How BiteSpeed increased meetings booked by 205% with RevenueHero

Increase in meetings booked with qualified leads
Increase in efficiency with optimized resource allocation
Drop in the junk leads filling up the sales team's calendars
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About BiteSpeed

BiteSpeed helps D2C stores powered by Shopify move away from old-school, impersonal marketing campaigns and generate 20% revenue through WhatsApp Marketing, Chatbots, and Omni channel Support. Using BiteSpeed, businesses can provide exceptional experiences at every step of the buyer’s journey right within WhatsApp. This includes retargeting abandoned carts and products, personalizing at scale with segmented bulk messaging, collecting product reviews, upselling and cross-selling to existing customers and sending transactional messages.

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The Result

  • Increased meetings booked with qualified leads by 205%
  • Optimized resource allocation with an 80% increase in efficiency  
  • Shortened sales cycle and improved conversion rates

The Challenges

Working with over 2000+ D2C Shopify storefronts, the primary focus for BiteSpeed is to help their customers drive deeper engagement and accelerate revenue through conversational channels. 

As they looked to scale operations, BiteSpeed had to put in extra effort to reduce delays in landing booked meetings with their prospects as well as decrease the drop-off rate. Though they were fuelled by their best-planned campaigns with multiple touchpoints across the customer’s journey, they kept hitting a roadblock. 

On one side, booking meetings with qualified prospects with the hassle of multiple emails was counter-productive and slowed down the sales cycle due to its repetitiveness and time-consuming nature. On the other hand, AEs had their calendars filled with too many junk leads and dead ends which consumed a significant amount of time and effort. This meant that the likelihood of the lead losing interest and not following through was high as was the potential to harm the revenue pipeline. 

BiteSpeed was looking to boost efficiency for its inbound conversion by streamlining its lead-routing and resource allocation processes.

The Solutions

The marketing team at BiteSpeed, evaluated RevenueHero, an inbound revenue acceleration platform that handles instant meeting scheduling and lead routing of all complexity levels for B2B revenue teams. It seamlessly integrates with the existing lead capture form to qualify prospects and instantly schedule meetings with the right sales rep in real-time.

The RevenueHero team worked closely with BiteSpeed from day 1 to help them truly unleash the potential of the product. Together they came up with 4 key strategies:

  1. Set up the instant scheduling and account matching capabilities of RevenueHero to qualify and distribute leads and meetings.
  2. Automate workflows to put lead distribution amongst the sales team on auto-pilot, no matter how complex.
  3. Make a simple addition to the web form to match the intent and qualify the lead. This would help bring down the volume of junk leads to a bare minimum.
  4. Route meetings from target accounts and named accounts to the right owners based on custom property on the CRM. 

Once the strategy and platform were implemented, RevenueHero helped the BiteSpeed team get familiar with the platform in order to maximize success.

"RevenueHero is easy to use and solves a critical problem for sales and marketing teams - giving a fast lane from qualified leads to the sales team. The team has been very supportive from the start and helped in the seamless onboarding and efficiently resolving the teething challenges. The bonus is their favorable pricing model which perfectly matched our needs."

~ Marketing Team, BiteSpeed

The Impact

Post-implementation, sales reps at BiteSpeed saw a massive spike in qualified meetings booked and held. The number of meetings booked by highly-qualified leads increased by 205%. Plus, there was a 45% drop in the junk leads filling up their sales team’s calendars.

They adopted the entire feature stack offered by RevenueHero, from instant scheduling and lead distribution to account matching and routing analysis, which helped complement their sales and marketing efforts.

As a result, the sales and marketing teams at BiteSpeed now allocate more than 80% of their time toward the most valuable prospects, can close deals faster, and optimize their pipeline velocity rate.