How BuyerAssist boosted its form to qualified meeting conversions by 60%

Increase in form-fill to qualified meeting conversion rate
Increase in the number of qualified meetings booked
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About BuyerAssist

An Enterprise-Sales Execution Platform, BuyerAssist helps simplify the complexity of your enterprise sales process and deliver a great buying experience to win deals predictably and consistently. Two of its products Mutual Success Plans and Relationship Maps are designed specifically for sales teams that run complex sales. It empowers them with the tools they need to win buyer trust, collaborate effectively, and accelerate their sales cycle.

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Increase your pipeline conversions
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The Results 

  • 60% increase in form-fill to qualified meeting conversion rate
  • 3X increase in the number of qualified meetings booked
  • Greater ROI on marketing spends and efforts
  • Improved productivity and efficiency across teams 

The Challenges

An all-in-one system for Enterprise Sellers, BuyerAssist is powered by ML/AI technology which enables its customers to analyze buyer-verified data for better deal insights and market trends.

B2B buying is undergoing a major transformation. New people are in the driver's seats and they bring a new set of expectations. Companies that sell to them must be extremely nimble and adaptive to these changing buyer preferences. The first step in that direction is to drive transparency with a shared system of truth with their buyers, and we help our customers accomplish that.

- Shyam HN, Co-Founder and CEO of

Like many marketing teams, Jayant Kaul, the strategic growth marketer at BuyerAssist, and his team spent a ton of their time, effort, and dollars on their campaigns. While their campaigns drove in leads, they noticed they had difficulty getting them to respond to SDR's follow-up emails and converting qualified leads into booked meetings. 

They tried and tested out various tools and tactics, but none of them yielded favorable results. One of the solutions the team tried during this time took prospects to a different instance and had a progressive form before they could book a meeting. This caused them to lose out on a lot of high-intent leads. And the leads that did end up booking a meeting were either low-quality or junk leads. They were also unable to track crucial data in the buyer’s journey, such as the marketing attribution which made it harder to optimize campaigns and double down on the ones that would drive business. 

The impact on the pipeline was evident, and the team at BuyerAssist was in the market for a solution that would help it boost efficiency, get a greater ROI on its marketing efforts, and most importantly provide a stellar booking experience to its prospects.

The Solution

Jayant Kaul and the team at BuyerAssist, evaluated RevenueHero, an inbound revenue acceleration platform that handles instant meeting scheduling and lead routing of all complexity levels for B2B revenue teams. It seamlessly integrates with the existing lead capture form to qualify prospects and lets prospects instantly schedule meetings with the right sales rep in real-time.

The RevenueHero team worked closely with BuyerAssist to implement the solution, integrate it with their existing CRM, and help them make the most of all its capabilities. Together they came up with 2 key strategies: 

  1. Ensure high-intent leads stay on their website and are engaged instantly after they hit submit on their demo form. 
  2. Embed the RevenueHero widget on their form through which the leads are instantly qualified based on custom preset logic. Only qualified leads then get to view the right sales reps’ calendar and book a meeting instantly. This would help them categorize their leads more efficiently and prioritize buyers with the most potential.
We love how RevenueHero is simple and easy to use, to the extent that it’s on auto-pilot mode for us. The time-to-value for the solution delighted us - took less than a day to implement and set up RevenueHero and we started seeing progressive results within a week. What really stands out is, when you compare the effort put in vs the value obtained, the ROI we are getting is incredible.

- Jayant Kaul, Strategic Growth Marketer, BuyerAssist

Through the evaluation and implementation process, RevenueHero helped the BuyerAssist team get familiar with the platform and showed them ways to maximize success - fill their reps’ calendars with more qualified meetings and generate more pipeline.  

The Impact

Fast-forward to today, the team at BuyerAssist is seeing progressive results in the areas they wanted - booking and holding more qualified meetings. Their form-fill to booked meeting conversion shot by 60% and they are realizing a far greater ROI on their marketing efforts. 

RevenueHero has been especially beneficial for their SDRs. The instant scheduling and qualification features have helped eliminate a layer altogether which involved SDRs spending a lot of time following up with prospects via emails to book meetings. Now when SDRs reach out to prospects it is to get more insight into what they are expecting to learn during the call and if they have any expectations from the solution. Productivity and efficiency have doubled. 

With RevenueHero, the team at BuyerAssist is able to optimize the path from prospect to pipeline by booking more qualified meetings and closing deals faster.

Best practices by BuyerAssist

Hear from Jayant on his winning approach that helps his team at BuyerAssist to deliver an exceptional buyer experience:

The starting point is always from your ideal customer persona. For everything you do, think about it from the end user's perspective and understand their journey. It is important for you to understand and learn the sequence in which they might want to consume the information on your website. Sit in on sales calls, look out, and identify any marketing signals they give. Look at your website usage - which pages are being frequented by your prospects, where are they spending more time. All of this will prove useful as you build your framework.

- Jayant Kaul, Strategic Growth Marketer
Buyer Assist