5 Thank You Page Examples to Engage Your Audience

Aju Neeraj

It’s no surprise that customers prefer engaging with companies that display their values during the buyer journey. However, many brands miss out on displaying their values through a “Thank you” page on their website. 

Addressing the same concern in a survey, an Accenture report suggests that 63% of consumers prefer to buy services from companies that reflect personal values and gratitude during the buyer journey. 

This might sound like an afterthought, but properly crafted thank-you pages can be a powerful tool for securing customer loyalty. Thank you pages are excellent opportunities to express appreciation and build brand credibility. 

This blog post will explore the key elements for building an effective thank you page and explore 5 real-life examples to help you get started.

What Is A Thank You Page?

After completing a registration, purchase, survey, or feedback form on your website, users feel rewarded and appreciated when directed to a thank you page. As soon as users are finished taking certain steps on a website, this thank you page shows them an instant response of success. This confirmation page displays the users that their actions were submitted successfully.

Why Use A Thank You Page?

  • To show gratitude and appreciation to your audience for their interest and time.
  • To offer a discount or coupon code to encourage website visitors to purchase.
  • To collect customer feedback or contact information.
  • To redirect website visitors to other pages on your website.
  • To add the human touch to a virtual format.
  • To show your brand's personality and create an identifiable identity.

What are the Key Elements of a Thank You Page?

Despite varying according to different use cases, five key elements can help to make a thank you page as effective as possible. They are:

1. Personal Confirmation And Appreciation Message

If you can reassure a user by communicating that their request has been received and acknowledged, (even if it's automated) can create a sense of reassurance. It is highly recommended that you personalize this message with the customer's name, context-relevant messages, or follow-up information. A study by Mckinsey shows that personalization can positively affect conversion rates and influence how visitors feel about your business.

2. Strong CTA Button

While some thank you pages are merely static web pages, many are interactive; one of the key elements of a successful thank you page is the strong call to action (CTA) button. By incentivizing users to engage further with the site, CTA buttons can help to drive sign-ups, purchases, or additional content for an enhanced user experience. 

3. Clear Instructions On What To Do Next

A thank you page’s purpose is not only to express gratitude but also to direct visitors onward in their customer journey. Providing clear instructions on what to do next is essential, as it helps visitors quickly find the information they need and guides them down the path you want them to take.

4. An Eye-Catching Animation Or Interaction To Hook Users

An eye-catching animation or interaction on the thank you page can dynamically engage users and make them feel like their actions have been noticed and appreciated. Animations draw attention, keep the user-focused, and make the page look more professional and visually appealing.

5. An Exclusive Offer To Encourage Users To Sign Up Or Make A Purchase

Thank you pages often contain exclusive offers to encourage users to sign up or make a purchase - creating loyalty and often resulting in more engagement with the website. Such exclusive offers range from discounts on products or services to free shipping or other special deals. 

It is a creative way to 'thank' customers while rewarding them with unique opportunities they would not experience elsewhere. 

To decipher the aforementioned points, here’s a relative case study for your brief understanding. 

Here’s an example of an engaging Thank You page: 

On Backlinko's thank you page, they demonstrate their commitment to guiding their leads in the right direction by effectively conveying a timely and warm message. This demonstrates their willingness to help and encourages their users with simple, approachable instruction.

Backlinko Subscription page

Why Backlinko’s thank you page is perfect?

  • A state of urgency is created
  • Proper CTA is given
  • Eye-catching animation on button
  • Clear instruction on what to do
  • Attractive offers and free tips are provided

How To Create A Thank You Page That Converts?

It is important to pick the right design tool to encapsulate and bring your visions into reality perfectly. However, the ideal ways to create a thank you page that converts are listed below.

1. Analyze Your Audience & Identify Their Motivations, Needs & Goals 

To create a thank you page that converts effectively, think through what the user has accomplished, who they are, why they took action, and how their goal was achieved by taking that step. If you have a thank you page for signing up for a newsletter opt-in or subscription, understand why the user would want to do this and what value it provides them. 

2. Define The Objectives of Your Thank You Page 

When creating a thank you page that promises conversion, the primary objective should be to delight your visitors. This might mean providing them direct access to the product or content they have just purchased, signing up for a chosen newsletter, or simply expressing gratitude for participating in an event.

3. Choose An Aesthetically Pleasing Design 

A good design should provide more than just nice graphics. It should also be easy to navigate and guide the user to complete their desired task, such as leaving a review or repurchasing products. A well-designed page should greet visitors with clearly labeled sections, organized content, and whitespace to separate sections for easier comprehension.


4. Create a Clear And Inviting Copy

As a business owner, creating clear and inviting copies is imperative, which is essential to ensuring your page does its job. You can start by:

  • Make the headline of your page specific so that the visitor knows what they received from interacting with you (e.g., if you offered a free downloadable item- let them know in the headline). 
  • Include supporting visuals such as images, videos, or gifs, as this will add an additional layer of engagement. 
  • Create a CTA on the page that encourages the visitor to complete another desired action (e.g.: such as subscribing to an email list or downloading another resource). 

5. Include An Opt-In Form To Capture Subscribers 

Including an opt-in form on your website is a great way to capture new subscribers and grow your audience. Having an opt-in form in multiple places, like on your home page or within blog posts, is a powerful way to gain more exposure. In exchange for their email address, thank your users with rewards such as special coupons or discounts. 

capture subscribers

6. Add Links To Related Content Or Other Offers 

Making sure your thank you page converts is key to boosting the effectiveness of your website. A great way to accomplish this is to add links to related content and other offers.  Strategically placed links can increase leads and sales by providing interested visitors additional opportunities to act.

7. Track Your Page's Performance & Make Adjustments As Necessary

For a conversion-driven thank you page, tracking the page's performance is of utmost importance. Businesses should be able to monitor the page and then make adjustments to ensure it reaches its maximum potential. 

Gathering data on variables such as how long users stay, where they click, and how often they navigate away can help you hone in on what kind of changes will best result in a higher conversion rate. 

5 Best Thank You Page Design Examples

Here are some top examples of thank you pages to help you take your customer and client experience to the next level.

1. Viralmeme Thanks Page


Why we picked this page? 

  • It is presented in a minimal look with clean lines, adding sophistication and elegance. 
  • The colors like pink and blue create an eye-catching contrast that draws visitors' attention to the CTA button, making it easier for them to find information quickly. 
  • Visitors can easily share their experiences on social media to spread the word about the company and its services.

2. MailMunch


Why we picked this page? 

  • Upon signing up for their recommended checklist, users are presented with this thank you page, which shares an informative message about why they should download the checklist.
  • The prominent CTA button makes it easy for users to take action quickly, while the brand logo helps instill confidence in the company behind the product.
  • All these elements work together to create an inviting and engaging atmosphere for users, helping to ensure a successful conversion rate for Mailmunch.

3. Sleek Note

Sleek Note

Why we picked this page? 

  • It provides users with new book recommendations, which they can preview before purchasing.
  • This helps promote their products or services while still providing customers with something valuable that may interest them.
  • By offering these resources, Sleeknote shows appreciation for its customers' time and effort in subscribing to its newsletter.

4. Dribble Thank You Page


Why we picked this page? 

  • Eye-catching animations and use of color popups ensure delight and catchiness to the text.
  • Dribbble-theme design assets ensure brand’s style guide consistency.
  • Consistent branding colors make for an identical branding theme and text notable of gratitude and regard to the visitor.
  • Minimal design drives away the clutter and confirms a concluding customer journey that’s easy, seamless, and ends on a happy note.

5. Take Command

Take Command

Why we picked this page? 

  • The page includes a free exclusive offer for customers to take advantage of.
  • Social media share buttons encourage users to share their experiences with friends and family.
  • It provides customers with all the important information they need in an easy-to-read format and incentivizes them to continue engaging with the brand.

Winding Up!

By creating thank you pages that are both helpful and aesthetically pleasing, companies can thank their customers for their time and effort. This will provide the users with a meaningful experience that encourages continued engagement. With the right thank you page design and content, businesses can create a memorable experience that motivates their audience to return for more approaches.

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