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7 Real-World SaaS Landing Pages to Inspire You in 2023

The Best 7 SaaS Landing Page Examples

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A SaaS landing page isn’t just a visual treat. It is a portal to attract potential customers and give them the information they need to convert. And there’s no way to learn more about landing pages than by exploring some real-world SaaS landing page examples. 

So, here I am with a list of the best SaaS landing pages.

Look no further. Just scroll down and find the inspiration for your next landing page design. 

What is a SaaS Landing Page?

A SaaS landing page is an independent web page designed for a sole purpose. That means a SaaS landing page explicitly promotes a product or service and is dedicated to achieving a single goal, unlike the website home page.

Most companies design SaaS landing pages to generate leads by getting them to book a demo or free trials or sign up for a service. They carefully design the landing page, optimize it for conversion, and include the essential elements (which I’ll tell you about shortly) to ensure converting visitors successfully. 

What Elements do the Best SaaS Landing Pages Have?

Check out these must-have elements if you’re thinking about what makes a good SaaS landing page. 

Headline and Sub-headline

You have an average of 8 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. Hence, you need a solid headline and a sub-headline for your SaaS landing page. 

  • For your headline, ensure to make it concise, clear, and attention-grabbing. Also, make sure it conveys the main benefit of your product or service. 
  • For your sub-headline, provide more detail on your product or service, its features, and its benefits.

Overall, focus on providing your visitors with a clear and concise product overview through your SaaS landing page headline and sub-headline. Give them the reason why they should learn more about your product. 

Value Proposition

What does your product offer to your audience? 

This is what the value proposition is about. It is a critical SaaS product landing page element and requires your undivided attention. 

Communicate your SaaS product's unique benefits and features to your potential customers in your value proposition. Make it concise, clear, and easy to understand. Highlight the key product benefits and address your target audience’s pain points to make your SaaS solution stand out. 

Call To Action (CTA) Button

An easy-to-spot CTA is a must for your SaaS landing page. These buttons prompt visitors to take action - scheduling a demo, downloading content, signing up, or starting a free trial. 

CTAs are like guide posts. They assist your potential customers through the sales process and encourage them to take the next action. Hence, make your CTA buttons prominent and place them strategically for visitors to see them immediately as they land on your page.

Social Proof & Trust Indicators

The best SaaS landing pages include social proof or trust indicators (or both) to build trust with the target audience. You can use several types of social proof on your SaaS landing page, like,

  • The number of customers you have
  • Logos of companies using your product
  • Reviews and ratings by users
  • Video testimonials 
  • Awards or recognitions you have received
  • Numbers and statistics that highlight your product’s popularity
Social proof example
Social proof

Like social proof, trust indicators also help you build credibility. They eliminate the concerns from your audience’s mind. A few examples of trust indicators include,

  • Privacy policy links
  • Secure website badges
  • Product ratings (TrustRadius or G2)
  • Industry certificates
social proof example

Easy Navigation

Easy navigation helps you make your potential customers stay on your SaaS landing page as it ensures easy access to information. 

A well-designed landing page layout that’s easy to navigate lets your visitors easily find the information they’re looking for. Hence, it should be user-friendly and intuitive. Display the navigation menu clearly, label the categories and links, and keep the menu consistent so that your visitors know where to find what information. 

Furthermore, ensure that your SaaS landing page is well-structured so that users find information quickly without scrolling through long pages or menus.

Contact Information

Missing out on this SaaS landing page element can waste all your hard work. Without your contact information, potential customers wouldn’t be able to contact you even if they are interested in your product. 

Also, incorporating your contact information helps to build trust and credibility. A few contact information examples for your SaaS product landing page include,

  • Contact forms
  • Live chat pop-ups
  • Email addresses
  • Contact numbers

Now, look into a few best SaaS landing page examples in action. 

7 Inspiring SaaS Landing Page Examples

When it comes to conversions, SaaS product landing pages are infamous. While the rates are as low as 0.5 to 1% for a few SaaS companies, for the rest, it may range between 1-3%. 

However, the good part is that Marc Thomas, in this Powered By Search Article, says that SaaS landing pages also “convert between 4-14% and even as high as 20%.” In fact, in one mentioned Powered By Search case study, the results achieved were +78% conversions after landing page redesign.

So, if creating high-converting SaaS landing pages is possible, you can achieve it too. Look for some inspiration in the following examples.

1. ActiveCollab

A project management software, ActiveCollab’s SaaS landing page gives you every detail you need to proceed. 


Here’s what works best in ActiveCollab’s landing page from my perspective. 

  • I love the color scheme. It’s different, appealing, and soothing. It does not make the text difficult to read and adds a subtle attractiveness.
  • The above-the-fold copy clearly mentions that ActiveCollab is a project management software. Also, the platform uses just the email address instead of a long web form. 
  • The animated video is another eye-catching element of the page. The colors in the video go extremely well with the background and show how the product works in an interesting way.
  • The page has limited navigation, single-goal CTAs, and a well-designed section showing the social proof. 

2. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is known for its super useful heatmaps, but I think its landing page deserves mention too. That’s because it has all the elements that make up the best SaaS landing pages.

Here are a few things that made me include Crazyegg in this list of best SaaS landing pages.

  • The first thing you notice about the page is its simple, neat, and eye-catching layout. 
  • The headline does not directly explain Crazyegg’s product. Instead, it highlights the problem it can fix – ‘make websites better’. Also, it triggers a bit of curiosity in the audience.
  • Crazy Egg also builds credibility by placing company logos and the number of websites using Crazy Egg. 
  • The SaaS landing page also has a live chat pop-up at the bottom right corner that can assist visitors in finding what they’re looking for.

3. RevenueHero

RevenueHero – the instant scheduling platform has incorporated the right SaaS landing page elements to make it effective and high-converting. 


Here’s what you must focus on when you pay a visit. 

  • The headline and sub-headlines of the page clearly convey what the product is all about and its usage. Also, there’s a diagonal placement of the CTAs focusing on one goal – start your free trial
  • CTAs are placed throughout the page in positions (under each product feature) that are clearly visible.
  • RevenueHero uses company logos and reviews to establish brand credibility. Also, there’s a section that highlights the software integrations. 
  • Easy navigation and no distraction links.
social proof example


social proof
social proof example

4. Sketch

Sketch’s landing page

Sketch has quite a long landing page that reminds me of the fact that long-form landing pages can generate up to 220% more leads than above-the-fold CTA. 

If you look at Sketch’s SaaS landing page, you can see an animated, unique, yet informative landing page that details everything about the tool.  

Here’s what I like about Sketch’s landing page.

  • The value proposition is clear and comprehensive. You can find every detail about the solution throughout the landing page. 
  • The animated feature explanations are a treat to the eyes. The colorful moving bubbles, illustrations, and graphics add to the product explanation. Also, don’t miss out on the work credits 😍
Sketch’s landing page

All in all, the SaaS product landing page is well-structured. It guides visitors to the bottom of the landing page, where you can find an email sign-up form with a ‘try it out’ CTA.

5. Maze

Maze's landing page

Maze enables product and marketing teams to test product designs. When checking out the landing page, the first thing that caught my attention was the animation. Here’s what I liked about maze’s SaaS landing page.

  • The creative pinball animations throughout the landing page deserve a special mention. They are unique, structured, well-coordinated, and the most stunning element of the page.
  • With each feature, Maze has incorporated one CTA (on the sides). They are clear, action-oriented, and prominent. 
  • The headline and sub-headline focus on what users can do with the SaaS product. 
  • Maze also uses customer testimonials and company logos to establish credibility with the target audience. 
social proof example

6. Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that most businesses and individuals use to connect with people virtually. 

  • Zoom’s SaaS landing page is loaded with information, yet it isn’t cluttered. It explains the SaaS product clearly and precisely, addressing customer pain points.

A neat way to present product-related information 

  • The landing page primarily focuses on winning the audience’s trust with testimonials, company logos, and ratings from review sites. 
testimonials, company logos, and ratings from review sites
social proof example
  • Also, Zoom has incorporated a section called ‘What’s New at Zoom’ with CTAs that take you to their blogs and other updates.

7. Anaplan

A connected planning platform, Anaplan’s most SaaS product landing pages are simple and professional. 


Anaplan’s ‘request a demo’ landing page has the elements to make it effective and high-converting. Here’s what I like about this SaaS landing page.

  • Using a plain white and blue color scheme, the company highlights the platform's key benefits to the target audience. 
  • A clear and nicely-designed section highlights the brand logos and case studies.
  • Limited navigation and just one CTA to book a demo. Also, there are no other distractions on the page. It’s short and does not require visitors to scroll for a long time. 

The Takeaway

Building SaaS landing pages is easy if you have the ideal team and the right tools. 

But, when it comes to conversions, does it end with creating landing pages? Of course, not. SaaS landing pages are a means to achieve your goal. Hence, you should plan a step ahead. 

Once you’re done building your SaaS landing page, your next step will be making RevenueHero your conversion partner. This instant demo scheduling software is all you need to capture, qualify, route form submissions, and schedule meetings right from your landing page.

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