How Ethyca achieved a 400% increase in revenue since they implemented RevenueHero

47 days
reduction in time to close
Increase in Revenue
Increase in qualified meetings booked
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New York, NY

About Ethyca

Ethyca is the world's leading privacy intelligence engineering provider that fast-tracks privacy compliance automation for complex tech-driven enterprises. It’s automated data privacy infrastructure and tools for developers and privacy teams to easily build products that comply with GDPR, CCPA Privacy Regulations. Ethyca delivers the power, flexibility, trust, and speed that organizations need to be able to engineer privacy operations in ways that best suit their business needs.

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Increase your pipeline conversions
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Ethyca was structuring their go-to-market and pipeline strategy when they came across RevenueHero. 

Their sales team saw high outbound open rates and high booking rates for their inbound lead generation efforts. But the process after this was not exactly frictionless. 

Having to reach out and manually schedule meetings with high-intent prospects over an email ping-pong led to a collapse of interest and a loss in terms of conversion opportunities.

There were 3 challenges that they recognized pretty early on that needed to be resolved: 

  1. Pursuing an ideal customer profile with tailored messaging for their inbound and outbound growth functions.
  1. Creating an efficient way for qualified leads to book a meeting with them right at that moment when their intent was high.

  2. Having flexibility to evenly distribute high-intent meetings between their sales reps.

The goal was simple - to create a frictionless path to take advantage of the immediacy of the prospects’ interest. 

The search for a solution that fits the bill 

Only two key metrics mattered the most to the team at Ethyca - close rate and time to close. It's all about growth on a monthly basis and being ultra-efficient with time. 

In the process, they evaluated and tried a couple of solutions which sadly did not align with their expectations. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Complicated setup and implementation process (with too many functionalities)

  2. Tiring and time-consuming to integrate it with the many tools in their tech stack (Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, Apollo, LinkedIn Sales Navigator)

  3. Lack of flexibility in adding/removing reps from the platform

  4. Manually routing leads in a fair manner amongst their sales team

  5. Difficulty for a non-technical person to build and modify workflows which almost always required a programmer’s help

All things considered, the Ethyca team was really happy that RevenueHero checked all their boxes and was able to solve their specific needs. It gave them a very simple way to book meetings and have them routed to the right people at the right time. 

Before we jump further, let’s take a look at Ethyca’s demo booking process before RevenueHero. 

A much-needed shift in gears for a shorter sales cycle

RevenueHero transformed the meeting booking process for Ethyca and since they started using it they have seen a 400% increase in revenue. Not only that, the team has also been able to reduce the time to close by 47 days and boost their average sales price by $7K.

At the beginning of this year, they were only able to get 2 to 3 booked meetings per week from all the leads they got. Cut short to today, they are averaging over 10 meetings per week from inbound campaigns and another 20+ from outbound campaigns. 

RevenueHero has a direct impact on our close rate and sales cycle, particularly in our mid-market segment. RevenueHero provides us with the setup for the whole sales process which makes both customers and our teams feel good. We cannot overlook the value that this sort of efficiency and frictionless engagement brings and the trust it can build. RevenueHero makes it easy to book with us, easy to talk to us, and easy for us to make sure we are getting those qualified meetings.


Here are the key processes and systems that Ethyca set in place along with the team at RevenueHero to streamline and simplify their meeting booking process. 

🔑 Add RevenueHero to help prospects book a demo directly on Ethyca’s website in a way that is intuitive, easy, loads very quickly, and provides a great on-brand experience to their prospects.

 🔑 Create qualifying and distribution rules to instantly qualify and route leads to the right rep suited to talk to them.

🔑 Set up flexible round robin with a little bit of weighting assignment logic to ensure fair distribution of meetings amongst their sales pod. 

🔑Create and use magic links that provide existing prospects/customers a 1-click booking experience without having to fill out a form again. To be used in marketing communications and outbound sequences. 

🔑 Integrate seamlessly with their existing tech stack, especially Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach and Apollo.

Why Ethyca loves and trusts RevenueHero  

Be it easy configuration, high customization, flexibility within the platform, the simple & speedy setup process, or the always-on customer support, at every touchpoint of their journey with RevenueHero, the Ethyca team found their expectations exceeded. 

With RevenueHero the setup was super easy and we were done in a few hours. The team was super helpful with any questions we had and took care of it for us. The support has always been amazing. I mean it's not required, like it doesn't break, it works really great. And most of the updates and the system are very intuitive.

But yeah, great support. Super quick time to value, very easy sort of self-driven implementation. And I think that's super valuable. I would recommend RevenueHero to everybody. It's an easy button to make sure that you're connecting the right seller with the right customer at the right time.

- Ethyca

Best Practices by Ethyca

Get in on the secret sauce behind how the team Ethyca delivers an exceptional customer experience and the best practices they follow while using RevenueHero:

If you have RevenueHero, make sure that every communication that you send from your marketing teams or your outbound sales organization to generate leads is connected as a link so that individuals can easily connect with you. That’s when you can meet them at the intersection of their need and the immediacy to fulfill that challenge. 

The idea of bringing leads back into a centralized queue and applying some workflow logic to actually route that lead drives efficient customer interaction. 

So get RevenueHero meeting links for scheduling - it’s easy to understand, to manage the workflow of connecting in the right person with the right availability on your side to meet the customer where they want to meet.