best practices, and AI-driven coaching moments.

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Bryant Lau, Head of Go-To-Market at Flockjay, ran a lean and efficient team. They were strategic about every single dollar spent. 

And early on they made the smart move to not just create a huge inbound pipeline with MQLs but to also focus on bringing in qualified demo requests. 

But making their inbound demo booking requests an amazing experience for their prospects was not an easy one for Bryant and his team. Here’s what transpired: 

  1. They tried a chatbot. Did it help drive results?
    Short answer, no. Long answer, they did not have an option to book a demo on the website. So prospects had two options here.
  • Submit a form and wait for a rep would then follow up and have a long arduous back and forth of emails to schedule a meeting. This was adding an extra couple of days to their sales velocity, which Bryant was not too happy about.
  • Use the chatbot on their website to reach out to their team and figure out the logistics of booking a meeting with them. No one was ever actually using it to chat and it was becoming a tool to book meetings. Bryant felt spending on this chatbot tool was redundant when they could actually just get a solution that helps them book meetings and accelerate pipeline.
  1. They tried a competitor's product. Were they satisfied with it? 
    Short answer, no. Long answer, Bryant and his team found it to be very taxing to configure, set up, and maintain. His teams were wasting precious selling time on it considering the learning curve was steep as well. Plus, it was burning a huge hole in their pockets. So they weren't super happy with it at all. 

The bottom line for Bryant was to make talking to Flockjay the easiest possible process. And to do so he needed a solution that would align with his vision of being lean and efficient through every stage of the pipeline.   

There were a couple of other boxes that the solution had to tick as well: 

  1. Quick and easy implementation on their website 
  2. Robust integration with all the sales and marketing systems in their tech stack (Especially Salesforce)
  3. Easy to configure and maintain
  4. Intuitive and user-friendly platform

All things considered, Bryant found RevenueHero to be right for them. And here are all the reasons why it worked. 

From streamlining to supercharging their demo booking process 

transformed the demo booking process for Flockjay. Today, 50% of the pipeline they generate comes through RevenueHero. Moreover, they were able to improve their sales velocity and bring in more qualified demo meetings like they wanted to. 

When RevenueHero came along, it became much simpler to manage qualification and routing on the back end along with scheduling on the front end. We now have a very simple form. We don't need to ask a bunch of questions. We do all the setup in the tool. Then we allow our prospects to immediately select a time, which saves us from all the back-and-forth emails. 

There's really no reason to add a few days to your sales velocity, realistically. So you might as well cut that out, allow someone to book a time that works for them, and immediately route it to the right person in your team. Just like we do with RevenueHero.

- Bryant Lau, Head of Go-To-Market, Flockjay

Here are the key processes and systems that Bryant set in place along with the team at RevenueHero to streamline and simplify their demo process. 

🔑 Add the instant scheduler to help prospects book a demo directly on Flockjay’s website in a way that is intuitive, easy, loads very quickly, and provides a great on-brand experience to their prospects.

 🔑 Create qualifying and distribution rules to match Flockjay’s routing logic that helps instantly qualify and route leads to the right rep suited to talk to them.

🔑Integrate seamlessly with their existing tech stack, including Salesforce, Google Calendar, and Webflow among others. 

🔑Use the meeting relays link to ramp their outbound motion and ensure a smooth handoff between their SDRs and AEs.  

What makes RevenueHero a favorite amongst the GTM team at Flockjay 

Over and beyond all the capabilities of the solution, there’s so much more to RevenueHero that Bryant and his team absolutely love. 

Be it easy configuration, high customization, the simple & speedy setup process, or the always-on customer support, at every touchpoint of their journey with RevenueHero, they found their expectations exceeded. 

But what they really loved, which was lacking in the competitor solution they used, was how easy and fast it was to implement, set up, and get RevenueHero up and running on their website. In fact, it took only 15 mins. Yup, that’s right. 

Another big plus that tips the scales in favor of RevenueHero is how competitively it is priced. Which going back to Bryant’s vision of running a lean and cost-effective team, fits the bill perfectly. 

A big benefit to us internally is RevenueHero is far more cost-effective and easy to use. We got all the features we wanted and more. I thought it was kind of ridiculous how much we were previously paying for a meeting booking tool on our website. RevenueHero gives us great value and ROI. 

- Bryant Lau, Head of Go-To-Market, Flockjay

Best Practices by Flockjay

Hear from Bryant on how his team at Flockjay approaches customer experience differently and the best practices they implement when it comes to making the most out of RevenueHero:

“You always want to tell people what's about to happen and be transparent about it. I think it's really important that, especially when using a tool like RevenueHero, you're very clear that on the demo request page, you mention that they can book a time here and that they make sure to select that on the next screen. 

So try and make it as immediate as possible. Also, work with your reps to make sure their calendar is up to date and make sure that if your reps are going to be offline for a bit or are going to be OOO, they block off that time on their calendar to avoid any conflict. Cause there are prospects that can come in and book a time then. And of course, have control over how soon you want a meeting on your calendar and make sure your reps are aware of it.”

- Bryant Lau, Head of Go-To-Market